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Sample Essay on Abortion: Who Chooses Between Life and Death

Abortion is an issue of life and death. This essay argues for the pro-life stance, emphasizing on the argument that abortion is a form of murder of a human being. Read on to see how to write a good essay on abortion.

Abortion And The Freedom Of Choice

Comprising half of the arguing parties on the issue of abortion, pro-choice emphasizes the woman's right to her own body.

Abortion: All Sides Of The Issue

The nature of opinions on abortion range from contentious to hostile, with two main contesting parties - the pro-choice and the pro-life. The landmark Roe vs Wade is still contested by some.

My Stance On Abortion

A personal opinion essay about a stance on an issue that is still widely debated today, abortion.

Sample Expository Essay: What Influences Public Attitude Toward Abortion?

It's hard to share your opinion on controversial topics when you have nothing to base them on. Read Does Religion and Politics Influence Attitude Toward Abortion? Only here at CustomEssayMeister.

Muslim Countries on Abortion

Muslim countries' laws are heavily influenced by their religion and the Quran, their Holy text. But, some countries challenge their laws in order to protect women.

One-Child Policy, Abortion, and Fertility: China’s Fight to Control its Population

China has put forward notorious policies to control their population growth, however, now it faces problems with a shrinking population because of many reasons, including the former one-child policy.

An Analysis on Abortion and US Christian Fundamentalism

Belief, taken to the extreme, can bring danger. What must be reminded, especially in the delicate subject of abortion, is that the debate is grounded on an exchange of ideas, not imposition of wills.

The Politics of Abortion in Society

Abortion has been widely debated in society and abortion. Many complications regarding how to solve the issue of abortion when opposing views collide like the US' Democrat and Republicans.

Monumental Progression or Another Historic Shift? A Preliminary Discussion on Abortion based on Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton

Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cemented something of unprecedented magnitude: the debate of abortion, one whose scope reaches beyond the act itself to society as a whole.

Destiny and Project: Abortion beyond the Womb

Abortion is beyond taking a life within the womb. Its repercussions are far-reaching: entire possible realities become impossible in the midst of not only a single life but of life itself.

An Inquiry into the Morality of Abortion

With the discussion of abortion predominantly revolving around its repercussions on society, necessary is it to inquire into the morality of abortion itself as an act among other acts.

Should Abortion Be Restricted

A free essay on the topic of legalization of abortion considering both sides of the argument before discussing a personal viewpoint.

Pro-Choice is Pro-Woman: What It Means to be Pro-Choice

Pro-Choice advocates are not favoring murder or anything related to such. Being a Pro-Choice is being Pro-Women for all the right reasons.

The Catholic Church and Abortion

The Catholic Church contributes one of the strongest argument against abortion and it all boils down to the fifth commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill.