Sample Reflection Essay on the Restriction of Abortion


Abortion has always been on the top of the controversial pile - truths and myths are debated over the issue for quite some time. The arguments range from women’s rights to everybody else’s perspective, including religious notions, and just like all the other issues, the correctness of abortion is weighed with two opposing arguments.

The Legalization of Abortion

It might be a little too much to take for the opposing side, but those who agree with the legalization of abortion do not support murder or irresponsibility. The dispute lies in the fact that women have rights that are protected by the constitution, and that includes the right to decide for their own bodies. With this in mind, it can be argued that restricting women’s access to abortion is an act of infringement of this constitutional right. Ideally, all of us should have the chance to be happy, and if terminating a pregnancy which is causing emotional torment to a woman would provide more solace for her, then so be it. Not just to the mother, but also to the unborn child. Even with the argument that the mother can give up the child for adoption, the process of pregnancy and carrying the child for months can complicate and cause further emotional turmoil.

The legalization of abortion can also relieve the child of any would-be dilemmas which include the feeling of being unwanted, not being taken care of, or any consequential behavior abnormalities due to the non-optimal pregnancy and non-traditional familial situation. Often, children who were conceived out of wedlock or by “mistake” are the ones who are not given enough privilege and opportunities to be raised in a desirable home. In most third-world countries, unwanted children are the ones who have parents who can’t afford to send them to school. The argument of those on the pro-choice viewpoint are stressing the need to see a world with unscathed and well-off children because they were conceived through a precise plan and smart parenting than having children experiencing poverty at a young age because their parents aren’t financially capable nor equipped with sufficient knowledge on how to raise them. Furthermore, this situation could have been prevented if abortion is accessible for every mother who is certain that she cannot support the life every child deserves. Thus, having the society imprint abortion, which has been present since the 18th century, will not only protect women’s rights but also the looming danger imposed on a child’s life if born under the predicament of a complicated lifestyle. This, of course, should also consider the mental and emotional capabilities of the mother, especially the reservations regarding those who are rape victims.

The Restriction of Abortion

The arguments from those who disagree with legalizing abortion include health concerns for both the mother and the child. For instance, there is no certainty about what a 16-year-old mother can face ten or fifteen years later, when she decides to have a child or if this teenage mom can handle the process, not to mention, if it is illegal in most locations, thereby leaving her rights unprotected. Therefore, regardless if the abortion process was consented to by her parents, the child will still have to face the inevitable health consequences of having an abortion in the future. Depending on how accessible and safe the abortion clinic is, the procedure poses major health risks to a woman who is not completely informed about abortion. Most countries and states that outlaw abortion have back-alley clinics, and most women would continue to seek their services if they are determined not to pursue their pregnancy regardless of legal and health consequences.

Arguably, that is exactly the reason why there are authorities in place to represent people’s thoughts and fight for their rights, especially the right to live, and legalizing abortion is a tad too way off track. This is the main reason why there is a push to improve adoption processes and the foster care system. An unborn child is dependent on its mother; none of us have the right to take the life of a human just under the guise of believing it’s a “mistake”. Looking closely, the mistake is not taking responsibility for our actions, and that starts with not evaluating the consequences of engaging in unprotected intercourse, or alcohol-influenced actions. 

Conception out of abuse and rape is automatically out of the question, and the stability of the mother’s physical and mental health is considered all the time, however, this kind of issue can be augmented by consistent and deep support coming from everyone surrounding the victim, and if that support is present within a woman’s time of need, she can get through the nine months of carrying the child, with an option to give up the child for adoption, or should a miracle happen, accept the child whole-heartedly knowing that whatever happened is not the child’s fault. After all, this is exactly what anti-abortion advocates uphold: the love for life.

Personal Viewpoint

There is no correct viewpoint in this never-ending argument except for the fact that this controversial issue has controlled society more than society controls it. All of us are so focused on the fact that one side is better than the other, instead of looking through the loopholes of the issue and finding out solutions to the problem. A human is a human, even if it is just a speck inside a woman’s body, and it is alive unless otherwise medically proven. Abortion should be stamped in society, but with a lot of reservations such as medical-related problems. People should stop throwing in unnecessary opinions toward a mother who is in a difficult situation. Women need support more than ever through a very distressing time and contributing to the stigma and taboo surrounding unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies, and abortion would only cause even more distress and confusion to them. Hopefully, everyone sees this point soon. We should not let this issue continue to govern our community; it should be us who hold the power over it.

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