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Police brutality takes on many forms: corruption, intimidation, false arrest, racial and criminal profiling, repression, surveillance, and sexual abuse. It is not just about a police officer pulling up a baton and inflicting physical harm onto someone.

Police brutality was and even more closely related to discrimination and racial profiling at the moment, most likely due to the fact that historical accounts on police brutality, no redundancy intended, is disturbingly brutal. The Selma t

Half a century ago, no one could have predicted just how exactly the internet will impact the world. But in just the span of a few decades, the internet completely and irrevocably changed every aspect of life.  The internet is a powerful thing; it is a tool that can be used for almost countless needs. But like many other powerful things, the internet can also be scary. It can pose new challenges just as it can solve problems. The power of the internet to change lives cannot be more appar