100 Best Descriptive Essay Topics

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Oct 17, 2019

One of the most enjoyable essays to write is a descriptive essay. Students are given the chance to recall their most memorable experiences, most favorite persons, places, things, etc. It is like a personal journal but with a more systematic flow of ideas. It is such a wonderful experience, it is like a journey to the past and a written account about a certain aspect of your life. Writing a descriptive essay  should be fun, emotional, and a bit nostalgic if you were to write something from the past. If you are overwhelmed with ideas for your descriptive essay and you are having trouble deciding on the topic that you will use, here is a list of the best descriptive essay topics. 100 Best Descriptive Essay Topics

100 Best Descriptive Essay Topics

If you are the kind of person who does not enjoy writing a descriptive essay because it is detail-oriented, these topics might change your mind:

Descriptive essay topics about a person

Writing about someone close to your heart can make you quite emotional. If that happens, don’t suppress your emotions, just let them flow and be translated into writing. In that way, the readers will have a better picture of the person you are writing about. Not sure what to write about a person? Try these descriptive essay topics:

  1. Describe your mother
  2. Describe your father
  3. Describe your favorite relative
  4. Describe your favorite person
  5. Describe your favorite elementary teacher
  6. Describe a childhood friend
  7. Describe your closest friend
  8. Describe your first love
  9. Describe one aspect of a person you adore (his or her hair, fashion sense, music taste, laugh, etc.)
  10. Describe someone quirky
  11. Describe a celebrity you idolize
  12. Describe your first friend in school
  13. Describe someone you used to quarrel with but is now your friend
  14. Describe a person you miss
  15. Describe someone from your family tree
  16. Describe your friend’s parent that you are close with
  17. Describe a professor that became your friend
  18. Describe long distance friend
  19. Describe an internet friend
  20. Describe a deceased loved one who is close to your heart

Descriptive essay topics about a place

Throughout the years, there are places you have developed a soft spot for. You can write about why you find a certain place special and take the readers on a journey with you.  You should be able to describe why this place means so much to you, may it be because of a good memory or a bad one. If you are looking for ideas how to describe places, check out these descriptive essay topics:

  1. Describe your home
  2. Describe your ideal home
  3. Describe your bedroom
  4. Describe your first out of town destination
  5. Describe your elementary school
  6. Describe a favorite childhood playground
  7. Describe where you and your friends often hangout
  8. Describe your first over the seas travel
  9. Describe your favorite childhood store
  10. Describe your favorite place
  11. Describe the place where your family bonds
  12. Describe your favorite mall
  13. Describe your favorite classroom
  14. Describe the place where your first fieldwork was held
  15. Describe your comfort place
  16. Describe your neighborhood
  17. Describe the place where you met your first love
  18. Describe the place where your heart got broken
  19. Describe your hometown
  20. Describe a place that only exists in your imagination

Descriptive essay topics about an object

There are things that you can’t let go of, or at least hard for you to let go of. What are those things and why do they hold a sentimental value for you? Some people even keep pieces of candy wrappers for years just because those candy wrappers remind them of an important moment in their lives, and some people hold on to an object for a long time because that’s the only memory left of an important person in their lives. There are objects that are just so aesthetically pleasing that you can’t get enough of it. You can share your own sentiments about an object with a descriptive essay. To give you an idea, here are the best descriptive essay topics about an object:

  1. Describe the first present you received that you can recall
  2. Describe a personally handcrafted object that was given to you
  3. Describe a piece of art you bought or adore
  4. Describe an unnecessary object you’ve been keeping
  5. Describe the first school project you made
  6. Describe custom clothes given to you
  7. Describe your lucky charm
  8. Describe an item that gives you nostalgia
  9. Describe a book that changed your perspective
  10. Describe an object you and your siblings or relatives fought over with
  11. How will you describe a ball to a blind person?
  12. Describe an object you won from a contest, game, or raffle
  13. Describe your most prized possession
  14. Describe the first item you bought using your savings
  15. Describe the first gift you ever gave to your parents
  16. Describe a sentimental item that your pet destroyed
  17. Describe your favorite t-shirt you can’t get rid off
  18. Describe an item which reduces your stress in college
  19. Describe your family heirloom
  20. Describe your favorite hand-me-downs

Descriptive essay topics about a memory

“Great things happen in a blink of an eye,” do you agree? Or are you fonder of the idea that “great things take time?” Whatever your stand is, you have those great moments in your life you will always remember. But the most memorable moments are not always great, sometimes those moments are the most painful ones. Whether it be good or bad, as long as it made a mark in your life, it is worth writing. Writing a descriptive essay is a good way to share those memories. Help the readers be immersed in your memories by writing a good descriptive essay. Haven’t got any idea yet? Here are some of the best descriptive essay topics about a memory:

  1. Describe your most memorable birthday celebration
  2. Describe the oldest memory
  3. Describe your most memorable outing
  4. Describe your favorite bonding with your parents
  5. Describe your most memorable out of the country experience
  6. Describe your greatest heartbreak
  7. Describe an awkward moment you cannot forget
  8. Describe your most memorable childhood prank with your friends
  9. Describe your happiest memory
  10. Describe your loneliest memory
  11. Describe a memory of a deceased loved one
  12. Describe your favorite summer vacation
  13. Describe your favorite family reunion
  14. Describe your most memorable holiday celebration
  15. Describe the scariest moment of your life
  16. Describe the most memorable first encounter with a friend
  17. Describe your first week in school
  18. Describe your favorite childhood memory
  19. Describe the most memorable film for you
  20. Describe a childhood hobby you cannot forget

Descriptive essay topics about an experience

In your life, you have encountered situations which shaped you to be the person that you are right now. These experiences may have started a new phase or ended an old one in your life. These experiences might be the reason why you do what you do right now, or why you have gained a certain perspective about life. These experiences definitely changed you the way you least expect. What are those experience? Be an inspiration to someone by writing a descriptive essay about it. Here is a list of the best descriptive essay topics about an experience:

  1. Describe a tragic experience that lead you to a dark phase
  2. Describe your dark phase
  3. Describe an experience that pulled you out of your dark phase
  4. Describe the creepiest experience you’ve ever had
  5. Describe an embarrassing experience
  6. Describe your first volunteer opportunity
  7. Describe your part time job or internship experience
  8. Describe a typhoon experience
  9. Describe your first experience in an island
  10. Describe your first experience in a forest
  11. Describe your experience in an immersion
  12. Describe an unexpected experience that changed your life
  13. Describe an unforgettable funny experience
  14. Describe your most exciting experience
  15. Describe your first theme park experience
  16. Describe your first prom
  17. Describe your first date
  18. Describe a challenging experience that motivated you to become better
  19. Describe an experience that pushed you beyond your limits
  20. Describe an experience you find extremely amusing

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