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Sample Reflection Paper: The Impact of Social Class in Pride and Prejudice

A reflection paper presents the writer’s thoughts concerning a given topic. In this sample, the writer discusses how the impact of social class in Pride and Prejudice can still be seen today.

Sample Expository Essay: The Global Economic Effects of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

The Ukraine-Russia crisis has varying effects on the global community. One of which is its economic effects on international trade. Read this article to learn about the global economic effects of the crisis.

Sample Research Essay in Chicago Academic Format: Why Refugees are a threat to the Host Country

Refugees are individuals fleeing their homes due to internal conflicts happening inside a country. While most foreign countries are willing to accept these victims, refugees also pose a threat to the host country.

Differences between a PR Plan and a Marketing/Advertising Plan

Since PR plans and marketing plans involve building relationships with the public, many consider the two as synonymous. However, there is a distinction between a PR plan and a marketing plan. Read this article to learn more about their differences.

Argumentative Essay on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been the subject of debate for many years, but recent studies show that it can actually be beneficial to a variety of health conditions and illnesses

Sample Classification Essay: Easy Exercises and Routines

This sample classification essay discusses the four types of exercises and simple routines that beginners can use as inspiration. Readers can learn the benefits of exercising to both physical and mental health.

The Implications of the Black Plague to Modern Medicine

The Black Plague was an infectious disease that killed millions in Europe. Despite these casualties, the disease had had a significant effect on modern medicine. Read this article to learn how the Black Plague pushed medical knowledge forward.

The Effects of Technology Addiction on Adults

Technology addiction is the obsessive and compulsive use of technology, such as social media, e-commerce websites, and video games. Read this article to learn about the effects of these addictions on adults.

History Paper on The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall amounted to more than its structure. It served as the symbol of geopolitical struggle and later the triumph of the human spirit. The Berlin Wall, essentially, was a chapter of history

Research Paper on Abortion: What Happens in the Process?

Many think that abortion permanently damages a woman's subsequent pregnancies. Is this simply a misapprehension or is it true? Find out more in this free full sample APA essay on Abortion Procedure.

Essay on a Controversial Topic: Marijuana and Drug Abuse

Marijuana, of course, still poses dangers as an illicit drug, and these dangers include addiction.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Impose Religion On Their Children?

Parents tend to impose religion on their children as part of parenting. However, some argue against the imposition of religion on children due to its effect on child development. This article argues that parents should impose religion on children.

Term Paper on Political Socialization

Political socialization is the learning process through which people develop their political beliefs and opinions. This essay defines political socialization and its most influential agents

Essay on the Correlation of Power and Morality

The correlation between power and morality is a complex question that incited various studies for scholars. The studies have shown that power has a significant effect on morality and vice versa. Read this paper to learn more about this correlation.

Sample Research Paper: Modern Management Strategies to Improve Productivity

Modern management strategies is an interesting topic to write about. Read this sample research paper that presents three of the best strategies for improving employee productivity based on empirical research.