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Domestic Violence

An essay that provides an overview of domestic violence including its definition, current statistical data, causes and effects, and possible solutions.

Feminism and Equality

True feminism is not about oppressing men; rather, true feminism is about promoting equality between men and women as well as giving women the freedom and the power to shape their own lives.

Modern Sexism

Essay on Modern Sexism by CustomEssayMeister - The plight of women continues, but the enemy is much stronger than what we presume - the roots of patriarchy run deep and its reach runs wide.

Severe Cases of Sexism

Being a woman is already a challenge in itself, but in a world driven by customs and traditions, being a woman is even harder. The price, at most times, is death

Cases of Everyday Sexism

Free essay by CustomEssayMeister - Sexism, although prevailing in many powerful forms, has taken form in the subtlest of things - and many don't even realize it

Sexual And Non-Sexual Harassment Against Men Continue

Sexual harassment is known to be more prominent on women, only the society somehow fails to accept that men can also be a victim of sexual harassment. Here's a sample paper on harassment on men.

Glass Ceiling and Corporate Ladder

Sample essay on the glass ceiling and corporate ladder