Definition Essay Example: What is Success?

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Oct 7, 2019

We have previously discussed how to write a definition essay , we thought it would help to provide an example. A definition essay is an essay which presents an extended definition of a specific word. In this example of a definition essay, we decided to define the word success – a simple word with an abstract concept. This definition essay example includes a systematic definition and a personal interpretation of the word as it should. Nonetheless, there are many ways on how to write a custom definition essay – you can include the etymology of the word, conduct a compare and contrast, or simply collate different definitions of the word. You have the creative license to write whatever you want or employ whatever writing technique on your definition essay. However, if you are still a bit confused about how to write a definition essay, hopefully, this example will provide more clarity for you and will serve as an inspiration for your own definition essay.

Definition Essay Example

What is Success?

        In the pursuit of happiness, one of the most fulfilling moments in a person’s life is the realization their much-awaited success. According to Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” The truth to success’s varied definitions depends on who you ask. The different perceptions towards the definition of success transform the word into an elusive concept to the point that it may be hard to holistically attain.

        According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, success pertains to a “favorable or desired outcome.” By this definition, many of our actions can be labeled as success so long as we have reached the desired outcome. But to what extent? Is it safe to assume that simply graduating from college, regardless of with or without Latin honors, a success? Does making it through a day at work or school make us successful people? Moreover, this definition of success makes it seem that a single person can be successful multiple times within their lifetime as long as they have reached the desired outcome with whatever endeavor they partake. If the reasoning of this definition is to be followed, then it simply means that the average person tastes success countless times in a lifetime. And no, there is no contradiction in that.

        In a wider sense, how we define our success depends on our failures. Many successful people acknowledge their failures before they reached their moment of success. Failures can somehow make the journey to success more fulfilling than it is already thought to be. It is how you persevere and push through adversity and disappointing circumstances that adds more weight and validity to your success. Thus, life is a series, or a cycle, of successes and failures. One can fail many times before they become successful. Success is “sweeter” if this is the case.

        However, most people are particularly narrow-minded about what they consider as success. Phony and individual and societal standards have contributed to the impossible definition of success. What is tantamount to success? For some, success is reaching the highest level of fame, or even notoriety, and receiving lump sums of money in exchange for whatever you do, say, or contribute to society. Some only see success in a specific field or profession, and it is supported by the awards and certifications they receive. If we observe closely, success is much more sensationalized in actors, musicians, and celebrities. It can be argued that their success is obvious because of how the media choose to portray them and how society has easy access to their lifestyle. Nevertheless, there is also success in owning a small-town business, getting promoted after a short time, being a hand model, or simply being an asset employee for a start-up company.  

        As passionate people, our eyes are set on a certain job we aspired to have ever since we decided to tread a particular career path. It would seem like success is only possible once we reach the top of our vocation. All the other things we managed to achieve along the way are considered little victories and will remain to be little victories if they do not encompass the bigger picture and our name in a gold plate.

        All the varying definitions of success may or may not contribute to our drive to pursue it. Moreover, our personal definition of success should prevail at all times. At the end of the day, you are the only one who sees the progress and the terrain of the journey you are taking to reach success. Concern as to how others perceive and define success would only add confusion to your hard work and growth. If we reconstruct Angelou’s definition of success, we can come up with the impression that you are responsible for how you perceive your own success, and if you like what you do and how you do it, then success is within arms length.  

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