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History of Country Music

Country music traces its roots to the music of immigrants from various places. The history and evolution of country music, as this research paper explores, is akin to the history of the US.

The Origin of the Solar System

Sample essay on The Origin of the Solar System - Science / Astronomy

The Victory By Anne Stevenson

Not sure how to write your essay assignment on Anne Stevenson's "The Victory"? Here is an analytical essay written by one of CustomEssayMeister's finest writers to get you started.

Romeo and Juliet (1968) and Romeo + Juliet (1996): A Study in Contrast

Free Essay: Movie Compare and Contrast There are many similarities and differences between the sixties version of Romeo and Juliet and the modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet.

“Racism and Culture” by Frantz Fanon

Indignation is a primary driving force of anti-colonialism groups such as The Negritude movement.

"The Moor of Peter the Great" by Alexander Pushkin

Inferiority is inherent in racism. While it is typically attributes the discriminated below, "The Moor of Peter the Great" demonstrates that inferiority simultaneously places the discriminated beyond.

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is basically associating a person to offenses and crimes solely because of his or her racial background.

The Question of Privacy: A Focused Addendum to Roe v. Wade

With recent risks of its overruling, Roe v. Wade proves to be monumental now as it was before. The case demonstrates the flexibility of legislation grounded on the novel, private act of abortion.

A Medical Supersession: A Focused Addendum to Doe v. Bolton

While not exactly in the same league as Roe v. Wade, the Doe v. Bolton case carries its own significance in the current abortion debate in relation to medical progression and constitutionality.

On Marijuana Use: I am Against Marijuana

This essay was donated by an anonymous author, sharing an actual account of what marijuana has done to her brother, along with all the reasons she remains against it.

Marijuana for Cancer

Medical marijuana has exists for some time, and many have attested to its medical benefits. Marijuana has also aided some cancer patients through their chemotherapy.

"A Lecture Upon the Shadow"

Analyzing poems is tricky. This free essay sample on the analysis of John Donne's "A Lecture Upon The Shadow" is a good example for how to write a literary essay on poems.

Research Paper Example: The Coronavirus Disease and its Impact on the Economy

Research Paper Example: The Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) and its Impact on the Economy. Here is a free research paper on Covid19 and how it affected the world's economy and overall routine.

The nCoV Outbreak and The Asian Race

Xenophobia. Did we really leave China all alone in the nCoV scenario? Here is a free and full sample essay on the behavioral effects of the nCoV outbreak towards the Asian race.

How the Spanish Flu can help us in understanding COVID-19

A paper on how the Spanish Flu can help us in understanding COVID-19