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How to Write a High School Laboratory Report and Free Lab Report Template

Laboratory reports or lab reports are staple paperwork for students since primary school. It can be intimidating because of its objective nature and technical terms. Don’t fret, here is a free laboratory report you can use for your science class.

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay: Difference of Agnosticism and Atheism

Atheism and agnosticism are concepts that refer to ideas concerning the existence of a god. However, since most individuals have religious beliefs, many are confused about the definition of the concepts. Read this article to learn about their differences.

Sample Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Impose Religion On Their Children?

Parents tend to impose religion on their children as part of parenting. However, some argue against the imposition of religion on children due to its effect on child development. This article argues that parents should impose religion on children.

Sample College Admission Essay: Stepping Out Into The World

How to write a college admissions essay that will get you into your dream school? Check out this college admissions essay about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics but means a lot.

Sample Expository Essay: Religion and Social Integration

Religion can greatly affect the social integration process through shared beliefs and conflicting ideologies. It can make the process easier or difficult, depending on the approach of community members.

Sample College Admission Essay: Why Credit Cards Should Not Have Existed

An admission essay is a paper that college applicants need to submit as part of their application. Read this sample admission essay to learn how to construct a proper paper for your application.

Sample Reflection Paper on Art: Art as an Emotional Outlet

Artists and nonartists alike can utilize art to express their deep feelings. This reflection paper discusses ideas between art and emotions along with the experiences of paid artists.

Sample Reflection Paper on Art: On Fauvism

Get inspiration for writing your reflection paper with this sample reflection paper on art. This reflection essay discusses why the student prefers and find the art style Fauvism relatable. Read the reflection paper here.

Sample Admission Essay: Appreciating Different Ideologies

A college admission essay can be about any prompt that allows students to express themselves and their skills. This sample admission essay is about changing one day in an individual’s life.

Sample Research Paper: What is a PR Plan?

A PR plan is a business document that contains an organization’s PR objectives and programs. Read this article to learn more about PR plans, their contents, and their purpose.

Sample Expository Essay: The Cs You Need to Look at When Writing a SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis can be made easier, faster, and more accurate by considering the Cs. This sample expository essay discusses what these Cs are and how they streamline the business analysis process.

Sample Reflection Paper on Religion: Respecting Differing Beliefs

A reflection paper is a written project in the form of an essay and features the ideas that a writer has following a period of deep thought. This sample reflection paper discusses the importance of respecting religious differences.

Sample Admission Essay: Failure on the Way to Success

Make your college admission standout by writing about topics that others would not dare write about. This sample admission essay is about a goal that you failed to attain because of the pandemic, how you felt about it, and how you coped.

Differences Between a PR Plan and a Marketing/Advertising Plan

Since PR plans and marketing plans involve building relationships with the public, many consider the two as synonymous. However, there is a distinction between a PR plan and a marketing plan. Read this article to learn more about their differences.

How to Write a PR Plan?

A PR plan is a business document that contains the action and communication strategies that will allow a company to develop better public relations. Read this article to learn how to write a PR plan.