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Math is not easy. Even those who love math struggle with it sometimes. This article lists the best and most useful math learning apps for students. Each app has unique offerings that students can rely on to support their learning or simply help them get good grades.

Everyone struggles with math at some point. This does not mean that you or your student is not smart or will never understand math. They probably just need more practice and support. Luckily for today’s students, additional support for mastering math is easier to come by through math learning apps. Here are the best and most trusted math learning apps today.

Homework Helpers

These apps help students solve math problems. Students can learn to solve math problems by applying methods used by experts to other similar problems.


Some learn math best by following how to correctly solve a problem. Sometimes, a problem just stumps you and you need a math expert to help you. With Photomath, students can scan or take a picture of any math problem they are having trouble with and then wait for it to get solved by an expert. They can learn by looking at the steps that the expert did to resolve the math problem.

Miao App

Miao is an AI that students can chat with and ask questions about mathematical concepts as well as get help with homework or actual math problems. This app, however, only targets those in middle school and high school. Miao is part of a family that helps students in different subjects. There is also Pillow for Physics, Burger for Biology, and Cucumber for Chemistry.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is more useful for higher-level math classes. Students can use this app to compute equations that they encounter in their homework. Equations and math problems are solved using AI which has been developed through years of research. The app also provides a step-by-step solution to the problem so students can understand and apply it on their own.


Symbolab is another AI-powered app that provides answers to all types of math problems from algebra to calculus. This app solves math problems and shows step-by-step computation. Students simply need to input the problem or equation, which is made easy by their keyboard that contains mathematical symbols and scientific notations.


Qanda is another AI-powered application that helps students solve math problems. The app allows students to upload pictures of a problem they are struggling with, then the app will show them the solution to similar problems. You can also enter the formula to get the step-by-step solution and the graph. Then, if you are still not sure about the answers, you can chat with a teacher one-on-one anytime.

My Script Calculator

My Script Calculator is an app that helps students solve math problems from their assignments. However, instead of having to look for the symbols on your keyboard or take a picture of the problem, this app allows its users to write on the screen. My Script Calculator deciphers the user’s handwriting, converts it to digital text, then solves the problem. It offers a certain convenience for those who want faster results.


Mathway is a service created by Chegg. It is a simple math assignment helper. The app comes with a keyboard that contains the basic functions and symbols so you can easily type the equation you need help with. Mathway will then solve the equation and show you the solution so you can apply it in other assignments. Users can choose from a variety of topics—from basic math and Algebra to Calculus and Statistics.

Math Learning Resources

These apps provide access to various resources that aid and support learning. A lot of these apps also have applications in the classroom.


Mathleaks is another app that works great as a support for independent study and for getting help with coursework assignments . This app contains different sections for different needs. There is Textbook Solutions which finds solutions and shows computations for textbook problems. Students can also chat, study, and challenge other students in the Math Community, or study alone with eCourses which offer explanations, exercises, and practice tests. Math Solver lets students upload problems and have them solved instantly, Practice Tests which are automatically graded with customized progress statistics, Worksheets aligned with CommonCore standards, Video Lessons, and Math Quizzes on which they can challenge their peers.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform that is trusted not just by students but also by educators and parents. This non-profit organization provides free classes, educational materials, and practice exercises. Khan Academy covers all subjects, including math for all levels—from Pre-K to college. Countless students and educators rely on Khan Academy as a supplement to their classes, to gain a better mastery of concepts.


Brilliant is similar to Khan Academy in that they focus more on teaching or lectures. Brilliant focuses on fun and engaging ways to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to appreciate and master math. Some exercises let students apply what they have learned. There is also a community of math enthusiasts and professionals that inspire and challenge each other. This app does not offer answers to problems but it will empower students to solve problems on their own. Since it can be used alone, this app is a great way for students to be productive even in the summer.

Socratic By Google

Socratic By Google was created by the search engine giant to support learners not just in Math, but also in Science, Social Studies, Literature, and other subjects. This app is a Pandora’s box of all types of resources that will help explain concepts, theories, and ways to solve problems. It is powered by Google’s text and speech recognition, too, so it is easy to search for the answers to your questions.


Brainly is a community-centered app that connects students and experts to answer questions and solve math problems. This app not only answers students’ questions and helps them get unstuck from confusing areas, but also lets them collaborate and apply what they have learned to help others. Brainly has similar features as other math learning apps mentioned, such as taking pictures of math problems.

Math Ref

Math Ref is what it is—a reference that is useful for learning and solving math problems. This app contains a catalog of formulas and definitions and explanations of terminology and concepts. You will also find a variety of tools here like a unit converter, quadratic solver, and triangle solver. Math Ref is a convenient tool for when you need to find the right formula or need a quick converter for any problem you are working on.


Students who get bored reading math textbooks will enjoy MathSpace. MathSpace is an all-in-one resource for learning math. It has interactive textbooks, video lessons, and exercises. Students can view step-by-step solutions to various math problems and get constructive feedback on their work. MathSpace is a platform that turns math learning into a fun adventure for learners of all ages.

Interactive Learning Apps

These apps focus on interactive methods—letting students explore by following their natural curiosity.


GeometryPad is an interactive workbook that lets kids explore geometry concepts through visual learning. Kids can draw, measure, and manipulate figures on a four-quadrant grid. The app does not include instructions or problems to solve so it relies solely on the student’s curiosity. This math learning app is useful for understanding more complex concepts.

Algebra Touch

Algebra Touch is the math learning app for students who are struggling with Algebra, as well as for students learning it for the first time. Lessons in this app demonstrate in practical visual ways how to do algebra. The app also has interactive features that let students manipulate figures to understand how the concepts work.


Visualizing geometric shapes is sometimes an obstacle to applying concepts. iCrosss is an app that aims to make visualizing shapes easier for students. The app has a catalog of all 2D and 3D shapes, which students can examine and manipulate. They can see the cross-section of the shape, separate the parts of the figure, as well as see all the details about the said shape. iCrosss is a great app for both beginners and experts. It can be used to learn about geometry as well as a tool for solving geometry problems.

MathStudio Express

MathStudio Express is a tool that is not only suitable for high school and college students but also for professionals who deal with anything math-related. MathStudio Express is a symbolic graphing calculator app that includes pre-Calculus, Calculus, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Finite Math, and so on. This app makes solving hypothetical and real-world problems easier. It can also be used for exercises and for brainstorming solutions.


Desmos is a versatile web and mobile app that can be used by students and teachers individually or collaboratively. Its functions include graphing, scientific, four-function, and matrix calculators. It also has a geometry tool where students can draw various 2D shapes. There is also space to practice solving problems. Students can use Desmos to study and solve problems on their own. However, teachers can also use Desmos in class to facilitate interactive activities.

In Need of a Math Tutor?

Math requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are useful in more real-world applications than many would believe. Math is the foundation of many things we enjoy today, including the phone or computer you are using right now. Whatever course you are studying, you are bound to get a few basic or complex math subjects. If you are struggling with any of those, you can always turn to these apps. But for more complex projects, don’t hesitate to turn to CustomEssayMeister for expert math help.

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