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This sample advertising plan is developed for a hypothetical business, Nonna’s Pantry, and details the situational analysis, which includes the 5C and PESTLE analysis, product situation, strategy statement, competitive product advantage, creative plan, advertising media strategy, and evaluation.

The succeeding advertising plan details the most recent advertising campaign for Nonna’s Pantry as part of its annual marketing plan . This advertisement plan is called “Eating Clean Campaign,” which will focus on video advertising. In the next pages, you will find a situational analysis of Nonna’s Pantry which informed the strategic and creative decisions for the aforementioned campaign.

Situational Analysis

This section provides a situational analysis of Nonna’s Pantry wherein we will identify the internal and external factors that affect the company. Situational analysis is a necessary consideration in the development of the advertising plan. It will help the team take advantage of strengths and opportunities as well as mitigate any weaknesses (5C Analysis, n.d.). For this section, 5C Analysis and  PESTLE Analysis shall be used.

5C Analysis

  1. Company. Nonna’s Pantry offers high-quality products from local farms, convenience, and affordability. The high-quality produce and products sold by the company is one of the major strengths, which is made possible by strong relationships with local farmers and producers in and around Boston. Convenience is another major selling point of the company as it delivers the groceries to the buyer’s house and allows them to schedule said deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, the products and services offered by Nonna’s Pantry are affordable for working families. These factors are what contribute to Nonna’s Pantry’s competitive advantage.
  2. Collaborators.  Nonna’s Pantry works with a number of collaborators to bring high-quality products to its clients. The company maintains a strong relationship with a number of family-owned farms in the area where the products are sold and delivered to clients. The company also works with a local outsource logistics service provider to pick up the products from the farms to the company’s storage facility, and then from the storage facility to the clients’ homes. In the storage facility, the company relies on the work of workers who organize the produce and pack the orders daily. Nonna’s Pantry’s app is also run by a team of programmers and customer service representatives. All these collaborators work together to ensure that Nonna’s Pantry delivers high-quality groceries to clients on time.
  3. Customers.  Customers are central to any business as they are the main source of revenue (5C Analysis, n.d.). Thus, it’s important for businesses to know their customers, to know their wants and needs so that the company can meet those. Nonna Pantry’s customers are working for families in the Boston area. These are households with busy parents or couples who do not have the time to go to the grocery regularly, but still want to have access to fresh, quality produce. These customers often look for the usual produce that is versatile or can be used in a variety of recipes. Some customers are also conscious about their health or follow specific diets like keto or vegan, so Nonna’s Pantry also caters to their needs. The majority of these customers are millennials who are currently in their late 20s to their early 40s since 75% of millennials, 63% of Generation Z, and 64% of Generation X are willing to pay more for environmentally sustainable products (GreenPrint, 2021). They may be living alone, with a partner, or with a family. They are also well-versed in technology so the majority of them found the site online, particularly through social media. These are the same customers that will be the target audience of the advertising plan.  
  4. Competitors.  Online grocery delivery is a common occurrence nowadays, and the industry experienced a sudden boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, Nonna’s Pantry has a lot of competitors, both at the local and national levels. Established stores like Walmart now deliver their products, while Trader Joe’s has partnered with a delivery service to bring their products to their customers’ homes. Amazon, one of the biggest competitors for Nonna’s Pantry, also offers grocery delivery. Other stores that offer nationwide delivery are Krogers and Butcher Box also pose competition for Nonna’s Pantry. However, local grocery stores are offering delivery, such as Instacart and Mercato. Some of these competitors have well-established reputations, which can be difficult to compete with, while others have also built their own communities. 
  5. Climate. The current marketing climate for the company is looking positive. Although economies have suffered due to the pandemic, there is an increase in the acceptance of online services across generations of people. The services offered by Nonna’s Pantry are considered a necessity, and even more so in times when people are unable to step out of their homes regularly. For this same reason, the market is currently competitive as numerous competitors have emerged.

PESTLE Analysis

This section analyzes the external context in which the company operates, which will be accomplished through PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Legal) Analysis.

Political Factors

The company will be indirectly affected by changes in regulations or taxes imposed on the agriculture industry. Labor laws are also bound to affect the way the company operates. Furthermore, the company may be affected should the USA experience another surge in COVID-19 cases which might prompt the government to implement another lockdown. Another lockdown may have a negative effect on the economy, which may affect people’s spending habits. More importantly, it will require the company to modify its operations to protect the employees while also remaining efficient.

Economic Factors

An increase in the inflation rate and predicted recession following the pandemic would negatively affect the company. Higher prices will require the company to adjust its prices and services, which may drive away some customers. Meanwhile, a recession, or another lockdown, which affects people’s purchasing power, could negatively affect the company’s revenues.

Social Factors

The rise of companies similar to Nonna’s Pantry is primarily attributed to the pandemic that limited people’s movements outside. Currently, people’s perception of various online services is positive (Perrin & Atske, 2021). However, should this perspective change, customers may peter out. Another factor that influences the company is people’s attitude toward food. People, particularly the younger generation, are aware of the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices on the environment, which is why there is a continued desire to patronize local produce that were sustainably produced. Thus, the company must ensure that its products fit these requirements and be careful in selecting suppliers so as not to be associated with damaging practices.

Technological Factors

The company’s transactions with clients all occur online, which means that it could become the target of cybercrimes. Thus, it should make sure that its site and app are safe from phishing and fraud attempts. The company should also be aware of updates in app technology and cybersecurity and apply what is necessary to the company.

Legal Factors

Since the company deals with food products, it should be aware of and comply with health and safety laws. It should make sure that the products from suppliers meet the standards. Likewise, the company should make sure to follow consumer laws with regard to the use of their data and so on. Employment laws are another legal factor to be aware of. The company should make sure to follow laws related to its employees’ rights to avoid legal issues.

Product Situation

Nonna’s Pantry offers a wide variety of produce and other food products that are locally and sustainably produced. These range from fruits and vegetables that are in season, root crops, dairy products, and so on. These are all guaranteed to be of high quality and fresh when they arrive to the customers. Furthermore, part of Nonna’s Pantry’s services is the delivery service wherein the company delivers the groceries to the customer’s address within 1 to 3 days.

Strategy Statement

This advertising plan aims to increase the awareness of the people living in the suburbs of Boston regarding Nonna’s Pantry’s services to expand the company’s reach. We will accomplish this through video, particularly through Youtube, and influencer marketing. This advertising plan will focus on video advertisement since it is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience in the awareness phase (Rodriguez, 2017).

Nonna’s Pantry’s target audience is people living within Boston and in its surrounding suburbs. However, for this particular advertising campaign, the company specifically targets people living in the suburbs surrounding the Boston metropolitan area. These may be individuals, couples, or families who are working full-time and, therefore, do not have the time to go out for their groceries. We have developed the following buyer personas after conducting marketing segmentation.


Age: 27

Occupation: Computer Programmer

Address: Brookline

Hobbies: Running

Pain point: As a professional, Jen works at the office or her home office from 9 to 6 and is often too tired to buy groceries and cook. She is also discouraged from buying fresh produce as they tend to go bad before she has the chance to cook them. However, she is health conscious and would like to minimize her consumption of takeout food. Having her groceries delivered whenever she needs it would allow her to plan her meals and cook more often.

Mark & Abigail

Age: 30-35

Occupation: Operations Manager and Marketing Specialist

Address: Wayland

Hobbies: Basketball and gardening

Pain point: Mark and Abigail have been married for 7 years and have a 3-year-old child. They are both working full-time, with Abigail working at home. Both of them are extremely busy and have difficulty including grocery shopping in their schedules. Furthermore, they are conscious about limiting their exposure to public places to minimize the chances of getting infected with COVID-19. Having their groceries delivered to their home on a regular basis would make their lives easier.

Competitive Product Advantage

Nonna’s Pantry has 3 competitive advantages. First, Nonna’s Pantry offers high-quality products to its customers. Although the company offers products that cater to specific dietary needs (i.e., keto, vegan, vegetarian, etc.), the company only sells products that were sustainably produced within the locality of Massachusetts. Aside from quality and freshness, this is part of the company’s goal of promoting sustainable products. Second, the company offers convenience to its clients by allowing them to shop online and have their groceries delivered to their doorstep in a few days. Third, Nonna’s Pantry’s products and services are affordable. Produce is sold at a fair price; they are not marked up higher for being sustainably or organically produced. This is to encourage people that a sustainable lifestyle does not have to be costly. Likewise, the delivery price is kept at low price.

Creative Plan

For this campaign, Nonna’s Pantry will emphasize on promoting the affordable sustainable products it sells and the sustainable lifestyle. This will be communicated through video. The video will go through the various benefits of buying sustainable products regardless of the lifestyle they live. The advertisement shall promote Nonna’s Pantry as an accessible and affordable option.

To communicate this idea, Nonna’s Pantry shall create a video employing verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is lively and friendly. It should entice the viewers to try sustainable products if they haven’t or to shift to Nonna’s Pantry for their regular supply of sustainable products. For non-verbal communication, the video will employ a light color scheme and vibe. It should depict various ideal lifestyles that involve products and services offered by Nonna’s Pantry.

Advertising Media Strategy

The advertising campaign will be called the “Eating Clean Campaign.”

Platform #1: Youtube

Ad type: Video

Description of the ad: A 1-minute video advertisement that will feature snippets of people of different demographics talking about how Nonna’s Pantry has benefited them.

Timeline: November 1 to November 30

Budget: $13,000


The team will have one month to work on the video. Since the company does not have an in-house production team, this will be outsourced. The following timeline will be followed:





Concept and script finalization



Week 1

Crew acquisition and preparation


Location Scouting

Equipment, props, costumes




Week 2

Recording voiceovers



Finalizing the story


Week 3

Music selection

Supporting graphics

Video editing


Week 4

Reviews and approvals






Production Team




Equipment, props, costumes




Advertising Costs





After the production of the video, it will be released to Youtube. Thus, the key performance indicators (KPIs) shall focus on factors that are relevant to the platform. The following KPIs will be measured: video engagement, play rate, view count, social media shares, click-through rate, and customer conversion.


The goal of this advertisement campaign, as mentioned, is to raise awareness about Nonna’s Pantry by informing the Boston public of the benefits of the sustainable products we offer and the convenience offered by the company.

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