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Research Paper on Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association

Edwin Sutherland's theory of differential association proposes that criminal behavior is learned through exposure to criminal behavior. This research paper expounds and evaluates the theory

Bluebook Law Essay Sample on Restorative Justice: Concept, Definition, and Practice

Restorative justice is a revolutionary approach to criminal justice. This law essay discusses the concept and definition of restorative justice, then tackles restorative justice practices and impacts around the world.

Bluebook Style Law Essay Sample: The Case of TVA v. Hill Et Al

The TVA v. Hill Et Al. was an important case that led to the Endangered Species Act’s amendment. Read about the case’s details and implications.

How Criminal Cases Apply Actus Reus

Actus reus is the voluntary act of performing a crime. It can be through direct actions or omissions. Read the essay to learn about it.

Sample Law Essay on Juvenile Justice: The Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs in the US

This law essay looks at data on the rate of recidivism to determine the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system. It also offers a brief discussion on emerging trends in addressing juvenile delinquency.

The Question of Privacy: A Focused Addendum to Roe v. Wade

With recent risks of its overruling, Roe v. Wade proves to be monumental now as it was before. The case demonstrates the flexibility of legislation grounded on the novel, private act of abortion.

A Medical Supersession: A Focused Addendum to Doe v. Bolton

While not exactly in the same league as Roe v. Wade, the Doe v. Bolton case carries its own significance in the current abortion debate in relation to medical progression and constitutionality.