Summary of Schusters Dark Side of Nowhere

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The Dark Side Of Nowhere is a young adult science fiction book by Neal Schusterman published in 1997. Science fiction is a subtype of the literary genre of fiction. The book is about Jason, an adolescent boy, who finds his life too boring. However, this changes when he learns a secret about his family. In this essay, I will summarize the book Dark Side Of Nowhere.

Dark Side Of Nowhere is narrated by the protagonist ( learn about literary terms here ) named Jason. Jason believed he was a normal adolescent boy, and he was quite bored with his life. He does things normal boys his age does, like Little League, but Jason wants something more. Jason’s life changes when Jason receives a glove that shot BB pellets from Mr. Grant, the school janitor. Mr. Grant also invited Jason to meet by a barn in a place called Old Town to learn more about the glove.

After the first meeting, Jason had a fight with his parents about moving, during which he revealed the glove. Jason then learns that his family and their friends were not humans, but aliens hiding in the human form of people who had died. More importantly, they were there to scout the place so that the alien overlords could invade the Earth. Another revelation for Jason is that the shots he and the other alien kids, also called "transitionals", were given, which they thought were for medical purposes, were actually meant to help hide the aliens’ true appearances. Since the shots were no longer working as effectively, it means that it is time for them to report back to the alien overlords.

Mr. Grant is revealed as the antagonist in the book. He had been tricking kids, or transitionals, into revealing their secret to the town. Mr. Grant gave Jason the glove and invited him to the “meeting” at Old Town because he wanted Jason to unite all the transitionals. However, Jason and the other alien kids were not comfortable with the idea of aliens taking over the Earth. An altercation between the kids causes the spaceship in Old Town to launch. Naturally, everyone in town sees the spaceship, and the secret comes out. In the end, Jason and his family tell the truth to the authorities. Dark Side Of Nowhere ends on a positive note as the aliens were able to coordinate with human authorities and start building friendship.

Dark Side Of Nowhere  has a positive message for its intended audience, young adults. The book shows them the importance of not taking one’s life for granted as well as the benefits of friendship and diplomacy even with others who do not look like oneself, as opposed to going to war. In this essay, I have written a summary and a brief interpretation of the book Dark Side Of Nowhere.


Schusterman, Neal. Dark Side Of Nowhere. 1997.

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