Free Example of a Poem: "April 30, 1945"

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Aug 7, 2018

As we discussed in our previous article , you must already know how to write a poem. Sometimes, teachers will ask students to write poems as an assignment , so you will have to channel your creativity to submit a poem that will earn a respectable grade. A poem can be about anything; it can be about something or someone, an event, a pet, a place. It entirely depends on your muse and what inspires you at the moment. Like you learned, a poem is more powerful when written with passion. It must be about something that you feel so passionately about, something you love or hate (like this poem example). It must be so that the words flow easy and without much effort. While there are many forms of the poem, it’s certain that when you think of a poem, you immediately think of the most common one – the one that rhymes. 

Poem Example 1

Read this poem example:  

"April 30, 1945"

Twelve years of anguish, torture, millions killed, countless gassed
And scores of other victims, justice feared to have passed.
Evil, humorless man wanted the world to be his empire immortal,
Now takes his turn to create his own sad funeral.

 Nineteen forty-four, enemy armies came ashore,
Defeat was imminent, it pierced your armor.
Your homeland ravaged, you and your men surrounded.
Allies to the West, in the East the Red you most dreaded.

Lives and dreams ended because of your twisted belief,
Now all nations sigh collective relief.
The maniac who desired to breed a master human race,
Pumps a bullet to his own head to save face.

Didn’t all humanity weep at your unspeakable atrocity?
Now the world desires to see you dead, your very own fatality.
You brainwashed minds, betrayed hearts and instilled hate,
Before taking your own life, still you wished for heaven’s gate.

 The world rejoices about your death,
Learns a bitter lesson it will never forget.
Uncertainty looms from all this bloodstained rubble,
Humanity still won and didn’t completely crumble.


In this poem, place yourself in the shoes of a World War II  survivor and how he/she felt after hearing that the leader of the most brutal regimes in history, Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler, had committed suicide that marked the end of fighting in Europe. 

Poem Example 2


The title refers to the day of his death and the poem encapsulates the elation the author felt upon hearing the news. Longer than the simplest form of a poem, its 5 stanzas enable the poem to be somewhat parallel to a short story. A reminder of the early years of the war, perpetration of the evil ideology, the sacrifice of lives, the unavoidable comeuppance, and the lesson humanity learned, written in chronological order as the poem progresses. 

Punctuation and emotion

Read it again, but this time, do it slowly, with a loud voice, and with emotion. Observe the proper pauses brought by the punctuation, and intonations. Most importantly, do not be in a hurry. Feel the words and the message they send. Whatever the poem is about, it is important to invest yourself emotionally while reading it so that you can feel the emotion that drove the author to write it. 

Essentials of a Rhyming Poem

Line after line, a poem has the ability to make the reader slowly unfold its message.  You are surely sensitive enough to feel the emotions that come from the words. Only when you do that can the poem’s message be felt. Do not hesitate to read the poem over and over again if you think you are failing to get that “feeling.” Indeed, poetry is one of the most treasured and colorful forms of literature, a story in and of itself. 

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