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Sample Research Paper: The Economics of Hong Kong after 2020

Hong Kong’s economy declined in 2020 due to the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the city slowly recovered and has established a healthy economy. Read this article to learn about the economics of Hong Kong after 2020.

Here's Why a Career in Fashion Design is a Noble Profession

A career in fashion design must be built on talent, perseverance, and ambition, and it is crucial to also take note of facts such as the academic requirements and compensation the profession entails

The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic to Worldwide Economy

The 2020 Market Crash, dubbed as the Coronavirus Crash, has caused investors to witness jaw-dropping figures that have not been seen since 1987. Find out more about it here

Sample Economic Analysis (Hypothetical Scenario): "Oil at $100 per Barrel"

Read basic economic research for High School level Introduction to Economics class for free only at CustomEssayMeister

Free Essay on U.S. - Japan Trade Wars (1980 to 1990)

The United States and Japan have once engaged in a trade war. What happened from 1980-1990 that made the United States feel like Japan can take over them economically?

Research Essay: What are the effects of globalization?

Sample research essay on the positive and negative effects of globalization by CustomEssayMeister

Expository Essay: The Rising Rate of Poverty in the Western World

Sample expository essay on the continuously rising rate of poverty in Western countries