How To Write A Discussion For A Lab Report Like A Pro

Writing a discussion for a lab report is tricky, quite confusing, and lengthy. You would have to interpret the results or findings of your experiment and explain the significance of those findings to the argument of your study. A laboratory report paper must be well written, with all the necessary information accurately written. It is important that you know how to write a discussion for a lab report because it is one of the most crucial parts of the paper. The discussion section for a lab report is not just a simple discussion of results; it also contains several sub-sections. Lab reports are strictly scrutinized by professors because the data must be accurate and not fabricated. We understand that it can be overwhelming and exhausting so do not worry, we can give you tips on writing a discussion section for a lab report.

The parts of a lab report.

Do you want to know how to format a laboratory report discussion section?

Here are some useful tips on how to write a good discussion for a lab report: 

  1. The discussion section for a laboratory report must contain an interpretation of the results, the summary of findings, the limitations of the study, the recommendations on how to fill in the gaps of the study or how to overcome the limitations and the recommendations on any possible future attempt to continue the study.
  2. The interpretation of the results must not be limited to describing the results; it must also be explained why the results are significant to the objectives of the study and how it answers the research questions.
  3. The summary of findings must contain an explanation on how the results answer the research questions.
  4. The limitations of the study must discuss the issues that were not addressed or the issues that still need addressing even after all the experiments that were done. 
  5. The recommendations of the study must explain the possible solutions for the issues that were not addressed or what the researchers should have done in order to avoid having a gap. The recommendations of the study must also contain the fields wherein the study would be useful.
  6. You must also familiarize yourself on the lab report writing guides set by your professor. A lab report usually has a standard format but you must be careful because the professor might set a different format that is only applicable to his subject. Writing lab reports is not only about gathering the necessary data and information but you must also be able to present it accurately.
  7. A good tip in writing an introduction for a laboratory report is starting with a brief explanation on the content of the discussion section for a lab report. 
  8. You can use these tips on writing a lab report if your professor did not provide guidelines.
  9. In order to be able to write a good lab report discussion, you have to make sure that the results of your experiments will be able to answer your research questions. Otherwise, you would have a hard time explaining the significance of your results in the discussion. 
  10. In writing a good research topic, you must make sure that the research question is measurable and researchable. You must make sure that the topic you chose will be feasible for conducting a research. You must also make sure that the research questions are not generalized. 

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