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Jun 10, 2019

The titles used for essays speak volumes about a paper's content. The title is used for your essay, and can either be the stepping stone, or your essay’s downfall. Look at titling as an important step, especially if you want to succeed with your paper. The title is the first thing your reader will see, so spending time pondering on it to make it perfect will be worth your while. The title has been referred to as one of the most essential parts of essay writing. This article will teach you how to title an essay properly, as it is more than just putting keywords together – it calls for creativity. Read on to find out how.

Choosing the Best Title for Your Essay

Components of Essay Title

There are different types of an essay, but almost all of them possess the same patterns and formulas that lead to good essay titles. A good title has the following components: 

1. It should have a catchy hook. A great essay hook should act as a bait, one that grabs the attention of readers. With this in mind, one can assume that it calls for a creative approach. Make sure that the title draws your readers in enough to be interested to read the entire essay. This is the cardinal rule – remember to create content that will be just as great as your title.

2. A title should have topic keywords . A good title must contain a topic keyword, which will describe the essay in a question. This identifies that concept to be reviewed, answering the question “what”.

3. A title should have focus keywords. This is a component which tells the place and time your content being reviewed is in. It answers “when” and “where."

Useful Rules of Creating Interesting Headlines

The process of creating an interesting title can be intimidating. On top of that, there are rules you will need to follow. Here are some of those basic rules:

  • Title each piece of writing in the content. As you write, assign exciting headings in order to better identify the paragraphs. 
  • The title should have the theme of your material . Choosing a heading that summarizes the essay is one important rule that you follow strictly. Nothing is more annoying than having one that is not related to the article's content. Misleading your readers is bad not only for your paper, but also for your credibility.
  • Capitalize all the necessary words. Capitalize each word's first letters in the title, but do not capitalize the pronouns, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.
  • Do not underline the title. Making a title for essay is already a statement in itself, emphasized by adding the boldface. Underlining it will overemphasize it. 
  • Assess the final version of the title . Chances are you’ll make a version of the title, and another, and another – so when you finally figure out which works best, do a quick review. Check for any grammar, spelling, or structure mistakes.

How to Create Essay Headlines

After touching the basics, then it’s time to know how to create a title for essay. The steps discussed below will help you be able to write creative titles for essays, much like how a professional writer does it. Read thoroughly:

  • Write your essay as the first step; the title is the last one . To begin writing the title, you must write the essay first. It should be formed according to the content. You can, however, come up with a working title to begin with, but change it later on into a more appropriate one as the tone of your essay becomes more defined.
  • Consider using well-known phrases . Use phrases as a hook to generate essay title ideas. These phrases could make an excellent topic, given that they’re already loved and well-known by most of the world. 
  • Determine the tone of the essay and take note of it. The tone dictates the pacing of your headline. Make sure to be cautious here, however, as using the wrong tone will diminish your readers’ interest.
  • Go for simplicity . As you begin crafting a perfect title, leave those complex sentences behind. Using these as your title will only work against your essay. The simpler, the better. Your aim is to be read, understood, and be remembered, not to showcase your eloquence. 
  • Remember that you are unique, so blend your voice into the title . As you craft a great essay title, keep in mind to utilize your uniqueness. Avoid copying other authors’ titles, even if you rephrase them. 
  • Make use of the right words . When creating an essay title, always use the appropriate words. The wrong choice of words will damage your material in every sense possible. For example, when crafting a technical essay, make sure to use technical terms that are relevant to the discipline. 

Mistakes to Avoid

As with all writing processes, and life in general, there are mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Here are some of those things that you should avoid when creating good titles for essays:

  • Avoid negative themes . As you brainstorm for the process of creating good titles for essays, make sure to avoid those that relate to sensitive issues, especially the unethical or immoral topics.
  • Do not ask the wrong questions. This rule is simple: if you fail to ask questions relevant to the field of study, then you risk choosing the wrong topic.
  • Do not be too personal.  Keep your essay professional, and do not add any part of your life on it. Your readers are not interested about your dating life. Keep the discussion centered on the topic. 
  • Make sure to meet your instructor’s requirements . Review the instructions and ensure that you understand every bit of it. If you don’t, then the chances of you choosing a wrong topic will be high. This could then lead to bad grades, wasted time, and a lot of stress and frustrations. 
  • Be critical only when it matters. Writing your essay is not always the right platform to be critical of sensitive issues, unless you are writing an argumentative essay under a relevant subject field. Also, remember that contentious and sensitive issues require extensive research, so starting the research process is crucial.

Essay Title Examples

The harder parts are over, now that you have seen how to create headlines and which errors to avoid. To begin your titling journey, here are some of the best examples of essay title ideas to consider:

  • The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence
  • Using Modern Technology to Solve Ancient Problems
  • Time Travel and Virtual Realities: The Possibilities 
  • North and South Korea: A Tale of Two Conflicting Countries
  • Mathematics: Its History and Humanity Standpoint
  • Making it Big in the Real Estate Business
  • Raising Responsible Children in the 21st Century: Is It Possible?
  • Manage Your Business like a Mafia Boss
  • E-commerce Empires: The Multi-million Dollar Virtual Business 

Tips on How to Title an Essay 

Crafting your title is risky business, and delays are inevitable. Here are more tips gathered, to help you how to make a good title for essay further:

1. Choose a single sentence from your draft, and then set it up as your working title. Change it as you write and finish your material. Again, it depends on the tone of your paper as you progress through the essay.

2. As you start your essay, make use of popular questions with words like what, where, when, and who.

3. If possible, consider adapting any famous book, album title, movie, or song that can work for your essay perfectly. 

4. If your title ends up looking to simple or straightforward, try to twist it in the most creative way possible. Consider joining two simple headings together, and watch it become instantly more interesting.

5. Don’t forget to check if your title appeals to you.

6. To avoid running out of ideas, write more options titles and see which one grabs your attention the most.

7. Should you encounter any difficulties choosing a title by yourself, ask another person for help.

8. No matter how compelling title may seem, ensure that it passes all tests on grammar and spelling.

9. As smart as you may want to sound, avoid complicated words to show off. You will end up losing readers. Consider the Ernest Hemingway rule: the depth of your essay should be exhibited through simplicity. 


Coming up with an interesting title is not for lazy writers, as it takes strength and a lot of rock-solid dedication. An essay with good content, but without a good title will crumble. A good title will make it attractive, interesting, and appeal to your readers. You are not expected to come up with a perfect title, as there is no such thing. Just remember that a good title should make you feel – in this case, pique the interest of potential readers. Now that you’ve gained knowledge on how to title an essay, it’s time to put them in practice. There are tricky essays to title, say an admission essay, but luckily there are admission essay writing services for that. Still, though, you have gathered enough knowledge now - create your own and good luck!

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