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Research Essay on Psychiatry: Techniques in Marriage and Family Counseling

Psychiatrists use various techniques to act as a communication bridge to resolve couple and family issues. Read some of the effective and less effective techniques used in couseling.

Short Research Paper on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a mental condition that impairs an individual due to severe and uncontrollable mood swings

Essay on Current Events: COVID-19 Situation in India

India is currently facing one of the world’s scariest sudden second wave of COVID-19 cases. Find out what it is happening and what it means

Sample Expository Essay: Impact of Fast Food on a High School Student's Health

Fast food has always been a topic of discussion in terms of health. What exactly can fast food do to your high schooler's health?

Bulimia Nervosa

Short and basic research report on Bulimia Nervosa