3-stanza poem

In previous articles, we have already tackled how to write a poem and given an example. While there are many forms of poetry, the most common and most uncomplicated poem is the rhyming one. Now we present to you an example of a rhyming 3-stanza poem. It is like the first example, only shorter. A 3-stanza poem is arguably the one you most frequently encounter in school. It is easy to read and understand. Unsurprisingly, if you have very strong feelings about something, you will find it easy to dedicate a 3-stanza poem to it. Since there are countless of things that anyone can write a 3-stanza poem about, let’s focus on something most people can relate to – the mood swings created by the weather. Place yourself in the shoes of someone whose happiness depends on the weather. Read with emotion and observe the pauses and the punctuation.  


At last, there is light, there is sunshine, No need for me to sulk, no need to whine. I can dry my clothes and do some gardening, Worry no more about coats for I plan to go strolling.

You see, dark skies and rains sap all my energy, Leaving me gloomy, plunging to plain misery. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the night, It’s just when it’s raining, I could not fly a kite.

You might think that I hate winter too, You’re wrong for only the rain makes me cuckoo. Should it rain and shine at the same time, Then I’ll know it’ll be nature’s crime.

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