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Advertising plans are a key component of any marketing project. A well-designed, unique, and creative strategic advertising plan has the potential to not only grab the attention of its target audience but actually grow the clientele. However, creating an advertising plan is not as simple as simply coming up with a catchy ad. It requires intensive media planning that involves understanding not the product or service, the market, and most importantly the consumers themselves.

Given the advertising plan’s importance, marketing students are usually required to make their own plans as part of their training. This provides students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work on marketing projects, which in turn enhances their creativity. But what if you don’t feel confident enough or you lack the time and energy? Luckily, there are academic ghostwriting services that cater to students like you. In this post, we briefly explain what advertising is, how it differs from marketing, and what benefits you will enjoy when you hire an advertising plan writer.

What is advertising?

Advertising can be defined as the practice of promoting a product or service through one or more paid channels. The goal of advertising is to catch the target audience’s attention, thereby increasing brand awareness, as well as encouraging the purchase of the product or service, thereby profiting from the sale. As the term itself suggests, advertising involves creating advertisements (or ads for short) that target consumers.

Advertising has existed since ancient times. However, the practice has evolved in response to technological changes. Today, products and services are advertised through a wide range of distribution channels. For instance, more traditional forms of advertising include print materials like brochures and catalogs, outdoor ads like billboards and posters, television and radio commercials, and celebrity endorsements among others. In more recent decades and as a consequence of the spread of the internet and the rise of social media, newer channels have also been developed including online ads, email, and sponsorships. In fact, almost any medium can be used as a channel for advertising.

Advertising vs. Marketing

The notion that marketing and advertising are the same is not uncommon. After all, many people tend to use the terms “advertising” and “marketing” interchangeably. However, it is important to note that there is a significant difference between advertising and marketing. As discussed in the preceding section, advertising refers to practices that promote a product or service through one or more paid channels. In advertising, the flow of information is often one-way, with the brand acting as the sender of the information and the consumer the recipient. Marketing, on the other hand, is far broader and involves processes that go beyond creating ads.

Marketing can be defined as the overall process of communicating with markets about a brand including its products and services. This means that marketing goes beyond simply promoting products and services through paid channels. Instead, it encompasses a variety of activities. Furthermore, such activities may involve two-way communication. Hence, the consumer does not merely receive information but instead also serves as a source of information. Some of the concepts and activities that fall within the scope of marketing include the following:

  • Market research:  Market research involves collecting and analyzing data to better understand target consumers. This activity seeks to understand customers, including their demographic characteristics, needs, preferences, purchasing habits, behaviors, and factors that influence their consumption patterns. Knowledge gleaned from market research is often used to inform decision-making. Note that market research also often involves studying the competition to better differentiate against other bands.
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning:  Known as STP, segmentation, targeting, and marketing is an approach that involves dividing larger markets into smaller segments with similar traits. For instance, a market may be segmented according to age, geographical location, or behavior. With the consumers now categorized into segments, companies can practice targeting by tailoring the marketing for each segment. This in turn enhances brand engagement. Meanwhile, positioning involves creating a unique image within the mind of the consumer that differentiates it from other brands. STP is often part of creating a marketing plan.
  • Product design.  While part of product design is often considered as not entirely part of marketing, there is an overlap in that marketing influences the decisions made in designing a product. For instance, marketing is responsible for aspects such as making the packaging aesthetically pleasing to consumers.
  • Marketing mix.  Marketing mix refers to broad strategies that a company uses to sell its products. There are four main components of the marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion. Product refers to the actual product or service; price refers to the cost of the product; the place is the channel through which the product or service is delivered to consumers; and promotion refers to methods used to promote the product such as freebies, sales, and bundles. The marketing mix is often a part of the marketing plan.

These are just some of the concepts and activities that are part of marketing. There are many more depending on other factors like the market, the industry, and the consumers themselves. As highlighted by the discussion, the difference between the two is that marketing is broader while advertising is a component of marketing. In a way, advertising represents a strategy for promoting the company’s offering that has been informed by the findings of other marketing processes performed by the company like research and STP.

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