How to write a movie review

You are tasked to write a movie review. You then research how to write a movie review and think it is easy—but no, that is not the case. You actually have to know the correct method on how to write a movie review. 

While it can be fun, writing a movie review requires focus, time, and proper preparation and organization. It is enough to say that you will have to go beyond the characters and the storyline. A movie review’s aim is to let the reader know about the ideas and notions that the movie wants to express

While being a movie fan can help, there is also a need for you to present an impersonal and objective take. Realizing and employing this approach is one of the keys. You are familiar with online movie reviews and there have been occasions when you suddenly did not want to watch a particular movie after reading a review. That is the essence: a movie review can make or break the reader’s interest in the movie.


  • Allot enough time. Watch the movie, as you might have to watch it multiple times so you can take notes of important characters and events, as well as storyline twists. Watch and repeat up until you reach a thorough understanding of it.
  • Know the importance of an outline. It will help you write in a detailed and formatted manner. How to write a movie review? It depends a lot on your organization.
  • Research about the movie. Aside from researching about its director and actors, you must also know the reason why it was made. Is it an adaptation of a novel? When was it released? Is it purely fiction or based on real life or, in some cases, a historical event? Does it have a political message that was accurate for its time of release? Is it a remake or an original?
  • Critique. When you want to point out something (positive or negative) about the movie, make sure to discuss the scene where it takes place. Do not be afraid to point out things you noticed. It can be in the acting, the characters, the location, the flow of the story, or the depiction.

How to write a movie review

Now that you are prepared, let us go over to the writing part:

Provide an introduction

Mention the director’s name and the actors. If the movie received significant awards, remember to include them.

Remember to summarize the story in a concise manner

The word count requirement should be a consideration. Be knowledgeable about the elements of the story (for example: conflict, rising action, climax).

Discuss the elements that make or break the film’s overall quality 

You may focus on the script’s quality, visual and costume design, recurring themes, symbolism.

Present your opinion about them movie but ensure that they are backed up with evidence 

For example, if you think an actor was not properly cast which affected his/her performance, then point out the acting flaws. On the other hand, if you think an actor was a perfect fit for the role, mention a scene in the film that proves it. Avoid making elementary generalizations.

The conclusion 

It should discuss whether or not the movie succeeded in its purpose. This will prove if you have focused on the film. Was it able to send a message? Does it make the reader realize and understand the message? What is its significance?

Read, reread, revise if needed, and enhance.

Watching the movie is one thing but fully understanding and writing a good review about it is another. It becomes easy when you do these: watch, watch, understand, analyse, organize, and finally, write.

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