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The French Revolution's Successes and Failures in Upholding Equality, Liberty and Fraternity

The French Revolution was guided by the principles "liberté, egalité, fraternité," but it had shortcomings in upholding these principles. Here's an MLA history paper on The French Revolution

History Essay: The Fall of the Nazi Party

While the end of the war resulted in the dissolution of the Nazi Party, the subsequent years also saw the exposure of their crimes against humanity and the trial and punishment of Nazi criminals

Free Sample Term Paper on Pythagoras

Read a full example of a term paper on the life of Pythagoras. Only here at CustomEssayMeister

The Orchestrated Genocide (The Holocaust)

The Holocaust is known to the world as the genocide of the Jews, and such violence did not just happen by chance – it happened through a system of carefully orchestrated plans

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Life of France’s Emperor

While Napoleon certainly plunged Europe into chaos for years, there is no denying his brilliance and his lasting contributions that exist to this day. Here is a sample MLA essay on Napoleon Bonaparte

Historical Essay Example: The Root Causes of World War I

World War I can be attributed to a number of reasons including a rash disregard for peaceful multilateral solutions in response to imperialism and the the nature of international relations.

Who are the victims of the Nazi Party aside from the Jews?

The suffering of Jews have been made known to the world, but history says many more others fell victim to the horrors of the Nazi regime.

The German Blood and German Honor: What is the Essence of Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg Laws is a critical legislation that served as the foundation for the discrimination and eventual genocide of non-Germans. What is the role of this law in the rise of Nazi power?

Research Paper on African American History

Read a full example of a research paper on the African American History

History Essay: Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials

The Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials are legendary figures in history. Find out more about them in this full sample essay

Who is America's 48th President? An Essay on Joe Biden

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World War I Aftermath: Racism, the Rise of Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust

When it comes to acts of racism, the streak left by the Nazi party shall and should remain even after the existence of books.

Nuremberg Laws and the Escape of Jews: What exactly is the Nuremberg Law?

The law behind being a German citizen under the command of Adolf Hitler

What Impact Did The Renaissance Have On The Western World

Save time writing your history research paper on The Renaissance. This research paper by CustomEssayMeister discusses the impact of the Renaissance on the Western world.