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May 21, 2019

Biology is a discipline of science that deals with living organisms, and explores their functions, evolution, growth, and structure. There are many factors that point out the significance of biology, and it is essential to understand them before writing a biology paper . First, as mentioned, biology is centered on everything that has to do with life. It also provides for scientific explanations and a deep understanding of how living things and non-living things interact with each other. Lastly, it gives perspectives and insights about how diverse life forms can be. More importantly, biology explores other disciplines that are connected to the sustainability of life, which includes ecosystems, food quality, the environment, roots of diseases, the development of the medicinal field, and the many other mysteries that continue to surround the human body. The study of life continues to change and shape the world. It also provides for credible and reliable explanations as to why things happen. 

Choosing your Biology Research Paper Topic

Due to its nature, students find it difficult to choose topics for a biology research paper . It encompasses all kinds of living organisms, and the current breakthroughs in research have immensely broadened this already huge discipline. Writing your own paper in this field, and the process of choosing interesting research paper topics, depends solely on your field of specialization and interests. This post discusses the process of choosing the right topic, along with lists of topics that may interest you. If you are wondering where to look for good topics for a biology research paper, read on.

How To Choose Topic For Biology Research Paper?

Finding great topics for a study can be challenging, and based on what has been discussed, finding a good topic to be able to create a high-quality biology research paper is even more difficult. Your biology topic must be interesting, appealing, and more importantly, relevant to both the academe and the world. Your research paper should deal with hard data, recent findings, and controversial questions. If you are still feeling lost, here are some core principles to consider as you look for the best biology topics for a research paper:

Remember to always choose something interesting to you. It will be difficult to write anything you simply do not care about, and it will be much more painful writing a research paper about that.

  • After choosing, analyze the topic. Figure out whether the topic is broad or narrow – a broad topic will not provide specific information and details that will help you build the paper. A narrow topic will give you everything you will need to write. With research, general topics need to be avoided. 
  • Thoroughly research on the topic, and make sure that there are sources from which you can retrieve information. Even when your topic comes up as narrow, it will be impossible to write about if there are no readily available materials on it.

Biology, as a discipline, is never-ending. There is a constant need to deal with recent findings and debatable questions. Remember that a great topic is the base of a scientific argument, which will be valuable to the scientific community. It must provoke further discussions and lead to future studies.

Biology Research Paper Topics

The Best Ideas For Biological Research Paper Topics For Students in 2019

As with any paper, selecting a research topic is an incredibly important thing. Once you get the topic right, your chances of writing well and succeeding will increase dramatically. Gathered from various sources and experts, here are the best topics to consider for your biology research paper:

Immune System

1. Human Immune System and Its Resistance Capacity

2. Functions of Immune System Agents 

3. Diseases Caused by Immune System Malfunction

4. Stress And Its Effects on Immunity

5. Tolerance And Autoimmunity

6. Asthma And Other Allergic Reactions

7. Immunotherapy on the Human Body

8. Immunology And Transplantation

9. The Prevention of Graft Rejection 

10. Vaccination And Its Benefits

11. Society’s Perspective on Vaccination

Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics

12. Natural Disease Resistance in Plants

13. Plant Pathology: The Prevention Measures 

14. Plant-Associated Microbes and Current Genomic Tools: An Extensive Research

15. Literature Review on Microbial Ecology and Evolution

16. Plant Diseases Management by Modern Technology

17. Genetics And Plant Evolution

18. Weedy And Invasive Plants

19. Aspects And Functions of Photosynthesis

Behavior and Hormones 

20. The Significance of Certain Hormones And Its Effects on Human Bodily Functions

21. Cell Structure And Antibiotic Resistance

22. How Hormones Influence Human Mind and Behavior

23. How Hormones Become A Factor to Depression

24. Female Anatomy: Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

25. The Biological Basis of Psychological Disorders 

26. Bipolar Disorder And the Biology Behind It

27. Cortisol and Testosterone Influence Risk-Taking

28. Current Developments on Oxytocin Science

29. Oxytocin and the Fear Reaction

30. The Lasting Effects of Endocrine-Related Diseases

31. Hormonal Control of the Reproductive System

32. Influences of Hormonal Therapy

33. Endocrinology and Metabolism

34. Psychopathic Disorders: Are They Hormone-Specific? 

35. The Use of Melatonin in Therapy

36. Steroid Hormones’ Path to Cells

37. How Cardio Exercise Influences Hormones

38. The Use of Oxytocin In Treating Psychopathic Disorders

39. Women’s Mental Health: The Role of Hormones

40. Gender Specifics And Mental Health

Abortion, Human cloning, Genetic Researches

41. Abortion Law And Society’s View of it in the U.S.

42. The Relation Of Abortion To Feminism

43. Abortion: Biological Insights

44. Possibilities on Human Cloning & Transplantation 

45. Different Types of Cloning

46. DNA Structure, Genetic Disorders, and Modern Technology

47. Human Cloning Science: History and Development

48. The Moral Intricacies of Human Cloning

49. Can Cloning Change Medicine?

50. DNA-modified Organisms: Origins and Development

51. DNA Modifications and its Effects on Humans

52. Can DNA Change Truly Beat Aging?

53. Obesity and its Genetic Grounds

54. Homosexuality: Is It Genetically Based?

55. Addictive Substances And Its Effect On Genes

56. Genes and Depression

57. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Transgenic Crops

58. What Causes Genetic Mutations?

59. Is Donor’s Consent Needed for Organ Donation?

60. Moral Codes Behind Transplantation

61. How Public Opinion Holds Back the Scientific Progress


62. Animal Growth and The Factors To Consider

63. Home Pets and Obesity

64. Modern Home Pets And Traditional Dog Diet 

65. Male Pregnancy Among Animals

66. Beauty Products Testing on Animals: Ethical?

67. A Study On Bird Behaviors

68. Animal Science And Food Sustainability

69. How Does Veganism Actually Influence Meat Production?

70. Projects On Wild Animals 

71. Fashion Industry And Its Role On Animal Abuse

72. The Camouflage Mechanism in Sea Animals

73. Discovering Primate Language and Cognitive Function

Ecological Subjects

74. Ecological and Evolutionary Factors That Influence Animal Behavior

75. The Relationship Between Living Forms and Their Environment

76. The Effect of Human Behavior on Animal Forms in the USA

77. Ways Animals and Plants Adapt to Changing Environment

78. Animals and Developmental Mechanism of Resistance

79. Environmental Change: Involvement in the Diversity of Species

80. Is Global Warming Truly a Threat?

81. Fast Food Industry And Tropical Forest Extinction

82. Environmental Psychology And Its Effects On The Modern World

83. Wildlife Protection And Different Means

84. The Impacts of Rain Forest Extinction

85. Rare Species and The Need for Protection

86. The Problem of Extinction

87. Environment’s Pollution and Renewable Energy

88. Biodiversity and Climate Change 

89. Types of Pollution in Modern World

90. What is the Importance of Sustainability in Biology?

91. Factors of Extinction of Species

92. The Benefits of Ecotourism

93. Is Extinction of Bees Real? What Are Its Impacts?

94. The Ocean Wildlife: How Oil Spill Affects It

95. The Factors and Benefits Surrounding Organic Farming

Neurobiology Research Topics

96. Visual Cortex And Models of Orientation

97. The Role of Neuroscience In Robotic Technology

98. What is Visual-Motor Coordination Actually Based On?

99. The Impact of Music on the Human Brain

100. Brain Injuries and Other Related Disorders

101. The Brain and Memory

102. Mysteries of Brain Self-Repair

103. Genetic Defects That Lead to Schizophrenia

104 Migraine: Factors And Causes

105. Correlation Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

106. Does Gut Bacteria Contribute to Depression?

107. Cognitive Neuroscience And Problem-Solving

108. Genes and Proteins Responsible for Neurons

History of Biology

109. The History and Development of Genetics

110. Darwin’s Theory and Its Significance to Biology

111. Discovering and Exploring Evolution Factors

112. How Does Archeology Impact Animal Biology?

113. The Discovery and Impact of Natural Selection Theory

114. The Effects of Whale Hunting

115. The Dead Branches of Evolution

116. The Famous Biologist: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

117. Edward Jenner and the History of Vaccination

118. Rachel Carson’s Stand on Environmental Safety

119. How History and Biology are Combined According to Stephen Jay Gould’s Paleontology

Other Good Biology Research Paper Topics

120. Homosexuality Among Animals

121. Is Immortality Real? Real Creatures That Never Die Of Natural Causes

122. Microbial Factories: The Answers To Shortage Of Raw Metals?

123. Is The Domestication Of Wolves Possible?

124. Meningitis: An Illness And A Virus

125. Drug Addiction: What We Know And What We Don’t

126. Is Hypnosis Real: The Scientific Perspective

127. The Effect Of Pollution On People

128. Neurobiology: Human Memories

129. Cannabis For Medicinal Purposes And Its Legalization

130. Binge Drinking Of Alcohol And How It Damages The Human Body

131. Why The Ebola Virus Is Still An Enormous Threat 

132. Health of The Planet and Its Relation to Species Extinction

133. Human Cloning and Organ Transplants

134. The Impact of Diabetes and Its Continuous Threat

135. Alternative Medicine and Traditional Medicine

136. The Unknown Future Impact of Steroids

137. Cell Studying For Cancer Cures

138. Space Travel: Its Possibilities and Challenges

139. DNA Testing 

140. Metabolism and Physical Exercise

141. Neurobiological Explanation of Sleep

142. The Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Always keep in mind that your research paper must show evidence of research. This can easily be shown by choosing a topic rich in material. By opting for your chosen topic (which you are genuinely interested in and managed to tick everything off your checklist), you will be able to masterfully craft your paper. Of course, being able to choose the best topic for you only wins you half the battle. From there, you need to come up with the rest of your plan – outline the points you wish to include, write the introduction, and of course, accomplish the student population’s most popular question “ how to edit a research paper?” After doing all of these, there will be no more need to buy biology paper – but remember that its overall success will still depend on you.

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