Is It Possible for a Nation to Achieve Near Utopian Status?


Poverty and suffering are among the most frustrating things that citizens in most nations face (More and Sir, 2010). It affects the nation in a negative way since it denies the citizens the chance to lead a comfortable life and success. On the contrary, living in a utopian world means living in a perfect society where there are no frustrations and where one does not face poverty or suffering. Such life is achievable, but only if the government would intervene and provide what is needed.

The government is the authoritative figure in a nation who has the sole responsibility of catering to the people’s needs. The government holds the key to creating a utopian status since they hold the necessary resources (More and Sir, 2010). However, there is a need to define the form of government capable of transforming a nation to achieve near utopian status. Such government shall possess unique features sufficient to convert a nation to the desired utopian society.

At one time or another, we may have dreamed of living a life in a better society than what we actually have. It’s human nature to dream of living a perfect life in a perfect world. We all got tired of the constant barrage of negativity and we start to think about how the world is and how we think it should be. We get ideas on how to achieve a utopian society from the films we watch or books we read. In our current society, is it really possible for a nation to achieve near utopian status or is it just a myth?

What a Nation Needs to Address in Order to Achieve a Near Utopian Status

Firstly, a democratic government is needed. Voices of the people should be amplified so that fairness in the nation will create a sense of care from the government to the people. In addition, it will provide the citizens the chance to air their views without fear of consequence. The government can harness the ideas, beliefs, and wishes of the people to create a nation without oppression and one that the citizenry prefers. A government that allows people to speak without fear is close to creating a near utopian nation. 

That government should be overseen by an effective leader with the kind of leadership that transforms and not one who only gives great speeches but doesn’t produce results. The kind of leader a nation has is crucial to the success of creating a near utopian society. In order for the citizen’s wishes to be heard, an open ear is needed from the leader and that leader should want nothing else than what is best for each and every one of the citizens. A leader that listens is essential to know what else may be improved and what the current society lacks.

Good health in a nation is of great essence for the people’s survival and comfortable living (Light, 2003). As such, the government intending to provide its citizens with a near utopian society needs to channel resources to improve the nation’s health. A nation is prone to diseases and care should be exercised to avoid the infection and spread of the illnesses. Setting up pristine and proper health care centers equipped with all the necessary drugs and equipment is proficient in curbing diseases. A utopian status is one that lacks diseases and eventually does not need medical centers (Light, 2003). On the contrary, a near utopian status is an environment that has diseases, but the medical centers are well prepared to counter the disease and ensure the health of the citizens. 

The education system is yet another crucial aspect for the government to uphold in pursuit of utopia. Illiteracy is a leading contributor to poverty in different nations around the world. Therefore, the government should be ready to acquire and provide necessary educational material. Providing necessary infrastructures would also be an initial step to provide a space to conduct the learning processes (Stine, 2013). It would also be required that the government sources proficient instructors to offer high-quality education. The goal would be to have all citizens acquire the necessary education to the highest possible level. 

A government anticipating a utopian status would have to secure its territories and those of its people. Reducing the crime rate to almost zero or to the lowest level possible would be almost utopian since the safety of the citizens can be guaranteed. It is almost impossible to eradicate crime, but reaching levels where it is almost zero percent would be an almost utopian status (Stine, 2013).

Lastly, members of the society wanting to achieve utopia shall be required to learn how to simultaneously think about what’s best not only for themselves but also for other people. If what they wish to do will affect a part of society negatively, then they should rethink and reshape those wishes. Surely not everyone’s ideals will fit into what the others beliefs, but if every single one of the citizens take into consideration each member of the society, that would be almost utopian status. The price that each individual has to pay to achieve a near utopian society is learning accountability, adaptability, and discipline.

A government capable of delivering the conditions mentioned above to its people would most likely achieve an almost utopian status. The essence would be to create an environment free of diseases, illiteracy, dictatorship, poverty, and selfishness. In doing so, people will have the necessary means of obtaining wealth; thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a safe environment, which is almost a utopian status.

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