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Literary Analysis on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: "What of Man and Demons"

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores the tragic story of a creator and his failed creation. This literary analysis highlights Shelley’s portrayal of romanticism, accountability, and failure in the novel.

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay: Karl Marx and Max Weber

Karl Marx And Max Weber are two of the most popular critics of capitalism. In this comparison essay, the similarities and differences in their theories are examined and compared

Essay on Anti-Asian Hate Crime

March 2021 is witness to the many Asian hate crime incidents happening across the United States. Need to submit an essay exploring Asian hate crime? Read this sample for free.

Date Rape: What It Is and How To Prevent It

Date rape is a prevalent occurrence all over the world. Learn what it is and how to prevent it from happening in this free full sample of an expository essay by CustomEssayMeister.

Cause and Effect Essay Sample: Psychological Effects of Being in Quarantine

Have you noticed changes in the behavior of a person you know or yourself as we battle COVID-19?

Here's Why a Career in Fashion Design is a Noble Profession

A career in fashion design must be built on talent, perseverance, and ambition, and it is crucial to also take note of facts such as the academic requirements and compensation the profession entails

Sample Expository Essay: Carcinogens

Cancer is one of the most feared contractable diseases in the world. It can be caused by carcinogens which some people get exposed to every single day of their lives. Find out how to protect yourself

Expository Essay Sample: Media Manipulation

Media manipulation is difficult to prove and that is why many people fall prey to it. Learning how to distinguish what media manipulation is and the tactics that is used is important

Sample PESTLE Analysis on Dior

Read this free sample of a PESTLE analysis on the high fashion luxury brand Christian Dior

Article Review on James Clear's How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

Read this full sample of an article review here at CustomEssayMeister on James Clear’s How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

The Problem of COVID-19 and Social Stigma

Stigmatization against certain groups of people have been present for a long time now. With a highly contagious pandemic going on, what social stigmas have formed and are there ways to prevent it?

Research Essay: Alternative Sources of Energy

Have you ever heard of solar panels, windmills, and mega-dams? Do you know that they are currently being developed to be the main source of electricity in the United States?

Research Paper on Fundamentals of Physics

Physics is one of the fundamental branches of science that deals with almost everything in the universe. Learn more about it and how you encounter it everyday

Argumentative Essay: Analysis of Frye's Perspective on Language

Northrop Frye's discussion on The Motive for Metaphor in his book The Educated Imagination shed light on his perspective on language. Would you agree with his presented arguments or not?

Electrical Engineering and its Importance

Electrical engineering is an honorable profession often overlooked by many as people are accustomed to having electricity. What is electrical engineering and why is it important?