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What is the Relevance of Entrance Exams for Admissions to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Entrance exams and qualifying exams may just be a thing of the past. This sample argumentative essay argues why entrance exams are not the best way to assess a student’s qualifications.

Sample Expository Essay: Factors Behind Success

Many believe that achieving success is only a matter of working hard and having the right mindset. But there are actually other less obvious factors at play including chance and privilege. This sample essay discusses some of the determiners of success.

Sample Expository Essay: Effects of the Witchcraft Trials on the U.S. Legal System

The witchcraft trials showed how a poorly-written law caused serious problems and led to the deaths of innocents. Read this sample expository essay to learn how the witchcraft trials affected the legal system.

Sample Classification Essay: The Different Types of Political Ideologies

There are many political ideologies, each with a unique approach to governance and society. Categorizing these ideologies can help individuals better understand these complex and confusing political views.

Sample Expository Essay: The Nazi Ideology and the Aryan Race

The Nazis’ believed that the Aryan race was the master race and the non-Aryans were inferior to them. The Nazis used this concept to establish their power and weaken the influence of Jews and other Nazi enemies.

Sample Research Paper: The World with COVID-19

The world is now emerging from the pandemic but the rate of recovery is not the same for all countries. This sample research paper discusses how countries have adjusted to a post-COVID world as well as some inequalities that have emerged.

Compare and Contrast Essay on the Effectiveness of Gun Laws

Gun laws can vary from preventing minors from accessing firearms to stopping potential mass shootings. Gun laws can be essential in addressing gun-related crimes. This essay compares different gun laws, indicating their effectiveness.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Why it is Important to Teach Literature in School

The IELTS exam is a major requirement for people who wish to work in countries where English is an official language. This sample argumentative essay on the importance of teaching literature is typical of the kind of work this exam requires.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Is Art Important?

Completing the IELTS exam requires the examinee to write a short essay on a given topic. While the essay can be simple, it needs to be clear, concise, and correct. This sample argumentative essay discusses reasons why art is important.

Nursing Research Paper: What is the nursing process?

A research paper is a type of written project that utilizes information from credible scholarly sources to support a specific idea or claim. This sample nursing research paper defines and describes the nursing process.

Sample IELTS Essay: Should Humans Preserve Wildlife and Plants?

Wildlife and plant preservation is an important environmental topics. However, there is a debate between preservation and ignoring the situation of endangered species. Read this sample essay to learn about the two sides.

Nursing Research Paper: Sample PICOT Paper

A PICOT paper is a basic project assigned to student nurses. Its purpose is to develop nurses’ research skills and ability to contribute to evidence-based practice. This sample PICOT paper focuses on the issue of lateral violence in the nursing workforce.

Sample IELTS Essay: Why Wildlife Conservation is Expensive

Governments spend billions of dollars on wildlife conservation every year. Some argue that these expenses are unnecessary and should go to other programs. Read this essay to learn the importance of wildlife conservation.