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Sample Expository Essay: Religion and Social Integration

Religion can greatly affect the social integration process through shared beliefs and conflicting ideologies. It can make the process easier or difficult, depending on the approach of community members.

Sample Argumentative Essay on Politics: Privacy versus Security

The debate regarding privacy versus security is an important topic to discuss as it involves national security and human rights. This article discusses the notion that security is more important than privacy in regard to public safety and welfare.

Research Paper on Management Principles: Party of Authority and Responsibility

Understanding the concepts of authority and responsibility is important in business management. Learning the concepts can help managers and employees to effectively perform their tasks and create a pleasing work environment.

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay: Japanese and Korean Pottery

Pottery and ceramics are very common in Asia. As countries with very rich cultures, what makes Japanese and Korean pottery stand out from the others?

Research Paper on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Games

NFT games are becoming popular due to their play-to-earn feature. Since early 2021, many NFT game titles have appeared which made NFT gaming more popular. Read this paper to learn what are NFT games.

Elements of Culture

The elements of culture are symbols, values, beliefs, languages, and material objects. These elements affect the development of a particular culture and the behavior of its members. Read this article to learn about these elements.

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Art Censorship

Art censorship is the act of controlling artistic expression. Artists dislike the idea as it violates their freedom, however, some of its causes possess moral justification. Read this sample essay to learn about the causes and effects of art censorship.

Sample Research Paper: SWOT Analysis Explained

A SWOT analysis is a business planning tool for identifying internal and external factors that can affect an organization. Read this sample research paper to learn about the contents of the analysis.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Why Should Euthanasia Be Legalized

Legalizing euthanasia can have many benefits to society from ending patient suffering to saving the lives of organ-needy patients. Read this argumentative essay to learn about pro-euthanasia arguments and their opposing ideas.

Essay on Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction

What causes individuals to use drugs? There are many reasons why people use drugs, just as drug addiction has a plethora of effects, not just on the individual but also on everyone around them.

Sample Research Paper: Study Techniques You Can Use to Boost Productivity

Maintaining productivity can be difficult due to the stress that students experience in their academic life. Read this sample research paper to learn some study tips to boost productivity.

Sample Research Paper: How to Care for Your Mental Health in College

Taking care of mental health is essential for surviving college life. It is integral in being a productive and effective student. Read this sample research paper to learn how to care for your mental health in college

Sample Literary Analysis: George Orwell's 1984 and its Parallelism to Today's Society

The novel 1984 introduced multiple concerning ideas regarding a totalitarian system. In close inspection, these ideas tend to mimic the world today. Read the essay to learn more about these similarities

Research Paper on Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association

Edwin Sutherland's theory of differential association proposes that criminal behavior is learned through exposure to criminal behavior. This research paper expounds and evaluates the theory

Term Paper on Sociology of Terrorism

Terrorism is a problem faced by countries all over the world. This term paper tackles the sociology of terrorism