Diagnostic Essay Example: What is the Significance of Education?

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Oct 22, 2019

In some way, diagnostic essays deserve their own category. Whenever someone thinks of “essay,” he thinks of a piece of paper filled to the brim with ideas, all written together in a coherent manner and handled with care over time. With diagnostic essays, however, the luxury of reflecting under a tree with a glass of wine in hand is not possible. You will be there on the seat, with the topic assigned on the day itself for you to write about for about an hour (or less), either because it is a vital requirement for a college admission test or because your professor wants to gauge your skills in essay writing. Time pressure is a formidable enough hurdle for you to cross to get through this requirement. The best course of action is to remember how to write a diagnostic essay. 

Essentials of writing a diagnostic essay

To summarize a previous post about how to write a diagnostic essay, there are three main components of writing this type of essay: (1) time management, (2) preparedness, and (3) stock knowledge. Diagnostic essays are like extemporaneous speeches : the topic assignment and the delivery are all assigned within such a short timeframe. Thinking fast, therefore, is key. More importantly, thinking smart leads to success. No one is completely prepared for a diagnostic essay, but it does not mean that you should not prepare at all. Stocking yourself up with knowledge on potential topics and reviewing how to write an essay in general are the bare minimum for you to ready yourself for a 50 meter sprint with your pen and paper.

But if you want to really arm yourself to the teeth, the best way to prepare is by looking at a diagnostic essay example. Gathering ideas from an example of diagnostic essay will give you the initial drive and stimulation of the creative juices in your brain, so that the mention of the term “diagnostic essay” alone is enough to get your mind bursting with ideas. It is our pleasure, here at CustomEssayMeister, to give you a diagnostic essay example to help you prepare for that diagnostic essay coming up. Without further ado, here is an example of diagnostic essay, written as an answer to the topic of the significance of education.

Diagnostic Essay Example: "What is the significance of education?"

The Significance of Education

       Important in modern life is education. Many are inclined to present it as “how life is,” but it cannot be considered basic, in large part because it is a social construct at best.  With the advent of technologies that are able to supply information in a matter of seconds, the notion of education can become a source of contention. Education is learning at its core, one that is framed within a system, yet such systematization seems unnecessary when all that is concerned is learning itself. Some may interject that education is fuelled with some sort of status quo or agenda. Regardless, it must be defended, however, that education is a necessary component of human life, absent which would serve as a detriment to the individual and to society as a whole.

       The clearest defense of education can be found in its practical value in an individual’s professional career in adulthood. Students require the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their desired fields. Education supplies those items in an incremental, systematic fashion, culminating in a degree that certifies the students’ success in completing the tasks that assess their progression throughout the years. Educational attainment is one of the primary measures with which companies determine whether a potential candidate is capable of delivering what the role requires. Many people would proclaim that this is the underlying importance of education: it is a long-term investment with long-term returns.

       Practical value alone, however, cannot completely gauge the significance of education. If that is the case, then it is presupposed that education is a result-based affair. This cannot be the case. A student can gain awards and recognition in his school from continuously cheating and getting away with the act. A fresh graduate from college may take up to a year to get into his first job. The former can be considered a success of education, the latter a failure, if education is result-based. Again, education must be beyond mere results; rather, it is about the process.

       It has been proposed that education is an avenue for students to gain knowledge and skills. Those alone, however, are not enough to define education. An individual who is well-educated by merit of knowledge and skills alone can still fall to moral corruption, as is the case with the Nazi regime in World War II. More important than knowledge and skills is “direction.” Plato discussed the essence of education in his allegory of the cave. Human beings can learn much about reality about them and still fall to moral error if they do not look at it from various perspectives. If one can see reality within another’s perspective, he is able to learn empathy, humility, and other virtues—character, something that knowledge and skills alone cannot provide. It is with good character that the student is driven to devote his knowledge and skills to the greater good, beyond himself alone to other people.

       The ideal society thrives in having each member possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and character to function for himself and for society as a whole. All of these are, ideally, supplied by education. Knowledge and skills are not the only items that education imparts upon students; otherwise, schools are merely factories churning out the same product. Simultaneously, character alone does not sufficiently define education; a good person without a clue can only go so far. It is the three items together that define the significance of education, to form individuals to proper citizens that actively seek not only his own interests but of society in general and of human life as a whole.  

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