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Brian Olson Business Law 8 January 2001 A contract is a binding agreement made between two competent parties that can be written verbal or implied. The purpose of a contract is to create an agreement that can be supported by the law (West’s Encyclopedia). As we enter the new millenium, and with the increase in the number of businesses (including e-commerce), we need to know more and more about contract law. Knowledge of contract law can also protect consumers and businesses fro

Status Quo 1776, The American colonies rebelled against their oppressive, imperialistic mother country Great Britain. They challenged the traditions of an ancient mother country to become an independent nation that would eventually lead the free world. Critical review of established laws, attitudes and beliefs are what this country was forged from. The United States exemplifies the idea that it is necessary to challenge practiced policies when they have become obsolete and ineffectiv

She stands a staggering 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs a massive 95 pounds, and has short, brown hair and brown eyes. I see my older sister Leslie. Others see a model of perfection. Don't get me wrong, my sister and I are close and have been inseparable since birth. My mother has kept pictures of us ranging from the time we shared a playpen as babies to just recently at Leslie's graduation. For seventeen years, we've shared every life experience imaginable, and we've dealt w

This is the essay that got me into the National Honors Society and it was based on leadership skills. I took out some detials and others can fill in the appropriate details "But of a good leader, who talks little: when his work is done, his arm fulfilled, they will say ‘Our work is done.’" -Lao Tse One of the standards of the National Honors Society is that of leadership. Members are expected not only to strive to improve their social environment, but act as a role mod

I like options, I like security, and I like power. With these wants, I knew at a very early age that I would enter business and thus I attended a college that specializes in the subject. In my first position out of school, I was hired by Dunhill Equities as a cold-caller. After several weeks of being hung up on by angry prospects, I decided that this career path would not lead me to success. I then moved within the firm to a position as sales assistant. While this was by no means my d

I'd always thought of her as a fairly shy girl, so I was totally unprepared for what happened next. As soon as we sat down on the sofa in the living room, she leaned over and kissed me. Not a little peck, but a full-blown french kiss. It must have lasted for ages as she pushed me down onto my back, pressing her firm breasts against my chest. When she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes and said "I've liked you for so long, but I never had the nerve to do anything about it. I wan

Do I Hate You Or Love You? Why is it that you leave me feeling so alone and confused? All I want in our relationship is a feeling of love, not the feeling of being used. I feel so used and abused, but something keeps me coming back to you. Maybe it's your smile that keeps me from saying we're through. Or maybe your eyes that I just fall into. Maybe it's the sweet words you claim you mean. I don't think you mean them, from what I've seen. It's hard to understand why you

 September 15, 96 Dear Mrs. Dunphrey, I almost wrote “Don’t you dare read this Mrs. Dunphrey” by your name, but just out of habit. But it would be pretty stupid to send you a letter and not let you read it right? Before you get too excited about me writing, I should let you know that this is a assignment. Not for school but from my family therapist that Matt, Mom and I have been seeing every week.(That’s right Mom, I explain.)The therapist, Mr. Sarcusi sa

A Characteristic of a Hero The ‘American Heritage High-school’ dictionary defines a hero as a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength. Is that what a hero truly is? Does he need only strength and courage? Does a hero not need a mind? Any man can be strong and brave, but dose that mean he is a hero? Nay, a hero must have more. He must be quick-witted and always think with his head and never his fear. A man must be clever (mentally bright, supe

Lovely People Do Stupid Things How is love to influence our lives? Love-struck people do crazy things to express how they care for that particular person yet it is a long and windy road to these actions. It is down this path that experience spawns and trouble and happiness are felt. Janie Crawford of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, shows the road through the steps of her three relationships. These relationships, though not fulfilling ones, conclude in bettering J

Born in Florence, Italy in 1469, Niccolò Machiavelli was the first great political philosopher of the Renaissance. Once a bureaucrat and diplomat for the state of Florence, he was removed from office when the Medici family was restored to power in 1512. He retired to his country home where he, among other works, penned The Prince, a work which has become a political handbook for modern day politicians as well as for those who desire power--whether it be on Wall Street, through corpor

Survival and Fully Living Viktor Frankl’s concept regarding survival and fully living was developed through his observations and experiences in the concentration camps. He used his psychiatric training to discern the meanings of observations and to help himself become a better person. He uses analysis to develop his own concepts and describes them in steps throughout the book. When the prisoners first arrived at the camp most of them thought they would be spared at the last m

WHAT IS THIS BOOK ALL ABOUT? WHY SHOULD YOU BUY IT? In the famous Satyajit Ray movie, Jana Aranya, a character in the film says, that a communication received from your Assessing Officer which could be a notice under a particular Law such as a fiscal law like the Income Tax Act, is a love letter that gets you right in the heart. Why? Like love letters as are generally known any one reading a communication of this sort from an Assessing Officer is likely to experience an acceleration in the hear

Now let�s see what we can write about today...think!! What should it be!! Let�s write about \"dust\". So \"DUST\" it shall b: I was riding a bike-sometime back-much like anyone else-and I went blind (momentarily!!). Where are we going? We are going towards dust. There have been parades of writing about all subjects but all we know about dust is that we return to it! What does one mean by that? Well!! It means that we are born from dust and we return to it after death, this of c

This cuboid room has harboured me for a long time, and it is beyond assumption that I do not seek refuge anywhere else except here, most of my days go without any mortal company, hence its just me and my bovine walls. Similar to my terms of circumstances are the walls behind one of the doors, leading to the other room. The other rooms of the house have been deprived of conversation for a very long time, the cause being lack of visiters, and by now I contemplate, they must have forgoten their d

Section 0.0: Introduction “Americans do not know Malaysia or Burma or even India… they know an image of Burma generated by our media… Americans believe what they are told to believe, they perceive what they are told to perceive, they feel what they are told to feel by or media.. they do not know these countries at all.. (Stagner, 1967: 12). The research issue revolves around the theme that western media, primarily American, is generating and popularizing negative attitudes to wards th

Gay magazines are an essential part of gay culture. Gay magazines with their highly-specialized nature are effective outlets that support the culture of a group traditionally excluded from other forms of mass media (Benzie, 2000). As Sender (2001) pointed out, the \"gay habitus\" or the intimate connection between gay culture and other forms of cultural belonging, like sense of class and race, is maintained \"by and through marketing; and gay publications are the most visible and, arguably, pow

Dear Huiyang, I am a teacher,aged 36,teaching in Nanjing University.I am very glad to write to my friends,and I value friendship very much.Though we live in different places,we are living in the same planet ,which is smaller and smaller today.Though we have different culture-ground and may have many disagreement in many aspects,I absolutely believe that we have much in common.So I convince myself that we will corporate with each other in our life and make good progress .I believe that “Co

Introduction History of warfare, down the ages covering a period of 4000 years beginning from 3500BC till today is replete with instances of women soldiers going to battle to defend their country, for their kingdom or for an interest perceived as vital during that particular period. From the moment Queen Vishapla (Rigvedic Period in 3500 BC) had her leg fitted with a prosthetic limb to permit her to rejoin battle to Jessica Lynch giving active duty during the Iraq war; the saga of women sol

1. Introduction Nobody expected the seas to roar and touch the sky on Boxing Day 2004, swallowing more than a hundred thousand lives in a number of countries in the Indian Ocean. Similarly, the thousands of people sleeping in their shanties near the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal could not have imagined when they turned in for the day that a foul smelling gas would treacherously sneak into their rooms and attack their nervous systems killing them in their sleep. Disasters happen suddenly a

Experienced editor and writer with a degree in AB English and an MA in Reading seeks the opportunity to apply natural aptitude and love for writing, and apply strong journalistic skills by seeking the position of a work-at-home researcher/writer. Outstanding creative and journalistic writing skills, with highly effective oral and written negotiations. Highly motivated, compassionate and proactive, always strives for outstanding performance in all levels of responsibilities. CAREER TO DATE

Merriam-Webster Dictionary first defines marriage as the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. Secondly, it defines marriage as an intimate or close union. In the United States of America, marriage is only recognized, and considered legal, if both parties are of opposite sex. Because both parties are of opposite sex, it is presumed that they are heterosexual. However, not everyone in the Unite

Man, being a rational creature, always seeks the answers to his questions. To him, all things occur for a purpose, and there is some definite explanation for every thing that has happened, will happen or is happening right now. Each facet of life is a mystery that evokes a reason and man has been trying to gratify his insatiable hunger to know, ever since his existence. Why? Because knowledge brings in itself a sense of control, a sense of power to the one who acquires it. Man coveted pow

When nobody around you seems to measure up, it’s time to check your yardstick. - Bell Lemley A lot of power goes with writing for the public, that is, if people read what you write. Otherwise, I might as well type nonsense trash here for all the good that it will do. I know some people do not read the Sports section of The New Builder anymore. I guess some people have given up on our athletes. But I think that since you see a different picture up there, you will read a few paragra

Ever know how it feels like to sleep all day and feel so buried in work during the ungodly hours of the morning? (Refer to time of post and you\'ll know what I mean.) Well here I am. Racking my brains and feeling the extreme pang of guilt because at the back of my mind, I know that there are lost of things that I should be doing right now, but for some reason, I choose to do other stuff instead. It really feels weird to be functional at this time of the day (err at which case you can conside

When I was young, I spent a great deal of time living in the realm of my imagination. Lying in the field close to the cramped quarters in the country where my family of six lived, every cloud above me was an object of interest. As I lay in the field grass, becoming itchy, and acquiring a fanciful red rash, which I blissfully ignored, I never considered growing up and becoming anything other than a young girl, chewing on clover like the nearby rabbits. I created stories in my mind around the shap

Jamie is 10 years old and attends a primary school very near her home in a village. She is good in studies as well as in games. She likes helping others whenever possible. Hence everyone likes her. She loves her parents, grandmother and John, her 3 years old brother. Every thing goes on well in the village, until there is a sudden outburst of cholera. The village primary health center tries to rectify the problem by taking preventive steps and decides to send health workers to administer

\'Change is the law of life,Challenge is the aim ,u hav to challenge the change,NOT CHANGE TH CHALLENGE\'said the 1st message,not lagging behind read the second s.m.s\'Before CONCLUDING WHAT IS GOOD/BAD remember tis,ters notin either good or bad but thinking makes it so\'.What ?...huh...what ?!!!!.. did she write this?asked my mind.What change are you talking about ANGEL?& what conclusions r u talkin about?,i asked myself,as if my a

1)\"Bhaiya sala mujhe sikhane aaya hai,##**@@logon ko aane nahi dena chahiye.Aaplya maharashtrat yeun aaplyala shikavtat\".(\"how dare thi bhaiya(slang 4 u.p. people) teaches me?these people come 2 our state 4 their living &have the audacity 2 teach us\").this rebukement just 4 makin a rickshaw driver aware tat his wrong parkin was creatin traffic jam.the brunt was bore by another rickshaw driver just 4 assortin congestion. 2)\"yeh dekh a

Nowadays, credit has become a status symbol for every person that has to survive in this competitive world. Credit plays the role of a fish while you are stuck empty-stomach at the beach alone. However, one has to risk something in order to get the big fish in the stomach. Often, you end up in hunting your leg rather than the fish�s fin in the sea, and then look out to get back your leg, in order to survive in the life. Are you going through the same situation? Did you end up in lots of

Graphic designer turned independent typographer Kris Sowersby is based in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand. He manages the KLIM Type Foundry, a typographic design studio that has been built to handle particular typo concerns in graphic design field such as knowing how to use a type in a proper way. In an interview with Ilovetypography Website, Sowersby asserts that “Most typefaces have environments in which they really shine, certain uses that they will never fail. Others have environments in

The home at Patton remained as a bad memoir. I lived there for quite a few years. It was my dad’s idea to purchase a flat from HK constructions. He had an undiagnosed pain in the knees. To take a break from the long daily travel to office, a nearby flat was a good thought. I was excited to go to the city. During the vacation I charted out a plan to set up a city life. I started packing before two months. Except for one thing I was on air. I had to miss my grandparents. They were the one wh

Rainy days are special treats for me. I started liking rainy days after my educational period ended. Now when I sit comfortably in the house, spending my time on books, art and cooking, I admire rain very much. The pitter patter sounds that they make, the way they let me wear my comfortable woolen dresses, the way the air smells, the way it gives me hunger to indulge in warm food and milk... everything about rain makes me crave for more of it. When I think about the way I enjoy raining; I get th

Kymber Lee, author of TREASURED LOVE, makes her home in Amarillo, TX with her husband, David. Lee currently has an extended book signing schedule and does speaking engagements at middle and high schools. Lee will be involved with a teen reading program this summer at the public library. Lee enjoys spending time with her grown children, Justin and Kayti. Lee and her husband enjoy traveling to new places. Visit Lee’s website to view her schedule, read the first chapter of her book or to c

It�s always a hard task for anyone trying to adapt to a changing world. I faced it once, realized its nature and in fact worked harder to overcome it. It is not about adapting to those circumstances, it was about controlling your emotions, your behavior and attitude. It all happened when I got passed out of high school and moved into a college. Everyone would expect college life to be interesting, but it was not so for me. It was full of challenges standing tall against me. My school days

The Economic Contract can take a variety of forms � including bridewealth, brideservice, and dowry amongst other forms of exchange � and is a cornerstone of economic anthropology. Marriage is a universal phenomenon and the Economic Contract is found cross-culturally as well as amongst different groups around the world. Womack describes marriage in the United States as the sole economic contract in which the terms of the contract are not specified but rather are implied (145). T

For travelers seeking romance Lisbon is somewhat lacking in charm, communicating a confused identity and supplying food, wine and entertainment of an insubstantial quality. With all it�s eccentricities it does perhaps present itself as an alternative destination for the more adventurous couple. With the growth of budget airlines travelers today now have a range of options to consider when organising that annually anticipated romantic mini-break. D.H. Lawrence considered romance \"Usually,

We have but one life. We don�t know what�s next, but it is up to us to live this life to the fullest. Sounds like boring philosophy? But this itself is the key to living good. We all exist. Very few of us know how to live! Most of us spend a lot of time complaining about the bad times and wishing for better things to happen to us. We all have family and work woes. Whether teenagers or adults, life without worrying seems an abnormal life to lead doesn�t it? Well we cannot stop the

One of the most difficult things to handle is surprises. Truly, it tests the character of the wisest of men and separates the bookish from the real. I was in the first semester of my final year in college, when I received the greatest surprise in my academic life: that I will not be graduating on time, and will therefore lose the chance of graduating with honors, the award that I have diligently labored for in my past three years in the university. The reason was as dense as failing to enlist

Abstract The proper psychological preparation for dying is an important process that is often misunderstood or avoided. We generally see death as a time of sadness as compared to the many joyful times in our lives such as birth, various stages of development, marriage and so on. Through understanding of attitudes dealing with death, the death process, death anxiety and the meaning of �dying a good death�, we can better prepare for this life ending event. A good death and peaceful de

Lying on a railway track with both legs crushed I informed my parents that I just had a train accident. Every turning point is a new beginning that’s what I said to myself. With a very close encounter with death I realized that life is very precious and just because I lost both my legs, I will not stop enjoying it. I will not let myself a victim but the master of circumstances. It was seventh semester of my under graduation when I met this catastrophe, then I decided that what ever it takes I

My association with Priyam is not too long but her dedication to prove herself is going to last forever. She has been working in my organization since November 2007 in the capacity of Design Engineer. There is no dearth of self confidence and will power to prove herself at par and even better than any other individual even after being physically challenged. An accident has snatched both her legs but could not shake her determination and zest to enjoy the melody of life. Her will power and se

Life is not always a bed of roses. In my life I have learned that happiness and success are coupled with problems and obstacles that must be embraced and intricately scrutinized. With the many problems that I have encountered, I now learned not to panic to whatever problem that comes my way. I have realized that if I do not stay calm and composed I will all the more entangle myself into the deeper complexities of the problems. I have learned that the best way to resolve problems is to t

E-Book: http://www.makewomenlaugh.com Home Page Lines: Make woman laugh.com- Learn- Inside How to Use the technique of Humour best to Ur advantage to attract woman of ur dreams - & to make her Urs…!! Review: “If U are able to make her laugh with u….Be sure U are able to make her love with u” How many times it happens that you are in a party surrounded by beautiful women around you and you are planning to pass a joke to grab attention of the Crowd….But not sure what t

Our society today has a dangerous and most discouraging tendency towards pointing out people?s weaknesses whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, if one does something worthy, very few people tend to congratulate them or encourage them to do better. It is for this central reason that I was very much attracted to Hamilton College the minute I walked into the building. My very first class, Human Dynamics, was ninety percent about how to build on the strengths that all of us as individua

Almost three months have passed since the beginning of this school year and I must say the experience so far is generally painful. Before entering law school I had this fantasy of what law school is all about. As an aspiring student I have had this innocently conceived idea that law school is going to be a great place where I will be building my dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. But upon entering law school and a few weeks thereafter, it turned out that this fantasy of mine is all just that: