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Sample Argumentative Essay: People Should Be Granted the Right to Die

An argumentative essay is a thesis-driven academic project whose purpose is to advance a specific claim using quality evidence and sound reasoning. This sample argumentative essay argues that the right to die should be granted to people.

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay: Euthanasia on Humans and Animals

While human euthanasia has sparked debate among many individuals, animal euthanasia has become a widely-accepted practice. Learn the difference and similarities of the two procedures in this sample essay.

Sample Argumentative Essay: The Case of Martha Sepúlveda and the Legalization of Euthanasia

Some countries have decriminalized euthanasia leading to successful procedures. However, cases like Martha Sepúlveda’s showcase underlying issues regarding the legalization of the process. Read this sample essay to learn more about the case.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Why Should Euthanasia Be Legalized

Legalizing euthanasia can have many benefits to society from ending patient suffering to saving the lives of organ-needy patients. Read this argumentative essay to learn about pro-euthanasia arguments and their opposing ideas.

The Euthanasia Decree

The Euthanasia Decree is also known as Aktion Tiergartenstrasse 4 (Aktion T4) is among the racial and stereotypical laws established by the Nazi Party.