Expository Essay Example: The Importance of Music in Society

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Oct 7, 2019

Expository essay is writing about a specific subject with the intent to explain, clarify, or illustrate it. The concept may sound confusing, but it is actually pretty simple. An expository may be investigative, descriptive, and discuss about a cause and effect relationship. If you are wondering how to write an expository essay , you can search for an expository essay example and make it a guide in writing your own expository essay. You must be careful in determining whether the example of an expository essay you are reading is indeed an expository essay. How will you do that? Always look for the elements of an expository essay such as topic sentence, thesis statement, subtopics, evidence, and conclusion. An expository essay is factual, meaning you must reply on evidence to back up your thesis statement. Expository Essay Sample

The Importance of Music in Society

        Music is important to society, as it plays many roles. One may often see music as a form of entertainment, but it is always overlooked on how it is present in almost all aspects of human life. Humans always fail to notice that the things they encounter the most are incorporated with music. The moment a television set is turned on, commercials make their way. Advertisements of all sorts use music to catch the attention of the viewers and to make their advertisement memorable. All these corroborate the undeniable fact and truth of music’s importance to society. 

        The truth is there is a branch of psychology called music psychology. Music psychology is a study which aims to explain musical behavior and processes such as when music is created, perceived, responded to, and incorporated. Music psychologists aim to use music therapy to achieve optimum emotional health. Patients who have trouble coping with stress are advised to listen to relaxing music to reduce stress and achieve a healthier well-being. Music stimulates the mind, and many studies have proven that music serving as background while doing other activities improve people’s cognitive skills. Music intensifies their focus on what they’re doing.

        Another role of music is how it stimulates social consciousness. At the time when mind-body dualism was prevailing, Plato challenged this belief. Mind-body dualism believes in the concept that the soul is dependent on the physical body. Plato challenged this belief by saying that people have consciousness and one of the ways in stimulating it is through listening to music. Applying this theory to our society, it can be deduced that listening to music incurs social consciousness. Social consciousness pertains to the state of awareness surrounding the problems of society. Correspondingly, social consciousness is vital in fostering harmonious relationships within society. How does music stimulate social consciousness? Music is created by artists and shared to the audience, who then share it to their friends. This is how people bond with each other: sharing stories of laughter and sorrow while listening to music. 

        Music creates bridges whatever gap is present in society. If there is a universal language, it would be music. People can be fond of a song even if they don’t understand the language used for its lyrics. People from different countries can agree to like music with lyrics they cannot understand. Citing one relevant example, it begs one to listen to the music of Mongolian heavy metal band The Hu. Fusing conventional elements of rock music (heavy metal, specifically) with traditional Mongolian themes, chants, and musicianship, The Hu have created music that transcends language, as very few people outside of Mongolia understand the Mongolian language. Having reached the consciousness of casual music lovers and rock music aficionados all over the world, they are a testament to the power of music to break barriers.

       People can like music with no lyrics. Why is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Mozart, and Antonio Vivaldi still used in films? It is because they are evocative and their music inspires passion and is rife with emotion without having to use explicit emotion thru lyrics. Music can be a conversation starter for people who otherwise share no common ground. Concerts are held to celebrate the music of an artist and this is where people meet new people and make new friends. More than five decades after they disbanded, why are the Beatles still at the top of the charts as recent as 2019? Music unites people, and it is evident in countless of occasions like one of the concerts of the band Green Day wherein people sang Bohemian Rhapsody when played while the audience were waiting for the concert to start. 

       But it is not all positive. On the other end of the spectrum, differences in musical taste also plays a big factor. While music can unite people, if a particular genre is loathed by one, it can be used against him. During the  US-led delegation to capture Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega  underwent a brief standstill, US military officials resorted to psychological warfare and played deafeningly loud rock and heavy metal music from rock bands like Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and The Clash, thereby hastening up his surrender. 

       Putting it mildly, music is an undeniable necessity to every occasion. During birthdays, we sing the happy birthday song to the celebrant; during Christmas season, we sing Christmas carols as a tradition; during Halloween, we play spooky songs to set the mood of the Halloween party. Music is an integral part of almost every tradition from the simplest to the grandest occasions. Music is also a necessity in everything we watch, may it be films, sitcoms, gag shows, documentaries, etc. It is harder to set the mood of a scene without using music. Even the earliest films use music to portray or give emphasis to the emotions present in the scene. 

       Music has been with us ever since the early humans discovered the rhythm pattern created by inanimate things in nature. Everyone starts learning with music. Babies are taught how to speak, how to count, and all other basic skill sets using nursery rhymes. Music can stimulate the brain and can make lasting impact which is why it has always been used as teaching method to babies and toddlers. Music has been around for a very long time, maybe far longer than we can trace. It shapes our society in ways we don’t usually notice, an inherent part of our daily routine, something we have almost forgotten. It has many functions aside from being mere suppliers of entertainment. 

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