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Essay on a Controversial Topic: Marijuana and Drug Abuse

Marijuana, of course, still poses dangers as an illicit drug, and these dangers include addiction.

The Curious Case of Marijuana: Origin and Uses

The many uses of marijuana continue to spark debate, a controversy which has lasted for years and years now. As we wait for its total legalization to happen, here’s a look at its origins and uses.

Research Essay on Medical Purposes of Marijuana

Cannabis sativa or marijuana is a controversial substance and is continuously a topic of research and debate in the healthcare industry for its many advantages and disadvantages

Sample Essay on Controversial Topic: Marijuana for Recreation

Recreational Marijuana is the occasional use of marijuana by people who don't consider themselves addicted to the substance. Marijuana presents benefits to recreational uses, but also poses risks.

Inside the Mind of a Marijuana User: The Woes and Brilliance of Marijuana

This essay was donated by a marijuana user, which discusses high functioning anxiety and how marijuana is affecting the condition.

Marijuana and Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease is among many medical conditions implicated to be curable by marijuana. Despite the lack of definitive research, marijuana is still worth noting for its medical potential.