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History Essay: Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials

The Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials are legendary figures in history. Find out more about them in this full sample essay

Short Analysis on Killing Mr. Griffin

Killing Mr. Griffin (1978) explores the dark themes of murder, violence, and psychopathy through the experiences of a group of teenagers. Read this short analysis to discover how the author explored these themes.

Wordsworth's "The Discharged Soldier"

Learn how to analyze Wordsworth's "The Discharged Soldier" from tried and tested free sample book report.

Sample Literary Analysis: John Donne's Poem "A Lecture Upon The Shadow"

Need to write a literary analysis? Get inspiration from our sample literary analysis essay on John Donne's "A Lecture Upon the Shadow." Check out how an expert writes a literary essay.

Sample Literary Analysis: The Role of Trees in Beloved

This college paper on Toni Morrison's Beloved analyzes the symbolism of trees for the main characters. Learn how to write a literary analysis with our sample paper.

Character Analysis on Desdemona's Loyalty to Othello

Desdemona is unlike any other heroine of William Shakespeare for she is a woman who did not show submission to the men in her life although she remained completely loyal to Othello.

Comparison and Contrast Essay on Theseus and Heracles (Hercules)

Theseus and Heracles are both great Greek heroes. This essay compares their strengths and weaknesses as heroes and humans

Free Sample Analysis: Virgil's Influence On Dante's Inferno

Virgil is more than Dante's guide through the depths of Hell in Inferno. He also has a profound influence on Dante as a writer. This essay analyzes Virgil's influence on Dante's The Divine Comedy

Personal Essay Example: Who Am I As A Writer

Are you one of those students whose thoughts get muddled up in writing a personal essay? Here's an example of a personal essay for free to help you understand its key elements.

Research Paper on The History of Basketball

Basketball has been around for more than 100 years. What started as James Naismith's effort to keep students active during the winter grew into one of the most popular sport in the world.

Modern Sexism

Though society has come a long way in creating a more equitable world, sexism remains a real issue affecting millions across the globe. This sample essay discusses some of the modern forms of sexism.

Research Essay Sample on Roman Architecture and Its Influences in the Modern World

This sample research essay discusses the characteristics of Roman architecture and how it influenced architecture all over the world.

Research Paper on The History Of Country Music

Country music traces its roots to the music of immigrants from various places. The history and evolution of country music, as this research paper explores, is akin to the history of the US.

Sample Research Paper: Maya Angelou - A Woman of Hope

Maya Angelou is well-loved memoirist, poet, and activist. This research paper explores Angelou's life and her contributions to literature and American society as a Black woman

Example of a Short Story: "Those Days of Being a Jew - The Old, the Young, and the Weak"

A creative piece in memory of the ones who left and in utter respect for those who are left.