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May 15, 2019

Writing a persuasive essay is a great way to express your opinion on a topic you are genuinely interested in. You might be one of those students who are not fond of writing, except on topics you are passionate about. With the help of the internet, especially social media, people have been exposed to global issues and different trends, thus making us aware and engaged in pressing matters that are interesting to talk about. You must use this as an advantage to formulate good persuasive essay ideas.

Choosing an interesting topic for a persuasive essay can be tricky. How to choose a topic for a persuasive essay?

The downside of being exposed to several issues is that there is so much to choose from, it might be hard to narrow it down. So here are some tips you should remember in order for you to find a good persuasive essay idea:

  • Don’t choose a topic just to impress your professor . The danger of writing an essay just to impress your professor is that your paper will lack sincerity and won’t sound natural. Don’t be too concerned with what the professor will think about your opinion. Even if you don’t have the same stand, your professor would very much appreciate your passion. 
  • Choose a topic you are passionate about . If you feel compelled to choose a topic that you’re not really interested in and you picked it just because it is one of the latest trends, then don’t choose that topic. Go with what your heart is telling you. Whatever you are passionate about will be the best choice for a good persuasive essay topic.
  • Be specific, narrow down your topic, and choose an angle on which you would focus if your topic is too broad . Avoid generalization, writing a persuasive essay requires conciseness for it to have a stronger impact on the readers.
  • Write down your persuasive essay ideas. All of your ideas for a persuasive essay count, and even if it is a bit strange, still write it down. If you are still having a hard time choosing, list all the interesting facts for each persuasive essay idea you’ve written down, then choose the one which you can work on the most. Choose the topic which you think you can instill the most insight.

What you should know when writing a persuasive essay

Persuading someone regarding your stand on a certain issue is probably one of the most exciting things to do, but you must not forget that in persuasive writing, you cannot rely solely on your opinions, you must also present facts. A good persuasive essay is composed of a firm stand backed with facts. Before writing a persuasive essay, you must first conduct in-depth research  about the topic you chose, gather the necessary information to support your opinion, and remember to be objective when stating your supporting evidence. Yes, it is a lot of work which why you must choose a persuasive essay topic that best suits your interest, for you to be able to enjoy the writing process. 

Fun cause and effect persuasive essay topics

If you want a lighter topic and you are having a hard time thinking of fun persuasive essay topics, then check out these persuasive essay topics for college that you can use:

1. Games can boost intelligence.

2. Social media is a way of improving communication skills.

3. Using bicycles can lessen traffic.

4. The use of mobile phones weakens the family’s bond.

5. Living together before getting married makes a marriage stronger.

6. An unhappy marriage can make a person’s life shorter.

7. Social media can improve teenagers’ social skills.

8. Long-distance relationships cause distrust among couples.

9. Parents’ attitudes towards children can cause sibling rivalry.

10. The inferiority complex causes women to get stuck in toxic relationships.

11. Poor morale can lead to homelessness.

12. Racial discrimination is caused by a lack of education.

13. The increase in obesity rates is caused by increasing numbers of fast-food restaurants.

14. Avoidance of vaccination is caused by fear of side effects

15. People who go to college make better decisions and have happier marriages.

16. Better communication skills tighten a family’s relationship.

17. Mass media perpetuate bias in its audiences.

18. Native language affects the way people learn foreign languages.

19. The Chinese language can improve memory and cognitive skills.

20. Copying somebody’s homework can result to having low self-esteem.

21. Choosing to go to college or not influences an individual’s skills and personality.

22. Audiences adopt the behaviors of reality show television stars.

23. Bulimia and anorexia incidences are caused by skinny models.

24. Advertising can improve brand image.

25. Throw-away culture causes the growth of solid waste.

26. China’s One-Child Policy influences family relations.

27. Not cleaning your bedroom makes it less cozy and uncomfortable.

28. Playing with your pet can improve your mood.

29. Playing Monopoly can ruin friendships.

30. Eating nuts can make you smarter.

Good persuasive essay topics for college students

If you want more serious topics, here are some persuasive essay topics for college:

31. The death penalty is an effective way to instigate fear in criminals.

32. Rich people should pay higher taxes to achieve financial balance.

33. The educational system in high school is not effective enough to discipline teenagers.

34. Students should not be forced to retake a course repeatedly until they obtain a passing grade.

35. Hunting is unethical.

36. Religion creates division among people.

37. Pirating music in the digital age is a threat to the music industry.

38. The cost of music and videos in AppStore is expensive.

39. Gun control legislation and its advantages and disadvantages.

40. Students should be more involved in politics.

41. Constitution and Political Governance should be a mandatory subject.

42. Europe would’ve lost in World War II if America did not intervene.

43. Atheists are just as moral as those with religion.

44. Today’s beauty standards are unrealistic.

45. Does your political view define your personality?

46. Animal sports such as horse racing is against animal rights.

47. Is it ethical for Australia to declare an all-out war against feline cats?

48. Should you sacrifice your political stand for the interest of your religion?

49. You are what you eat.

50. Are celebrities fit to run for any public office?

51. Hair color does not affect students’ learning capabilities.

52. Should tattoos be allowed in universities?

53. Your college life will be easier if you belong to a fraternity or sorority.

54. A person’s upbringing is the root cause of racism.

55. Homeschooled students are more behaved than regular students.

56. Exposing children to art can be of great influence in molding their personalities.

57. Music is a great therapy for curing mental illness.

58. It is not right for people to turn rare animals into pets.

59. Zoos are problematic and don’t really help in conserving wildlife.

60. Is marijuana good in curing various mental disorders?

Best persuasive essay topics

Here is a persuasive essay topics list for the most interesting persuasive essay topics and trendy persuasive essay topics. These topics are fit for college, graduate, or even postgraduate students, or seasoned scholars.

61. Should millionaires donate money to charity instead of helping in rebuilding Notre Dame?

62. Did news organizations sensationalize the news coverage regarding Notre Dame?

63. Notre Dame is an integral part of history and it should be rebuilt.

64. How does the Internet affect our daily lives?

65. People’s critical thinking skills have declined due to constant exposure to fake news.

66. Should abortion be legalized in countries where it is illegal?

67. Child marriage must be abolished.

68. Social media has increased the number of suicide and suicide attempts.

69. Social media is a huge factor in the increasing number of cases of infidelity.

70. Modern dating increased the number of people with commitment issues.

71. Elementary students should be free from homework.

72. Should students be allowed to skip classes due to stress?

73. Should Europe stop accepting refugees?

74. Should students still be required to wear uniforms?

75. Does listening to music help you focus better when you are studying?

76. Should sex education be taught in high school?

77. Should trans women be allowed to join the Miss Universe pageant?

78. Are influencers credible enough to be considered role models for teens?

79. What is your stand regarding “call out” culture?

80. Textbooks or ebooks?

81. Are humans responsible for climate change?

82. Should pet owners be fined or jailed when they abandon pets and leave them on the streets?

83. Why should minimum wage be raised?

84. Should medicine be free?

85. Is China’s dog-eating festival unethical?

86. Testing on animals should be banned in all countries.

87. Gender roles and stereotypes are hurtful for both men and women.

88. Should cigarettes be illegal?

89. Your stand on the death penalty.

90. Should schools provide free birth control?

91. Music and arts are important to society.

92. Can a TV be educational or does it result in the decline of critical thinking?

93. Polygamy or monogamy?

94. People should read more about history.

95. Books or movies?

96. Are you in favor of lowering the age bracket for criminal liability?

97. Should circumstantial evidence be considered as strong evidence?

98.  Should vaccinations be mandatory for everyone and why?

99. Is it morally acceptable to lie?

100. Can you turn your hobby into a career?

Look for good persuasive essay topics

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