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Sample Essay: The Veil of Racism Worn by Modern Society

Racism has been the society's disease since time immemorial. Here is a short sample descriptive reflection paper on how racism looks like in the modern society.

Essay on Anti-Asian Hate Crime

March 2021 is witness to the many Asian hate crime incidents happening across the United States. Need to submit an essay exploring Asian hate crime? Read this sample for free.

Paper on Institutional Racism and Discrimination on Blacks and Latinos

The legacy of slavery plagues African Americans and Latinos who continue to endure racism in the very institutions that shape their lives

Racism in Children's Literature: “The Poisonous Mushroom” by Ernst Heimer

To accelerate Germany's assimilation of the anti-Semitic beliefs of the Nazis, a virulent strategy of indoctrinating of its population has been made through children's literature.