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Going through law school is considered one of the toughest endeavors in the academic world for good reasons. For one, anyone who wishes to enter law school must already have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related major. For another, gaining admission to a law school requires passing the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. Furthermore, prestigious law schools are notorious for their selectivity; slots are extremely limited and only applicants with the most outstanding credentials are granted them.  

Successfully entering a law school is just the first step. The next step is three or more years of rigorous training that involves a great deal of reading, writing, and thinking. Law students are required to not only pore through tens of thousands of pages on laws and the legal system; they are also required to produce tons of written materials that analyze, interpret, and convey their knowledge on this field. One of the more common projects law students write is the law review article.

What Is a Law Review Article?

You might be asking: what is a law review article ? A law review article is a scholarly piece of writing that provides insight into emerging topics on the law. It may discuss new developments in the law or the legal system, offer a different perspective, or provide a commentary among many others. Law review articles are usually written by law students and law professors.

Law article reviews are actual reviews or analyses of reading materials that are based on articles under the law industry. This includes articles on new laws, issues on the legal system, and other related concepts.


It is important to avoid confusing a law review article with a law article review. From the term itself, a law article review is a written project that reviews an article, in this case, an article about a law topic. The requirements of a law article review vary depending on the instructions. But this assignment typically involves the following elements: a summary of the article’s thesis and main points, an evaluation of its merits and weaknesses, and general commentary on the article being reviewed.

The Challenges of Writing a Law Review Article

Writing a law review article can be a daunting task. This assignment requires precision of terms, breadth and depth in the discussion, and innovation in point of view. Exploring topics can also be complicated since laws and the legal system that binds them are extremely complex. And this is not the only assignment you have to deal with; there are many other requirements that vie for your attention.

Being assigned a law review article can make your need to keep up with law school’s demand more painfully obvious, especially when all you want is to not drown in law coursework. Learning how to write a law essay is difficult enough as it is. But with a law review article, you have to learn how to review a law article to write something more intricate. Just imagine all the writing that you will do, not to mention miscellaneous tasks like researching for law journal articles, taking notes, citing law review articles, and proofreading.

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Although a law article review is much like a typical article review, the amount of knowledge on the law required to write one is no joke. Law article reviews are specific which is why the best strategy is to get a writer who knows the law well.

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