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Sample Play Script: Moral Decisions

A play script is one of the many forms of creative writing that students may find themselves working on in their English class. It is different from narrative essays and reflective papers since it focuses on dialogue and directing.

Sample Reflection Paper on Sociology: Competitive Sports and Children’s Mental Health

It is not uncommon to see children competing in competitive sports today. However, this practice may have a detrimental effect on a child’s mental health. This reflection paper discusses the potential harm of a competitive environment to mental health.

Sample Research Paper: How Millennials Affect the Economy

The youngest millennials are now around the age of 25 and the eldest are in their early 40. They now comprise the majority of consumers and possess a greater influence on the economy. Read this sample essay to learn how they are affecting the economy.

Sample Laboratory Report on Biology: Frog Dissection Experiment

Frog dissection is one of the most common biology activities to help students learn about anatomy. The activity is simple and introduces students to live subject experiments. Read this sample biology lab report to learn about proper report formatting.

Sample Research Paper on Nursing: What is Monkeypox?

A research paper is an essential part of studying in a nursing school. This sample nursing research paper discusses basic information regarding the disease monkeypox including its cause, symptoms, and treatment.

Sample Discussion Board Post on Sociology: Applying the Sociological Imagination

A discussion board post is a type of short written assignment that students post in an online forum. This sample discussion board post on sociology applies the concept of sociological imagination to a specific facet of life.

Sample College Admission Essay: What Captivates You?

There are many prompts for college admission essays and each aims to learn something about the applicant. Read this sample college admission essay to learn what to put in your paper and improve your application.

Sample Discussion Board Post on Nursing: Cultural Competence and Religious Viewpoint

A discussion board post is a short write-up students post on online platforms provided by the school or professor. This sample post features a student’s discussion of the importance of cultural competence in nursing practice.

Sample Essay on Tom Ganley

Who is Tom Ganley? Tom Ganley is the founder of Ganley Automotive Group. He is well-known and loved in Ohio. Learn more about the man that is Tom Ganley and his legacy here.

The Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux is a distribution or operating system that provides users with extensive customizability. Its creator, Daniel Robbins, developed the system to minimize CPU usage and improve system performance.

Sample Persuasive Essay: Why Should Humans Prevent the Extinction of Endangered Species

Endangered species are creatures that have experienced significant population declines. Since they cannot protect themselves, it is up to humans to prevent their extinction. This article discusses the reasons why humans should help endangered species.

Research Paper in Psychology: Psychological Effects of Moving Residences

Moving residences is a significant event that can alter the social, economic, and cultural environment of an individual. These changes can lead to adverse psychological effects on individuals, especially children.

Should Student Athletes Consume Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks boost performance. However, ingredients like caffeine and sugar can have detrimental effects on health. This argumentative essay argues that student-athletes should regulate their energy drink consumption to prevent harmful effects.

Should Children Who Commit Violent Crimes Be Tried as Adults?

An issue exists regarding how to approach children who commit violent crimes. Some argue that children should receive the same punishment as adults while others contend that children are not accountable for their actions.

Sample Admission Essay: What Happens When Rules Disappear?

College admission essays require you to answer questions that will assess if you are fit for a certain university. This sample admission essay raises the question of what happens when rules disappear.