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Oct 14, 2019

It can be overwhelming when your professor asks you to write a classification essay while you are writing a research paper due to its unfamiliarity. You might not realize it, but you may have been required or have already written a classification essay at least a few times in school. Along with narrative and descriptive essay, it is one of the first types of essays that students learn how to write. The purpose of a classification essay is to clarify the subsets of a broad subject. One of the advantages of writing a classification essay is being able to elaborate all the ideas you wish to include, without worrying about inserting too much information. In fact, the more information you have at hand, the trickier yet the more enjoyable writing a classification essay can become. 

A classification essay enables you to put all the information you want by properly grouping them accordingly. This kind of approach allows you to discuss each subset in a clear, detailed manner, thereby assisting the reader’s understanding of a particular subject. The only downside of classification essay is if you are having a hard time gathering enough information for you to write, which is why it is important that you choose a topic that is interesting to you as well as the reader. If it’s your first time writing a classification essay, you might have looked for tips on how to write a classification essay . If after following the tips, you still find yourself confused, then here is a classification essay example that can serve as your guide. Classification Essay Sample

The Different Kinds of Animals According to Their Diet

             Animals can be classified according to their diet. Robert Whittaker, an American plant ecologist, classified animals according to their modes of nutrients. According to Whittaker, classifying animals according to their modes of nutrients is a better way of observing and understanding their diet. This classification also paved way to easier ways on identifying and analyzing the animal hierarchy and food chain. What are the different types of animals according to the food they eat? Whittaker identifies animals that eat plants as herbivores, animals that eat animals as carnivores, and animals that eat both plants and animals as omnivores.

            Herbivores are animals that consume plants. Herbivores can either be an insect or a mammal. They eat vegetations such as fruits, leaves, grasses, vegetables, etc. These animals need a lot of energy to survive, which is why herbivores like cow and sheep eat all day in order to attain the energy and nutrients they need. Some herbivores exhibit a unique special digestive system that help them digest all kinds of plants. Herbivores are important to the ecosystem; they remove old leaves, roots, or branches, which preserves the freshness of the plants. Their feces can also act as a natural fertilizer. Apart from that, herbivores also serve as the food of carnivores.

            Carnivores are meat-eating animals. The word carnivores was derived from the Latin word carnivores which means “flesh-eating.” There are three types of carnivores; hypercarnivores, mesocarnivores, and hypocarnivores. Hypercarnivores are animals which diets include almost purely meat. These animals have strong facial musculature and heavy skull which helps them in killing, holding, ad devouring their prey. Examples of hypercarnivores are tigers, lions, snakes, and most amphibians. Mesocarnivores are animals that have at least 50 percent meat on their diet. These animals are relatively smaller and live closer to humans like foxes, raccoons, and coyotes. Hypocarnivores are animals that have least 30 percent meat on their diet. The world’s largest animal, the blue whale, is a carnivore. 

            Omnivores are animals that eat both animals and plants. These animals have the best of both worlds—they can survive on both plant and animal diet. In the trophic system of a food chain, omnivores are placed at the top alongside carnivores. Omnivores are integral part of the ecosystem because they help balance both vegetation growth and animal population. Omnivores have special teeth that help them chew both plants and animals. Their digestive system, however, has limited capacities. Omnivores can only eat certain types of plant, unlike herbivores which have complex digestive system which aids them in digesting a wide range of plants. The most famous example of an omnivore is a bear.

            Whether it is for the purpose of analyzing evolutionary biology or maintaining the order of nature, knowledge of the feeding pattern of the entire kingdom animalia is a noble scientific endeavor. Classifying animals according to their diet can help us further understand how they contribute in preserving our environment. Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores cannot exist without each other. This can also serve as a gateway to a deeper analysis of the food chain and its effects on nature. Animals can be classified not only according to their physical attributes; they can also be classified according to their food habits.

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