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Argumentative Essay: Freedom of Choice in Birth and Abortion - CustomEssayMeister

Should abortion depend on freedom of choice? It is obvious that many countries, including the US, have not yet settled this complex issue. Who gets to decide on the issue? Only the mother can decide.

Sample Argumentative Essay on A Woman’s Right to Abortion

An act of desperation and surrender, nobody should hold power over a woman’s body but herself. Read a full essay example on the topic A Woman's Right to Abortion. Only here at CustomEssayMeister.

Argumentative Essay on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been the subject of debate for many years, but recent studies show that it can actually be beneficial to a variety of health conditions and illnesses

Argumentative Essay: Banning of Alcohol Advertisements

Read an example of an essay on the topic of banning alcohol advertisements for free only here at CustomEssayMeister

Argumentative Essay: Advertising - Manipulative or Informative

Read a full example of an argumentative essay on the topic: Advertising - Manipulative or Informative? Here at CustomEssayMeister

Sample Argumentative Essay: Squid Game as an Allegory for Socioeconomic Inequality

An argumentative essay is a written project intended to advance a specific argument using concrete evidence and logic. This sample essay asserts that the popular series Squid Game is not just empty violence but an allegory of socioeconomic inequality.

Argumentative Essay: Is Film Noir a Movie Genre? - CustomEssayMeister

The dark atmosphere with brooding anti-heroes distinguish the Film Noir style from other movie genres. Yet some still argue that this visual style should not be considered a movie genre.

Argumentative Essay on Reexamining Sex Education in Schools - CustomEssayMeister

Sex education, although a staple in the curricula of US schools, remains ineffective, as evidenced by increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy.

What is the best research method?

The assertion that there is no hope of doing perfect research elicited a mixed reaction from several scholars and thinkers. Is there really no hope for a perfect research?

Argumentative Essay: Analysis of Frye's Perspective on Language

Northrop Frye's discussion on The Motive for Metaphor in his book The Educated Imagination shed light on his perspective on language. Would you agree with his presented arguments or not?