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Alex Ponomarenko
Aug 29, 2021

A problem solution essay is a paper that concerned citizens can write to provide a solution to a  variety of issues. Community heads, club leaders, government officials, and other figureheads of a group may receive a problem solution essay from their members. For these individuals, they do not need to think of a problem solution topic before writing the paper. They already have an underlying issue that they want to write about and solve.

For high school and college students, the first task in writing a problem solution essay is thinking or finding an issue. The student should choose an issue that interests them and they feel passionate about. The writing process will be easier if they are writing with passion and genuine concern. Below are some sample problem solution essay topics for college students that can help them get an idea of what issue to write about. The topics are split into different categories for an easier reading experience. If students are still having a hard time coming up with an idea, they can straight up use the problem solution topics below.

College Life Issues

Since the people who are having trouble with writing a problem solution essay are students, it is best to start with issues regarding college life. Scan through the sample ideas below to get some inspiration for a problem solution topic.

  1. One of the most important issues that college students are facing is the high tuition fee that universities charge. Give some examples of ways to make college affordable for everyone?

  2. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools to adopt distance learning. Some students are having a hard time keeping up with their online lectures. What are some ways that college professors can use to help create a better distance learning experience for their students?

  3. College life requires a student to focus more on their academic works which lead to neglecting their personal lives. Write a problem solution essay on how students can balance their academics and personal life?

  4. Some high school graduates are unsure of what course they want to take in college. Some are even unsure if they would like to enroll in a university. Provide a problem solution essay that helps students figure out their college plans.

  5. College students enrolled in a university far from their home will tend to rent dorm rooms. With the limited financial capacity of college students, budgeting their money is an important part of their life. What are some financial management methods college students can practice?

  6. The rate of teen suicides has increased over the years. College students under stress may be susceptible to suicidal thoughts. Create a problem solution essay that can help professors and parents protect the mental health of students.

  7. Some college campuses are becoming unsafe due to students getting involved with drugs and gangs. How can a college faculty and the community make colleges safe from these influences?

Family and Social Life Complications

Other relatable categories are family and social life. Everyone has a family and a social life and it is almost impossible to go through life without experiencing any complications regarding the two categories. Look for a perfect social life issue sample topic below.

  1. There is a fine line between discipline and child abuse. Some parents are much harsher, while others condone the bad behaviors of children. Create a problem solution essay providing examples of better ways to discipline a child?

  2. Children love asking their parents for money and toys. When parents condone this behavior, some children grow up with bad financial management skills. Write a problem solution essay discussing ways on how to teach children money management.

  3. Parents often raise their children in the religion the parents grew up on. However, some children ask difficult questions about faith that parents fail to answer properly. Give some examples of how parents can effectively teach their children about religion?

  4. Some children are born with mental illness and disabilities. Parents of these children often have a hard time raising them. Create a problem solution essay on how to help the parents of disabled children.

  5. A person can have a diverse friend group. Some of them may be church-goers, while others love to party and drink. How can a person decide if their current friend group is right for them?

  6. Almost everyone has a social media account. They post daily pictures and update their profiles when something new happens with their lives. However, social media has also become a great medium for bullies. Provide a problem solution essay that helps in cyberbullying management.

  7. Even though some laws and groups promote the rights of other races and cultures, there are still people who stereotype and are racist against certain groups. What are some ways to educate these types of people?

Education Issues

Education issues are important topics that society should address to ensure the quality of graduates and later generations. Choose one problem solution topic below to write about and submit to local offices or universities.

  1. The debate on when to teach sex education in school is an intriguing subject. The debate also focuses on the methods of teaching sex education. Create a problem solution essay that can help create a compromise for the debate and also give some effective ways of teaching sex education.

  2. Housekeeping is an important skill for everyone to have. Everyone should learn how to wash clothes, sanitize a room, and cook meals. However, most schools do not teach these skills to their students. Provide a solution on how teachers can implement housekeeping in their curriculum?

  3. Some students believe that homework is taking away their rest days and time for a social life. Some students believe that assigning homework should stop. Write a problem solution essay that provides an alternative to homework and allows students to have time for themselves.

  4. Standardized tests have been a subject of debate since it only tests a few specific skills of a student. This means students who are talented in other aspects fail to discover their abilities. What are some alternatives to standardized tests and how can students discover their hidden talents?

  5. Homeschooling can result in a child having no social life and social skills. Create a problem solution essay that helps parents and educators balance homeschooling and the student’s social life.

  6. Some students have a hard time understanding lessons even after a teacher has explained them multiple times. Teachers often need to set aside some time to teach these students separately from the class. What are some ways for schools to help children with learning disabilities?

  7. Some schools fail to assess a teacher’s qualification or teaching method before hiring them. The teacher often tends to be lazy or ineffective in educating students. Provide a problem solution essay that discusses how schools can effectively screen their teachers.

Sports Topics

Sport is an interesting category to write about. There are many types of sports and personalities that most college students are familiar with. This makes writing a problem solution essay fun and engaging.

  1. A student may be passionate about a certain sport, such as basketball or table tennis. They can write a problem solution essay that provides the readers with ways to prepare themselves for the sport.

  2. Nowadays, children start playing and training for sports at a young age. How can parents and trainers make sure that the children’s health is not in danger?

  3. Playing any sports will require physical effort. Injuries are common in sports like football, wrestling, and racing. Create a problem solution essay that provides ways to prevent severe injuries.

  4. Strange and uncommon sports like extreme ironing, wife carrying, cheese rolling, and face slapping have a niche audience. How can these sports and their event organizers effectively promote to a larger audience?

  5. In professional competitions, players are always playing for money. If a sport requires a team like in hockey and football, how does the team divide the reward? Write a problem solution essay that discusses how they should divide the reward.

  6. In competitive sports, there have been issues about illegal substance use to increase an athlete’s performance. Give a solution on how event organizers and sports officials can regulate substance use?

  7. There will always be underdog teams when watching any kind of sports. Either the team has poor chemistry or the individual athletes are subpar to their competition. Discuss in a problem solution essay what the organization should do to build a better team.

Driving and Public Transportation Issues

Driving and taking public transportation is a vital part of society. It allows people to travel from their home to their workplace or other destination. Solving some of these sample issues can make a community a better place to live in.

  1. One of the main problems of transportation is the heavy traffic that commuters experience daily. This is due to poor city planning. Write a problem solution essay that provides ways on how city planners can better build roads and alternate routes.

  2. The top cause of car crashes is distracted driving. Even with laws regulating texting while driving and drunk driving, people still do them. What effective rule or regulation can officials legislate as a solution to the issue?

  3. Another major cause of heavy traffic is private vehicles. If only one person is in a car, they are wasting road space. Public transportation allows for a more economical and environmentally-friendly way of transportation. Write a problem solution essay about what should be done to make public transportation appealing to more people.

  4. A person just needs to take a driving test and answer a questionnaire and they will receive their license. The tests are easy to pass, which ends up in impotent drivers driving around. What are some ways for transportation offices to make the licensing process more difficult?

  5. When visiting a new area, drivers will have no idea where certain paths lead. They will need to use navigating methods to find their way around. Create a problem solution essay that provides effective methods of navigating new places.

  6. In some communities, finding a parking spot is difficult. Some people buy cars, but they have no available space to park their vehicles. What rules should the government legislate to stop people from buying cars even when they have no parking spaces?

  7. Some people drive around recklessly in neighborhoods. They go over speed limits and ignore traffic signs. Write a problem solution essay on how to educate drivers and turn them into better drivers.

Health Topic Complications

There are many health issues that people and society face. Misinformation and ignorance lead to many health risks. This is why health issues are some of the best problem solution essay topics.

  1. Even with the internet providing endless information, some individuals refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children. What are effective ways to educate this type of people?

  2. People, especially younger individuals, do not see health insurance as an important investment. Insurance agents and their marketing annoy some people, making it difficult to teach its importance. Write a problem solution essay that can help educate people and get their interest in taking health insurance.

  3. There are foods like processed meats and baked goods that can increase the risk of heart diseases and other health complications. Despite the warnings from experts, people with health issues still include these foods in their diet. Give some examples of how doctors can persuade them to avoid these types of food?

  4. Prescription medicines are often very expensive. Poorer individuals who need the medicine lack the financial capacity to obtain the medications. Create a problem solution essay about ways that people can help poor individuals get proper medication.

  5. People often disregard mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These issues can often lead to more serious illness if left untreated. What are some ways to educate people about taking care of their mental health?

  6. People have linked tobacco and cigarette use to cancer risks. However, a lot of people still smoke an unhealthy amount of tobacco and cigar. Write a problem solution essay discussing regulations to control the use of these substances.

  7. People can easily start an exercise routine. However, the problem lies with doing it daily and consistently. They often forget about it or feel lazy after a couple of days. Create a problem solution essay discussing ways to help people be consistent with their exercise routine.

Animals and Plants Topics

More fun and engaging topics are about endangered species. These issues are important to address since animals and plants are a vital part of any ecosystem. A great problem solution essay about the issues that can help certain species survive the threats of extinction.

  1. One effect of climate change is the melting of ice caps. Polar bears, penguins, and other arctic animals are losing their habitat due to climate change. Create a problem solution essay providing methods on how people can help these animals regain their habitats.

  2. The Vaquita porpoise is an endangered species of porpoises endemic on the coast of Mexico. Illegal gillnet fishing has caused the population to reduce to only around ten individual porpoises. How can locals protect the remaining Vaquita porpoises from illegal fishing?

  3. Plants like Dendrobium schuetzei and Hopea philippinensis are some endemic plants in the Philippines that have become endangered due to deforestation. Write a problem solution essay on what laws the government should legislate to protect the plant species.

  4. Pollen-producing plants like lady slipper orchids require the help of bees and birds to reproduce. Human activities tend to disrupt the process of pollination, which disables the plants to reproduce. What are some ways to stop human activities from disrupting the plants’ pollination?

  5. Some zoos mistreat their captive animals and place them in small cages. The animals become malnourished and eventually die. Create a problem solution essay providing laws or rules to protect the rights of captivated animals.

  6. In some countries, venomous snakes and spiders can often enter people’s homes easily. The owners tend to kill the animals to get rid of them. What are some alternatives to killing these animals?

  7. Many people buy or adopt pets without weighing the responsibilities they require. This leads to owners abandoning their pets or mistreating the animals. Write a problem solution essay on how to educate people about the responsibilities of a pet owner.

Sample Problem Solution Essay

How to Protect the Vaquita Porpoises

The Vaquita Porpoise is a species of porpoise endemic in Mexico’s Gulf of California. The species is one of the world’s rarest marine mammals. As of writing, the “World Wildlife Foundation” (WWF) estimates that there around ten individual vaquita porpoises remaining in the wild. The culprit for the vaquita porpoises’ population decline is the illegal fishing activities on the coast of Mexico. The illegal fishermen hunt for the totoaba fishes, which are also endangered and endemic on the coast of Mexico. The vaquita’s population decline is merely collateral from the illegal gillnet fishing for totoaba fishes. The vaquitas are accidentally caught inside the gillnets and eventually drown since they are mammals and need to breathe air. If the issue regarding the vaquita porpoises is left unchecked, the remaining ten vaquitas may not live to see the end of the year. The world will lose another species due to the greed of men.

The first step to protect the vaquita porpoises is the strict regulation and active response against gillnet fishing. The government has already made gillnet fishing an illegal activity, however, illegal fishermen are still fishing for totoaba fish using gillnets. The government should make an active response against these illegal fishermen. They should assign enforcers that will regularly patrol the area where the vaquita porpoise lives. They can ask assistance from coast guards to help in patrolling the area. This action will also help in catching illegal fishermen who are using gillnets for totoaba fishing. This solution will require the joint forces of the local government and law enforcers to help protect the remain ten vaquita porpoises.

Another method to protect the vaquita porpoises is by carefully catching the remaining porpoises and keep them in a secure and comfortable location where they can breed without any external threats. For this method to work, experts should study how the vaquitas may respond to a change in environment. If their studies suggest that the method can work and vaquitas will be able to breed, their population can increase and provide a second chance for the species. However, since there are only ten vaquitas, experts may need to perform outbreeding methods to avoid incestual relations among the species. Outbreeding will require the vaquitas to mate with other species of porpoises. This will result in crossbred species but will be necessary for the preservation of the vaquitas.

Concerned individuals can also sign petitions in favor of the protection of the vaquitas. An organization like the “Center for Biological Diversity” has created petitions to recognize the habitat of the vaquitas as a ‘World Heritage in Danger.” If the petition succeeds in persuading the “United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO), Mexico will receive more funding to help protect the vaquita porpoises. Other petitions include the banning of seafood that fishermen caught using gillnets. This helps solve the root of the issue, which is illegal gillnet fishing.

Protecting the vaquitas should be a priority for the government of Mexico and the world. The ten remaining vaquita porpoises will only be able to survive with the help of humans. Creating regulations and laws to combat gillnet fishing will be necessary to protect the habitat of the creatures. Biologists and other experts should help in studying and finding ways on how to increase the population of the species. Individuals who do not have the means to help physically can stand behind petitions that support the protection and welfare of the vaquita porpoises. The vaquitas suffered from the consequences of man’s actions and it is our responsibility to help make things right.

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