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Sample Essay on History: The Homosexual Mathematician Who Broke the Nazi’s Enigma

An essay is a type of written coursework assigned to students regardless of academic level. This sample essay on history discusses the life and contribution of Alan Turing, the man who broke the Nazi’s Enigma Machine.

Top 5 Most Interesting Countries To Write About For Your Next History Paper

Looking for something to write about? Consider the following countries which culture is so colorful that you will never run out of something to write about!

A glimpse of hope and the fall of Adolf Hitler

The law behind being a German citizen under the command of Adolf Hitler -

Research Paper: The Root Causes of World War II

While many factors were responsible for the outbreak of World War II, one stands out as the main catalyst - the rise to power of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in 1933. World War II was no surprise.

The Rise of the Nazi Party: How the Nazis Came to Power

The Nazis seized power by taking advantage of popular discontent, promising stability amid the economic crisis, and fabricating a narrative that created a tangible but false enemy among the Jews

Research Essay on Pre-Civil War: The Atlantic Slave Trade

Here, we take a look into the roots of slavery in America, along the lives of the African American slaves torn away from their homes

Sample Biography: Marilyn Monroe's Life and On-Screen Persona

Know more about the iconic Marilyn Monroe's life behind the camera and the on-screen persona that had become forever tied to her name

The Nazi Legacy

The Nazi Empire fell, but the roots of their ideologies remain intact – the seed is growing once more, and denial keeps it strong

Literature: Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson's legacy is bewildering. Brilliant yet flawed, human and inhuman, humanist and racist. His racist views are manifest in his book Notes on the State of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson and the Native Americans

The role of US President Thomas Jefferson was tantamount to the removal of the Native Americans from their lands. Here, we explore the reasons and effects of his role.

Liberation and Death Toll

As the Allied Forces won battle after battle, the Germans took haste to cover up their crimes. In their wake left thousands of living skeletons – and more bodies graves could ever carry.

Wounded Knee Protest of 1973

What happened at Wounded Knee Protest of 1973, and what has changed since?

The Great Society and Civil Rights

The success of America is believed to be founded with the significant milestones achieved in terms of civil rights.

The Context of Neo-Nazism: Holocaust Denials

Neo-Nazism is a movement that is empowered by various forces, and one of them is the concept of the Holocaust denial.

Jewish Marxism: The Nazi Party

The Nazi Party became one of the most powerful groups in the world, led by the charismatic Adolf Hitler. Their rise to the ultimate position of power, however, was born out of a tragic mistake.