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Writing your first Psychology research paper?

Writing a psychology research paper is the same as writing in the other sciences - it is meant to inform readers about a new idea, theory, or experiment. Research and writing are the foundation for a strong research paper, and correspondingly, a compelling research paper can be the foundation for a successful career in Psychology. 

Psychology studies the human mind and its functions and how it affects human behavior and relationships. It is a complex field that is constantly changing along with the times. As a field of study, it requires a lot of research and analysis. When you are faced with the task of writing your own Psychology research paper you are expected to use only facts that are heavily supported by research, to maintain a level of objectivity, and to always be precise. Apart from this, one will have to rummage through hundreds of theories, not to mention the need to double check the supporting documents for the existing research material. For a first time Psychology researcher, the best thing you can do is to collect as much references as possible, however, the big problem is - who has the time?

Psychology does not quite fit perfectly as a hard science or as a soft science. This is because Psychology utilizes tools from both. On the one hand, research in Psychology requires data collection and the usage of Statistics. While on the other hand, theory building requires intensive analysis, often also adopting from sociology. You’ll be surprised to find that Psychology’s subfields range from hard and soft sciences. So research in the field also ranges between qualitative and quantitative research.

Academic writing is tricky. When you think that things are finally falling into place, something comes up and shatters your plans, and you need to change everything. Even the brightest students are faced with challenges sometimes, the biggest of which is stress, and even they may need to consult with a professional researcher who knows their way to write a Psychology research paper.

What kind of Psychology research paper do I need?

As mentioned earlier, Psychology has a wide variety of subfields—all of which have different requirements. Research in Cognitive Psychology will require a different methodology for data gathering from a Developmental Psychology research paper, and therefore, each requires different writing approaches. There is a variety of Psychology papers that will cover all types of requirements. Nevertheless, there are certain expectations and requirements that remain universal for all types of Psychology research papers:

  • Backed up by literature. Being up-to-date in current discussions is important for any researcher, but most importantly for Psychology, which is an ever-evolving subject. Psychology researchers always base their studies, specifically their research questions, and hypotheses, on current discussions and research gaps in the field. Writers who handle Psychology papers are immersed in the field and are therefore aware of relevant research topics that are perfect for college and Master’s or PhD students of Psychology.
  • Supported by data. For any hypothesis or theory to be recognized in Psychology, it needs to be proven by data. This is why all Psychologists are expected to collect their own data at some point in their own studies. No respectable psychologist relies solely on opinions or outdated data or on unreliable sources. Be sure to collect empirical evidence and evaluate your data and sources for your Psychology research paper.
  • Unbiased. Unbiased language is a must in any research. However, one more important requirement when researching Psychology is to remain unbiased in your analyses and explanations. This is imperative if you want to your peers to consider your research study credible.
  • Formatted according to the style guide of the American Psychological Association (APA). The APA laid out a detailed style guide for both new and veteran Psychologists and researchers. It standardizes the way Psychology researchers write and present their data as well as their sources; in turn, this makes it easier for readers to understand Psychology research papers. A respectable Psychology researcher should therefore be completely familiar with the APA referencing and style guide.
  • Well-written. More than helping establish your credibility as a professional researcher, familiarity with grammar and academic writing rules will help you better express your ideas and theories to your readers. Academic writing myths have no room in writing psychology research papers.

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