Tips on Writing An Argumentative Essay On Mental Health

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May 16, 2019

M ental health remains a controversial issue in our society. Despite evidence of its truth and urgency, there are still those who insist that mental illness is all in the mind. There is still a lot to learn about mental health and how to handle and treat mental illnesses. This subject area leaves a spacious room for arguments. If you are writing an argumentative essay on mental health, you are sure to write an engaging essay.

Mental health is surrounded by a thick cloud of stigma. Advocates of mental health have only started to clear up the stigma so more and more people with mental illnesses can be diagnosed and treated. Writing an argumentative essay about mental health is far easier than admitting that one has a mental illness. As such, mental health should be treated with extra care. The argumentative essay should not only shed light on issues related to mental health but also persuade people to do what is needed. 

Recap on argumentative essay

As we have previously said, an argumentative essay defends a stand on a controversial topic. Its goal is to present arguments supporting one’s stand and responding to the opposition’s arguments in order to get the reader to accept one’s arguments and side with you.

The argumentative essay is a lot like a debate. It needs to be structured, logical, and convincing. Although it is naturally inclined towards one side of an argument, the argumentative essay must be careful not to be biased. It must remain objective in presenting arguments and evidence, and not only rely on opinion.

Remember the structure for argumentative essays. Make sure you follow it to ensure that you don't commit logical fallacies in your argumentative essay

  How to write an argumentative essay on mental health

Tips on writing an argumentative essay on mental health

  • Research. Before you argue about something, especially if you’re not schooled in the subject area, do your research. Make sure you understand the basics. Likewise, inform yourself of current discussions and issues in the field. You can construct stronger arguments when you are well-informed.
  • Stick to credible sources. As mentioned above, the argumentative essay must be objective. Your arguments should not only be opinions, it should be backed up by research. Conversely, when researching and looking for sources, be wary of blogs and articles that simply share someone’s opinion. These cannot be used as the sole basis of your argument if you want your argumentative essay to be taken seriously.
  • Provide concrete data. Claims are best when supported by actual data. Since you’re only writing an argumentative essay, you can utilize other researchers’ data to support your arguments. This is crucial especially for mental health topics that many still don’t take seriously.
  • Include a background. The mark of a good writer is one who gives the reader sufficient background on the topic. The readers also need to be well-informed in order to make a sound judgment on the issue.
  • Don’t vilify the opposing side. Engage the opposing side’s argument. Don’t simply dismiss them as “stupid” or any similar derogatory terms. Instead, follow the typical argumentative essay structure and devote a section that discusses a counter-argument to your stand. Then, present your own counter-argument to the opposing argument. This will further reinforce your stand on the topic.
  • Avoid emotions. Mental health can be a sensitive topic for some, especially those who have experienced it directly. If you have an experience related to mental health or a mental illness, check yourself and your writing every so often. Emotions are fine per se, but relying on emotions to persuade your readers is not. Make sure you stay objective and don’t fall into the logical fallacy of appealing to emotion.

Mental health issues are a great topic for an argumentative essay. There are many issues that need to be tackled and shed light on. If mental health is a topic close to your heart, it’s a must to write an argumentative essay about it for your class. Apart from the chance to  improve your writing skills , you will also be able to raise awareness in your own classroom.  It can be hard to write about sensitive topics like mental health issues, so if you fear that you may trigger or offend someone who has a mental health problem, it may be better for you to  hire a writer who has expertise on that subject. 

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