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A Childhood Revisited In May Swenson's poem "The Centaur," various elements of imagery, language, point of view, and structure convey great meaning in the poem. Imagery and language depict the playful, imaginative nature of a child. Similarly, point of view and structure illustrate the joyous, carefree thoughts and feelings associated with childhood. Various examples of imagery demonstrate Swenson's recollection of a memorable, aesthetic childhood experience. The poet remembers a time wh

Robert Browning, an English poet, was born May 7, 1812, to Robert browning Sr., Sarah Anna Wiedmann Browning. Sarah Browning, from German-Scottish descent, was a musician, a lover of nature, and a devout evangelical Christian. She was the stronger of the two parents, and also guided Robert through his developmental stages. Mrs. Browning was a woman of common sense and stability. Browning's sister Sarianna, who was born in 1814, inherited his mothers' qualities. Browning's father was

My name is Lennie Small. My name is one of the few things I know. The name I should be given is "stupid" or "ignorant" because that is what I am. I admit it, I am not very bright. That is why I have my friend George. He guides me and allows me to utilize my strength. If I were by myself I would cause much trouble for I do not understand many things. I think I'm like the ox. They are big, strong, and stupid. They have small brains and big muscles. That is a lot like me.

"Out, Out--" by Robert Frost is a poem about a young boy who dies as a result of cutting his hand using a saw. To describe this event Frost uses different stylistic including imagery, personification, repetition, iambic pentameter, blank verse and variation in sentence length. He also makes a reference to Macbeth's speech in the Shakespearean play Macbeth. Frost begins the poem by describing a young boy cutting some wood using a buzz-saw. The setting is Vermont and the time is late afternoon.

Fire and Ice (From Harper's Magazine, December 1920.) 1 Some say the world will end in fire, 2 Some say in ice. 3 From what I've tasted of desire 4 I hold with those who favor fire. 5 But if it had to perish twice, 6 I think I know enough of hate 7 To know that for destruction ice 8 Is also great 9 And would suffice. When I first read this poem, the first thing that I notice is general idea that whoever is speaking (in first person) is describi

"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" Crossing Brooklyn Ferry is a sensitive, detailed record of Whitman's thoughts and observations about the continuity of nature and brotherhood while aboard a ferry between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Through the use of exclamation , repetition, and apostrophe, Whitman conveys his joyful belief in world solidarity and mans acceptance of god through truth, nature and beauty. Whitman begins the poem by describing his love and curiosity for the people that board the hundr

Five Poem Analyses Robert Frost is a simple, yet unconventional poet. Frost did things his own way and as a result took quite a bit of heat from the critics of his time. The main reason why I chose Robert Frost is because his poems are relatively simple and fairly easy to understand. "Ghost House" is an extremely descriptive poem descriptive poem illustrating an old haunted house. The imagery in this poem is marvelous. This poem allows the reader to see the house as if they were s

The Description Of Pain In Emily Dickinson's Poetry In her description of pain, Emily Dickinson treats its effects on both the body and the soul. In poem 244, she presents a comparison between physical and psychological pain. According to poem 806, pain is a state through which the soul gets liberated from the body. The poet also describes the way Doctors struggle with pain and find themselves helpless in front of some kinds of it as in poems 177 and 396. Another phenomenon that is associated

511 If you were coming in the Fall, I'd brush the Summer by With half a smile, and half a spurn, As Housewives do, a Fly. If I could see you in a year, I'd wind the months in balls- And put them each in separate Drawers, For fear the numbers fuse- If only Centuries, delayed, I'd count them on my Hand, Subtracting, till my fingers dropped Into Van Deimen's Land. If certain, when this life was out- That yours and mine, should be I'd toss it yonder, like a Rind, And tak

Apology for Impatience for Gloria. On first reading, this poem seems quite incomprehensible. Out of context, the poem appears to be about love and relationships. "Apology for Impatience" was written in 1963 (wife dead?) and it was written for Gloria, his wife. Dawe rarely uses a first person persona and it is through his use of the first person persona and the fact that it was written for his wife, that leads me to believe that Dawe was not just making a comment on love, but on his lo

Gwen Harwood Q2 Gwen Harwood is a technically versatile poet, deeply interested in the materials of her art - in the poetic form, sounds, images, structures, voices and musical possibilities. Long After Heine and The Flight of the Bumble Bee use each of these poetic devices extensively, appealing to all of the readers senses in order to create meaning. In The Flight of the Bumble Bee meaning is created by the poetic devices and affirmed by the characters. The stanza's and

Bernard Malamud relates a story of a baseball player, Roy Hobbs, who went from a small farm to the big city life to play baseball in "The Natural". The story creates a contrast between the evils of the city and the purity of the countryside. Roy begins the story on a train heading to Chicago and immediately falls into trouble with the new city life. He defeats a baseball giant, "The Whammer" and instantly has the fame of a major league baseball player. In his glory, he charms a woman, Har

Beowulf ,written in Old English sometime before the tenth century AD, describes the adventures of a great Scandinavian warrior of the sixth century. Beowulf tells the reader a lot about the time in which it was written. Heroes show what the society as a whole values. By looking at Beowulf we can tell what the tenth century AD Anglo-Saxons valued. Beowulf has many attributes to his credit but by far his most notably traits are his strength and fearlessness. The first fight that we see involv

The Road Taken By Robert Frost 1864-1973 Robert Lee Frost, was one of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. An essentially pastoral poet often associated with rural New England, Frost wrote poems whose philosophical dimensions transcend any region. Although his verse forms are traditional he often said, in a dig at archival Carl Sandburg, that he would as soon play tennis without a net as write free verse he was a pioneer in the interplay of rhy

The Pearl Ever since Midas' lust for gold, it appears to be that man has acquired a greed and appetite for wealth. Juana, the Priest, and the doctor have all undergone a change due to money. They are all affected by their hunger for wealth and inturn are the base for their own destruction, and the destruction of society. Steinbeck's "The Pearl" is a study of man's self destruction through greed. Juana, the faithful wife of Kino, a paltry peasant man, had lived a spiritual life

So much depends upon the red wheelbarrow, Glazed with rain-water Beside the white chickens. Poetry is art. It is written not for enjoyment or entertainment of the author or reader. It is written because the writer thinks it needs to be. Poetry is a written expression of complex human emotion, a way to sort things out and give your feelings physical form. Poetry is also intended to reach other people. To give them your message. To tell them what you think and feel, your ideology. You cou

Almost every analysis of "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" comes to the same conclusion as seeing the poem as a whole. They see Donne's theme as an appreciation towards a love that holds its strength even through separation. Most also recognize the poem's equal relation to body and soul. Although, most of the criticisms argue that the poem contains the use of sexual ambiguity, the paths diverge on where and how it is used. Similarly, in light of Donne's masterful use of conceit with al

English 190-19 Housman's Attack of the Crucifixion Much symbolism and imagery exists in Alfred Edward Housman's famous collections of poems. This prominent poet's reflections of historically important occurrences are filled with implicit meanings. A Shropshire Lad, first published in 1896, was Housman's first compilation of poetry. In his forty-seventh poem of this famous collection, The Carpenter's Son, Housman uses imagery to reflect upon Jesus Christ's last few hours as he dies upon

Aaron Williams Eng 202 November, 19,1999 Hamlet's Moral Stance In the story, "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark," Hamlet's moral stance is that he will get revenge no matter what it takes. He is also indecisive in whether or not he wants to kill his uncle. By getting revenge he will avenge his father death. He will not let someone get away with murder. Hamlet is commanded to avenge the murder of his father by his father's ghost. The murderer is his uncle, Claudius, who has recently

Sonnets 18 and 130 In Shakespeare's sonnets 18 and 130 he referred to two women that he loved. These two sonnets shared similarities and yet contained many exciting differences. The clear similarity is that they are both about two women. He loves both of them very much. It seems that they make his days pass easier when in sonnet 18 he says, "So long lives this, and this gives life to thee". Likewise, in sonnet 130 he remarks that he loves to hear her speak and "Yet by heaven I thi

"View of a Pig" by Ted Hughes is about learning to think through problems and inconveniences to end up finding acceptance. The poem runs through all the frustrating steps of a new problem and yet finds sympathy and acceptance at the end. With some thought the once frustrating encounter with the pig leads to sympathy when remembering the being once had earthly pleasure. First of all the poem starts off in a rather frustrating manner. There is an encounter with a large l

The May Magnificat is a poem based on a question, a rhetorical question which Hopkins asks on why the month of may has been blessed as being the Virgin Mary's month. He answers by describing how the month of may is so full of life and contains the pure vitality of Spring time, as well as the growth in everything which can be linked to the growth of the lord which was inside of her. The poem has an extremely rigid structure. It comprises of twelve stanzas, of exactly four lines each. This

An Analysis Of Leave Me O' Love A Sonnet By Sir Philip Sidney By Avi Langer Leave me, O love which reachest but to dust; And thou, my mind aspire to higher things; Grow rich in that which never taketh rust, Whatever fades but fading pleasures brings. Draw in thy beams, and humble all thy might To that sweet yoke where lasting freedoms be; Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light, That doth both shine and give us sight to see. O take fast hold; let that l

The tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a lively amusing tale that captivates the reader with colorful detail of adventurous challenges that Sir Gawain must overcome to remain an honorable Knight in the eyes of King Arthur,his relations,and peers. Most of all he must be able to offer a favorable account to himself free of dishonor in his own eyes remaining true to himself. The first display of the Knightly qualities that Sir Gawain possesses is when the Green Knight has voiced his challenge

Wordsworth and the Romantic Era One of the first and earliest Romantic Era poets was William Wordsworth. Romantic Era poetry was centered around man's relationship and fascination of nature and the overall awe of life on Mother Earth. "The landscape with the quiet of the sky," that's Wordsworth. The reliance on metaphors and personifications to explain a passionate relationship toward nature and life's wonders, that's the definition of Romanticism. Although Wordsworth never had an offic

Explication: Briches By Robert Frost "Birches" is a poem that is interesting enough to give more than one reading. Robert Frost provides vivid images of birches in order to oppose life's harsh realities with the human actions of the imagination. "Birches" has a profound theme and its sounds, rhythm, form, tone, and figures of speech emphasize this meaning. "Birches" provides an interesting aspect of imagination to defy reality. Initially, reality is pictured as birches bending and crackin

Explication: The Road Not Taken "The Road Not Taken" is a poem written by Robert Frost. In his poem Frost describes a traveler's choice between two roads and how this choice effects his life later. In the first stanza the poet gives the reader the image of 2 paths in the woods. This represents a choice. The poet has a tone of sorrow when he writes "...and sorry I could not travel both..." the poet describes the character in the poem as one traveler, suggesting that he is alone. The poet

Ulysses,The Winter of a King By: dave The Winter of a King In the poem "Ulysses" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the readers are shown a great king in the later years of his life. The reader finds Ulysses reflecting on the glorious days of his youth and planning that by some means he will obtain those glorious times again. He refuses to accept a future of growing old and ruling his kingdom. Ulysses will not let the rest of his life pass him by just sitting still on his throne, doing the mundane

"Insane Slave Murders Citizens!" The headlines would boldly exclaim this phrase if an event such as that happened today. The central event of the plot is a violent action in "The Child by Tiger" by Thomas Wolfe. The author gives significance to the occurrence by making it reveal a general truth about human experience. This universal theme becomes evident through many aspects of the story, which can be analyzed and evaluated to discern their purpose. These following paragraphs will support

Carlo A. per. 4 Jean Toomer Jean Toomer was born into a upper-class African American family ( being that his grandfather, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback was a Union officer in the Civil War and became Acting Governor of Louisiana in the Days of Reconstruction) on 1896 in Washington D.C. He showed strength in his early years as - when faced with adversity, rather than wring his hands and retreat further into himself, Toomer searched for a plan of action, an

Carlo A. Devices such as paradoxes and the use of connotations, and conceits are tools in which a poet can create a certain ambiance. Sonnet 30, from Amoretti is such an example which use these literary devices. Sonnet 30, which structure is a Spenserian that has a rhyme scheme of abab bcbc cdcd ee, is about the speaker's (Spencer's) unrequited love for his love who is rumored to be Elizabeth Boyle. Being one of 89 sonnets which view the speaker's feeling of this unrequited love to

Poetry: The Solution In the "Seven Stages of Man," Shakespeare suggests that "All of the world is a stage, and the men and women just merely players." Are all humans just players in life? There are many confusing questions about many confusing issues. In an a sence, poetry is a method of debating issues. By defining poetry, evualating poetry, and noticing the impact it has on lives, we can decide that poetry helps us clear foggy thoughts and ideas. The art of poetry is age-old, and has a

"I heard a Fly buzz- when I died" v.s. "Because I could not stop for Death" "I heard a Fly buzz- when I died" and "Because I could not stop for Death", two poems by Emily Dickinson, are both about dying and what happens in death, but present two different views on those topics. In one poem, death is civil, but disappointing in the other. In "Because I could not stop for Death", the mood of the poem is very civilized and polite. Death picks her up in a carriage and as they travel towards et

The Romantic Characteristics of The Raven The Raven, written by Edgar Allan Poe is one of his famous pieces of work. American literature considers The Raven one of the greatest poems ever written for its use of symbolism. The Raven symbolizes fear of the truth that Lenore is dead and he can do nothing to change her death. The Raven consists of three Romantic Characteristics, imagination over reason, use of supernatural, and accent of mystery. Poe uses imagination over reason to so t

You'll always be remembered I want to be with you and that's not fair, That when I look a side, you aren't there. I look for you all day, all night. For you're open heart I'm always ready to fight. When I want to be with you I just close my eyes, I think of the words, of your harsh, but sweet lies. You're quite voice is always on my mind, But what you think is hard to find. I wish my lips could touch yours once again, Your kisses are the sweetest, I never got enough of them. When yo

Contemporary British and American Poetry Postmodernism is hard to define, because it is a concept that appears in a wide variety of areas of study including art, music, film, literature, communications, fashion and technology. Postmodernism followed modernism, which is the movement in visual arts, music, literature, and drama which rejected the old Victorian standards of how art should be made, consumed, and what it should mean. In the period of high modernism, from around 1910 to 1930 the

Allen Ginsberg and HOWL: Analysis and Response Throughout the ages of poetry, there is a poet who stands alone, a prominent figure who represents the beliefs and mor s of the time. During the 1950's and 1960's, the Beatnik era in America brought forth poets who wrote vivid, realistic poetry in response to the rise of bigotry, crimes against the innocent, and the loss of faith in the national government. With little euphemism, they wrote about homosexual sex, drug abuse, and other brazen

Throughout history, the arts and literature have been a form of rationalization of the minds and thoughts of an artist or writer. The progression or regression of knowledge over a period of time can be chronicled or mapped with the use of the literature and arts of these artists. More specifically, the major shift in thinking from 18th-century Neoclassicism to 19th-century Romanticism can be seen in the works of Alexander Pope and William Wordsworth. A deliberation on the works

Throughout history, the arts and literature have been a form of rationalization of the minds and thoughts of an artist or writer. The progression or regression of knowledge over a period of time can be chronicled or mapped with the use of the literature and arts of these artists. More specifically, the major shift in thinking from 18th-century Neoclassicism to 19th-century Romanticism can be seen in the works of Alexander Pope and William Wordsworth. A deliberation on the works of these two

Sometimes authors were so famous that we know almost too much about them. Nobody can ever not find enough information writers like Shakespeare and Chaucer. Then there are others that there is almost nothing about them. However, historians have managed to find a happy medium for Robert Herrick, author of To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time, to write a biography long enough to satisfy anyone, or at least long enough to fill two pages. Robert Herrick was born in London on August 24, 1591 t

Both Auden’s “Musee des Beaux Arts” and Dylans “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” can be seen as having a theme of tragedy. Both concern the topic of death, although each has a different message. Auden is one side of the spectrum saying that death and suffering are natural parts of the life cycle, while Thomas wants to fight death because there is still much to be done. But throughout both of these poems tragedy is a prevailing theme. Auden descri

Brooks, Gwendolyn Poet, writer. Born June 7, 1917, in Topeka, Kansas. Throughout most of the twentieth century, Gwendolyn Brooks was a lyrical chronicler of the black urban experience in America. In 1950, she became the first African-American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. Brooks grew up on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. She began writing poetry as a young girl, and by the age of 16 had begun publishing her poems regularly in The Chicago Defender. She attended the Woodrow Wils

Sappho (the greek poet) One of the great Greek lyrists and few known female poets of the ancient world, Sappho was born some time between 630 and 612 BC. She was said to be small and dark in appearance. Sappho's home was the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos. She was born of a noble family, the child of Skamandronymos and Cleis. She also was an aristocrat who married a prosperous merchant, Kerhylas of Andros, and she had a daughter whom she also named Cleis. Her wealth afforded her wit

****** ****** April 29, 1998 Adrienne Rich Comparing and Contrasting Poems. "From where does your strength come, you southern jew/ split at the root, raised in a castle of air". This is a quote from Adrienne Rich's 1982 essay, "Sources". Adrienne Rich is a southern jew who grew up in the forties. As she grew up, her father hid the fact that they were Jewish. Her father acted like he was fully assimilated and didn't show ethnicity in any way. He did this to fit into society that was

Caruthers 1 Warning: There is a Demand for Change The sixties, was a period of growth and development for many Black writers and artist. It was a period that allowed them to come together, and by doing so they formed what is known as the “Black Arts Movement “. This movement allowed the artist to free their minds, and to focus their attention on the struggles of their time. The Black Arts Movement’s focus was on Black people, the art had to have a purpose and its pur

The poem is about the death of hope. Auden is distraught over the deaths in WWII. The soldiers of WWII were teenagers. To have 55 million children dead is an act of pure genocide. To Auden the fact that people let this happen means that the world is an ugly place. Art is a thing of beauty and humans don't deserve it because of the ugly things we do. Auden uses The Fall of Icarus to describe the way people behave. Everyone sees that Icarus has fallen but they turn their heads instead of helping

Peter Kivy opposes the idea of Formalism as the basis of how to determine what an art is. He deems that representation is the significant part of determining art because without meanings and representation words have no value. Roger Fry, Quintin Bell and Walter Pater are on the other side of the issue and believe that only the formal aspect of art really has any value. The representation of the words are not important, only the formal aspect matters (Kivy, pg. 25). In the poem Victo

The Effects of Using Poetry as a Tool to Increase Phonemic Awareness and Reading Achievement in a Third Grade Classroom Chapter 1: Introduction Today many children are having difficulty learning to read. Some parents are complaining about public schools not doing their job. On standardized tests, the reading scores are low and many children are neither excited about learning how to read or about going to school. The public school districts have gone back and forth from phonics to who

Rainer Maria Rilke Rose, o pure contradiction, desire to be no one s sleep beneath so many lids. This was Rainer Maria Rilke s self-composed epitaph, written before leukemia took his life on December 29, 1926. The rose was a symbol of love, beauty, and devotion in many of Rilke s writings.With quotes such as this Rilke became known as one of the best poets of the 20th century. Rainer Maria Rilke was born on December 4, 1875 in Prague, which is now the capital of Czechoslovakia. He was the o

handout: Guillaume de Machaut Noelle Chamorro, September 19, 2000 Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) Born to commoners, Machaut came from humble origins in the Champagne -Ardenne region of Northern France. He was educated in theology and letters with a master of arts degree. He became almoner (secretary) to Jean of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, in 1323. Machaut married Jean of Luxembourg s daughter, Bonne. His duties as almoner included accompanying the king on his crusades. This experie