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Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction (and How to Go Clean)

Do you think you or someone you know has a drug abuse problem? Get facts and understand more about drug abuse and how to recover from it.

Drug Abuse as a Global Social Issue

Despite massive efforts to stamp out the trade on illegal drugs, drug abuse remains a global social issue that eats away at millions of people’s individual health and the welfare of nations

On Marijuana Use: I am Against Marijuana

This essay was donated by an anonymous author, sharing an actual account of what marijuana has done to her brother, along with all the reasons she remains against it.

Marijuana for Cancer

Medical marijuana has exists for some time, and many have attested to its medical benefits. Marijuana has also aided some cancer patients through their chemotherapy.

Marijuana and Brain Development

As with the cases of nicotine and alcohol, marijuana use has been adopted by the youth. The problem, however, is marijuana’s current link to brain development and how it affects it.

The Negative Effects of Marijuana

As with the benefits that come with the use of marijuana, the negative effects are backed up by science and research. Just how harmful can marijuana be?

Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer's Disease

It is a mysterious and remarkable process on how exactly marijuana helps people with Alzheimer's Disease. Here is the reason why many states allow special cases on when to use marijuana.

Marijuana and Mental Health: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Marijuana has always been dubbed as the bad guy in the narrative, but recent studies show that it can serve a significant medical purpose, especially with the persistent symptoms of PTSD.

Marijuana and the Creative Process

The artists have said it before and stand by their beliefs – marijuana has helped them with their creative processes. Could it truly be?

The Marijuana Stigma

Human societies have the tendency to label things, and most of the time, they do so with judgmental eyes. This holds true for marijuana, even despite all the scientific breakthroughs.

The Positive Effects of Marijuana

The positive effects of marijuana have been around for centuries, and perhaps it’s high time we begin paying attention to the possibilities.

How Media Use Affects Attitudes toward Marijuana Use

The media continues to shape society, in more ways than one. As it turns out, the media also shapes how society perceives marijuana.

The Benefits of Keeping Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug

Marijuana abuse is rampant and continues to plague society. How do we continue to prevent further abuse?

The Legalization of Marijuana: An Economic Perspective

From an economic standpoint, the legalization of marijuana also has various effects.

Glimpses on Marijuana Use: Perspectives from a Medical Marijuana User

Marijuana, of course, remains to be a subject of controversy. This post explores a testament of a medical marijuana user, hoping to shed light to its benefits.