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Sample Discussion Board Post on "The Meaning of Life" with a Spiritual Perspective

Discussion board posts and responses are a common practice for peer-reviewing utilized by many universities to improve the student's critical thinking

Article Review on James Clear's "The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need"

Are you having trouble writing an article review? Read a full sample article review here at CustomEssayMeister to give you an idea of how to write one

Sample Poem Analysis on Anne Stevenson's "The Victory"

Anne Stevenson’s “The Victory” describes the relationship between a mother and a child. Some can interpret it as a powerful feminist piece about motherhood. Read this analysis to learn about the poem and possible interpretations.

Literary Review on Randall Jarrell's Next Day

Randall Jarrell is famous for his confessional poetry that take on feminine personas. This literary review analyzes the poem "Next Day."

The Context of Neo-Nazism: Holocaust Denials

Holocaust denial is the rejection of the historical facts revolving around the Holocaust. This ideology stems from Neo-Nazism and aims to change the public’s perception of Nazis and the Holocaust.

Essay On Woodstock 1969: Peace and Love

Woodstock was a phenomenal music festival that served as an example of love and peace. This essay explores the numerous legacies of Woodstock more than 50 years after it happened.

Sample Essay on History: The Homosexual Mathematician Who Broke the Nazi’s Enigma

An essay is a type of written coursework assigned to students regardless of academic level. This sample essay on history discusses the life and contribution of Alan Turing, the man who broke the Nazi’s Enigma Machine.

The Holocaust: An Orchestrated Genocide

The Holocaust is known to the world as the genocide of the Jews, and such violence did not just happen by chance – it happened through a system of carefully orchestrated plans

Paper on Institutional Racism and Discrimination on Blacks and Latinos

Institutional racism and discrimination are the legitimization and normalization of racism through the legal system. This sample college paper discusses how this form of racism and discrimination affects Black and Latino youth.

Sample Compare and Contrast Paper: Descartes and Plato

Both Plato and Descartes tackled epistemology, the study of knowledge. However, the two philosophers approached the topic differently. This compare and contrast essay discusses the differences and similarities between their methods.

Causes And Effects of Chinese Economic Reform

CustomEssayMeister's sample research paper on the causes and effects of Chinese Economic Reform.

The Origin of the Solar System

A research paper is a type of written coursework that presents a main idea or claim in the form of a thesis statement. This sample research paper the major theories that explain the origin of the Solar System.

Jewish Marxism and The Nazi Party

Jewish Marxism is the idea that Jews invented Bolshevism and spread it through Russia. It is the result of Nazi propaganda that led to Jewish discrimination. Read this article to learn more about this ideology.

Compare and Contrast: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are foil characters of each other. They have similarities as well as stark differences. This comparison essay tackles those similarities and differences.

History Essay: The Fall of the Nazi Party

While the end of the war resulted in the dissolution of the Nazi Party, the subsequent years also saw the exposure of their crimes against humanity and the trial and punishment of Nazi criminals