Sample Reflection Paper on Learning at West Whiterun Academy

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West Whiterun Academy was the place where I graduated as a Business Administration student. It was a school that promoted interactivity and claimed to raise society’s upcoming leaders. The academy’s campus was monumental and included not less than four large buildings that housed classrooms for different departments. There were hundreds of students littering the campus every day, talking about gossip or asking each other how they performed on their tests. The professors also populated the campus, walking with their chins up as they parade through the flock of students. West Whiterun Academy was a school that had good intentions but failed to live up to its promise due to the ignorance of its educators.

To start, it would be best for me to describe my decision of going to West Whiterun Academy for my college education. When I graduated from high school, I had no idea which course to take nor the thing I would like to do after college. I did not even have a college list where I could write down the universities that I would like to go to. Instead, I chose West Whiterun Academy due to its proximity to my house. I never believed in the exclusivity of highly-respected institutions as I always perceived them to be pretentious. I needed a college education and that was all that mattered to me. Luckily, West Whiterun Academy was a private school with proper funding that allowed it to maintain the pristine condition of its campus. On the day of enrollment, I went to West Whiterun Academy with three options for my preferred course. I was looking at psychology, biology, and business. Psychology and biology are my preferred courses as they are in line with my interests. I added business to the choice as I perceived it as an easy way out of college. When I got to the campus, the first building that I saw was the business administration building. I was naive back then and decided to enter the building so I can finish the enrollment process and go back home and play video games . I graduated with honors during high school which allowed me to bypass the entrance exam for the academy. So I submitted my requirements and became a business administration student.

Since the first day of class at West Whiterun Academy, the professors have urged us to memorize the school’s mission and vision. The academy’s mission was “to promote the development of educated and socially responsible individuals through an interactive and collaborative environment”. From this statement, it is easy to understand that the academy’s goal is to create a healthy educational environment where students can learn effectively. The phrase interactive and collaborative environment points to campuses and classrooms that engage the interest of students. I witnessed these through the campus signs that encouraged students to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the school campus. West Whiterun Academy has more than enough utility employees to maintain the pristine condition of the school. However, it was integral to the academy’s mission that the students also participated in the endeavor. In my experience, some students followed these signs and avoided littering while other disobedient students preferred to leave their trash and empty bottles on their seats. Of course, the academy cannot control every student and so I cannot judge them for their persistent littering. Those signs were just a part of the interactive and collaborative environment that the academy aims to maintain.

Additionally, the academy promoted interdepartmental events which allowed the different departments to develop relationships. The academy allows each department to conduct large activities where they can set up stalls and tents. One of these events included “Marketing Week” where Business Administration students established stalls on the campus and everyone in the academy can visit and purchase something. Other department students, such as Humanities students also set up stalls where they sold different products. The event included programs where student bands played songs as well as group games where the different departments compete for a goal. The “Marketing Week” embodied the collaborative and interactive environment that the academy claimed to possess. Having the students manage the programs also promoted the academy’s mission to support the growth of educated and socially responsible individuals. These events made me appreciate the academy’s mission and helped me understand the true definition of a collaborative environment.

Despite the clarity that the “Marketing Week” provided, I eventually noticed traces of departmental conflicts and discrimination in the academy. As I mentioned earlier, I chose Business Administration as a course since I perceived it as an easy course that will get me out of college with no issues. While that was a personal perception at the time, I later found out that other departments had the same idea about Business Administration. The Humanities and Medical departments looked down on business students and professors. They perceived that most business professors do not have the proper expertise to teach management principles. For me, there was truth in their discrimination. Our business professors were mostly old individuals that do not own any form of business. They were knowledgeable about the theories and principles that one can find in a book but may have been unaware of the realities of the industry. They were regurgitating information from thick business books and relaying it to us as if we do not know how to read. When we begin to ask questions about real-life applications of the theories, they provided us with cliche examples that they most likely heard from free business seminars. The cliche examples and repeated information led me to realize that the classroom environment was not interactive or collaborative nor was it nurturing educated leaders and thinkers.

West Whiterun Academy’s vision was “to be a well-respected institution that nurtures future leaders and thinkers”. This statement perfectly complements the school’s mission, however, my current realization made me perceive the statement as inaccurate. Additionally, an E-commerce class project solidified my views on the matter. The project involved the design of an online store page. Our professors divided the class into groups and gave us the task to draw an online store page design on bond paper. Our group found the task of drawing on paper to be too simple. Many web applications allow users to design online pages for businesses. So, we decided to not only put the design on bond paper but also to create a visually functional online store page. We were excited about the task since it will allow us to exercise the theories we learned. After a few days, we submitted the bond paper and showed the visually functional online store page to our professor. To our surprise, our professor was unimpressed with our work and decided to give us a poor passing grade. She argued that while our design was great, the task was about drawing on bond paper and not creating an online store page. That professor extinguished our initiative in learning about business. Her action was a direct contrast to the academy’s mission and vision as she decided to punish our initiative. Since then, I lost motivation and decided to do the bare minimum to pass exams and graduate college. I still managed to graduate a cum laude despite not putting much effort into my studies, since as I said previously, the course was an easy way out of college.

West Whiterun Academy’s mission and vision imply the sincere purpose of the institution to educate students. Its mission states that it provides an interactive and collaborative environment where students can effectively learn and become responsible individuals. The academy’s vision highlights its purpose to establish a respectable name that the public will associate with great thinkers and leaders. While the academy promotes initiative and leadership through its campus events and programs, my classroom experience suggests a contrast to the institution’s values. Professors reward blind obedience and punish student initiative. My experience showcased the failure of the academy to promote its mission and vision due to the ignorance of its educators.

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