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Law essay writing must be taken seriously because it will hone your analytical skills as a lawyer. Indeed, if you do not know how to write a law essay, it will be a daunting task. Many students’ grades and morale have suffered from receiving low grades from their professors. But how do you turn this around? What should a good law essay look like? We have surveyed our best law writers about their secrets in writing law essays. Read about the tips they shared.

How do you write a law essay?

Tips for writing a law essay

Pay attention to the type of assignment or instructions

Generally speaking, law assignments fall under one of three categories:

  • Task-based
  • Problem solving
  • Research essays

Technically, all essays have one purpose: to present a message in writing using credible sources. It is the law and all the other aspects of law courses that make law essays different. Knowing the purpose or requirement of your law essay assignment will allow you to approach the task with the appropriate mindset. Read the instructions multiple times to make sure you truly understand what your instructor is asking for.

Diversify your sources

There are two categories of legal sources: primary sources and secondary sources.

  • Primary sources are statute laws and case laws.
  • Secondary sources are the commentaries written by jurists, academics, practitioners, and law reform bodies. Likewise, journal articles as well as news reports, TV documentaries, and podcasts are considered secondary sources.

In researching for a law essay, it is a good idea to read up on a variety of sources so you have a holistic understanding of the issue. However, make sure to evaluate the credibility of your sources before trusting them.

Research strategically

As with any task, a streamlined process makes you more efficient. In law, the research process often involves going through the same resources. Although this research process is not completely linear, it can make your research more effective.

  1. Read and take note of the key facts and search terms from the case or legislation.
  2. Check a legal dictionary about terminology.
  3. Read legal commentaries that will give you background on the topic.
  4. Check a legal encyclopedia for notes on cases and relevant legislation.
  5. Look at relevant legislation. Take note of recent or proposed amendments.
  6. Read authoritative cases and other cases for further information.
  7. Read legal journal articles for scholarly commentary on the issue or cases.
  8. Evaluate and consolidate the results of your research.

What do you mean by legal essay?

Write a tentative response

Before proceeding to write your law essay, write down your tentative response. Specify your position and the extent to which you agree or disagree with the proposal or issue. It’s also better to craft your thesis statement at this point.

Do not be descriptive, be analytical

Brevity is a valuable asset for law professors. They want you to get to the point and dig deep, so do not waste your time describing the issue or anything else. Instead, focus on enhancing your analysis of the materials and how they apply to the argument.

Cite proof beyond the case text

Your arguments cannot simply rely on logic, you need to provide substantial proof from your sources. Analyze your sources in depth, and clearly demonstrate the relevance of your proof to the case.

Always connect your argument to the law

In law, it is not sufficient to cite well-reasoned arguments and proof. You need to connect your arguments and proof back to the law being tackled. Use the law/s as evidence to your arguments. This will give you authority and show your law professor that you have done your research and analysis.

Do not vomit on the page

You need to be careful and deliberate when writing law essays. Every sentence must count—do not use filler sentences. Your arguments should be organized based on order of importance—start with the most important. Make sure there is discernible logic in your paragraphs and use sub-headings to divide relevant sections.

Cite your sources

While your professor presumes that all law students will do research, you would still benefit from demonstrating your research skills. Aside from in-depth analysis, cite your references meticulously, and often. It goes without saying, too, that you should follow the prescribed academic citation style.

Different law universities usually favor one or two citation styles over another. Find out which style your professor uses and study that. Still, it would not hurt to familiarize yourself with the most common law citation styles:

Use your own words

As much as possible, you should use your own words in your law essays. Use direct quotes sparingly and strategically. Do not paraphrase legislation or cases either; instead, summarize and comment on them. Using your own words allows you to be more straightforward and concise in your writings.

Use plain, concise language

As mentioned earlier, brevity and clarity are important in law. When you write your law essay, do not bother using flowery language as that could only undermine the quality of your arguments in the eyes of your law professor. Simple language that gets the message across is he better choice.

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