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english-creative writing DO YOU HAVE CARTOON MUSIC PLAYING IN YOUR HEAD TOO? Her tattoo was of a skull with wings. Doug reflected on the idea that a skull with angelic wings was a bit of an oxymoron. She had her hair pulled up in pigtails; a faux-cute self mockery that made her look the part of the raver she was trying so hard to be. Her black tank top was offset by the white vinyl pants that she was wearing. Her whole outfit couldn't have been cheap. This was strange, because obviously she

english-creative writing SUSPECT "On the ground, Mother Fucker. Next to your dead friend." Add that order to $352, mix in Ruby's Stop n' Shop, stir in a dash of a .357 Magnum, and there you have armed robbery. It was Eric's first kill, and it felt good. His sneakers slapped against the wet pavement, echoing in his ears. When he jumped off the curb, his left foot slipped a little, throwing him off balance. Damned sweatshop shoes. The bubble-vest he had donned earlier in the evening fli

Gangs are a violent reality that many people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being part of a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long-range answer to these questions can only be speculated upon, but in the short term the answers are much easier to find. On the surface, gangs are a direct result of human beings' personal wants and peer pressure. To determine how to effectively end gang violence we must first

Presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday of November. All United States citizens over 18 years of age are eligible to vote. Citizens living outside the United States can vote by asking for an absentee ballot in advanced and mailing it to their voting district. Each resident of the United States must register to vote and its assigned a voting place. This avoids people voting twice at different locations. The presidential election process is interesting because i

Art Criticism Essay Jan Van Eyck's "Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride" An Essay by Joe Public Jan Van Eyck's painting entitled "Giovanni Arnolfinni and his Bride" was painted in 1434 in the Northern Renaissance style. It is incredibly detailed something that is typical of Jan Van Eyck's work and creates the illusion of depth, directional light, rich textures and outstanding likeness of particular people. The Northern Renaissance style of painting is known for having symbolism an

Art Critic : Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" Pablo Picasso's painting entitled "Guernica" has been a masterpeice of modern art since it's first appearance at the World Fair's Fair of 1937. The huge mural has become an icon of Picasso's work and has been interpreted in several unique ways, many of which contradict Picasso's actual intentions. Artistically the composition is balanced and characteristically of Picasso's work perfectly planned and flowing. The symbols of this piece despite the mis

A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter One/The Period In this chapter we learn about the time that the story is taking place. It is taking place in 1775 and will happen in both France and England. The state of France is terrible now. France has been on the decline and is now close to being bankrupt with little food for the people that are living there. In England the situation is not as bad, but it could be better. They are having problems with America. In the major cities of these co

My Occupation: Truck Driver Merrian Webster's Dictionary defines the word trucker as; 1: one whose business is transporting goods by truck 2: a truck driver. Truckers were 2,900,000 strong in 1994 (Ouellet 11). Most people really do not think about it, but almost everything that we will use today was at one time or another on a truck. People even say that if the trucks stopped making deliveries to New York City the city would run out of food and raw materials in three days. Whether this

Pole Vaulting: Should Helmets Be Required? Pole Vaulting is a sport that many people have never seen, or know little about. The objective of this event is to use a pole to clear a bar. To do this, the vaulter must have a lot of momentum, obtained by running. Next, the vaulter places one end of the pole in a pre-manufactured hole, called "the box." Bending the pole, the vaulter swings upside down so when the pole unbends, it will throw him up in the air. At this point, the vaulter clears

Describe Social and Economical conditions of this time. During the time period of 1643 - 1727 there were many things happening. One thing, which was happening, was the plague. 1/3 of the world died in that terrible time. Newton was very lucky that he was sent to his aunts to live. The people were no longer excepting the theories of Plato and Aristotle. The scientists of that day such as Galileo had a new approach to science: make observations, carry out experiments, test ideas, analyze results,

Wisdom A Positive Human Trait Wisdom is not simply intelligence or scholarship. It is a combination of knowledge and good judgement based on experience.("Wisdom" 96) As one familiar quote states, wisdom comes through suffering.(Bartlett 68) You must undergo something in order to fully comprehend it. No one is born wise. Wisdom is gained only through acquiring insight and understanding. Often, wisdom takes many years to achieve. Gandhi is one very prominent and famous figure who demonstr

When the skunk becomes scared, he releases an offensive odor to impede the progress of the person or thing. Many authors use much of the same idea to combat what they dislike or worry about. In this case, yet another writer has used the idea of having a perfect or Utopian society to contrast it with his/her own world. Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World, saw in his own society that the amount of freedom was being diminished and so he created a society in which the inhabitants had vir

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis received enormous amounts of publicity because of her youthful beauty and great sense of style. People everywhere were captivated by her. In Paris, France such huge crowds turned out to see her that her husband, John F. Kennedy, told a group of international leaders "I don't think it altogether inappropriate to introduce myself. I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris."1 Jackie, as the world called her, might almost have been a movie star. Her pic

Character Analysis of Bigger Thomas By Daniel Smith The book Native Son by Richard Wright portrays a young black man in the American civilization during the 1940's. Bigger is used by Wright to symbolize many things in life, some greater, some smaller. He uses Bigger to show feelings and tension between the white and black community as well as tension between conformists and rebels. The story provides a container in which all the feelings from Wright's life and experiences can be poured t

A contrast between light and darkness in The Scarlet Letter By Daniel Smith Nathaniel Hawthorne used light and darkness in The Scarlet Letter in a most brilliant way. He often used darkness to symbolize death, sin, or hatred; he used light to bring forth a mindset of civilization, acceptance, and conformity. Hawthorne's use of these symbols allowed the reader to somewhat develop a mental picture and feeling of the situations that were displayed. In The Scarlet Letter, there were many ti

I'm not trying to write anything official or a real report. If I was this would look and be worded better than this. I just want to tell people how I feel about this and I figured "Hey, why not do it on the interment." I go to Sahuao High School in Tucson, Arizona. I think that our graduating requirements suck. It's not the teachers, but the administration I don't like. Here at Sahuaro we have to have just as many Physical Education credits to graduate as we do math credits. Personally,

Before the time of recorded history, prehistoric people learned to count such things as the animals in their herds and flocks. They probably first used their fingers or pebbles to help keep track of small numbers. They learned to use the length of their hands and arms and other standards of measure. And they learned to use regular shapes when they molded pottery and chipped stone arrowheads. Since the prehistoric times, mathematics has come a long way. In this essay, I will try to sum up the dev

CLONING EDATORAL The recent scientific success of cloning is a controversial topic in today's world. The Los Angeles Time expresses many views on cloning in recent editorials. In an April, 1997 editorial "Reproductive Research Far Outpaces Public Policy" The Times interviewed both supporters and critics of cloning. One of those is Lawrence Gostin, President of Public Health at Georgetown University who is for cloning. John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe, director of the bioethics arm of the Virginia-base

The Nicotine Queen My Aunt Sabrina casually looked at her watch. She had a meeting to go to right after our interview was over. In all the years that I had been close with my aunt, it always seemed that she had somewhere else to be. We sat across from each other at my kitchen table. Her curly hair was done up in a bun on the top of her head, with small tendrils rolling down her face. The wrinkles on her hands were like old memories of past scars her body had endured. Seeming pretty rela

Contrasting views of adultery between Joyce Carol Oates' and Anton Chekov's The Lady with the Pet Dog The underlining theme of the two renditions of the story "The Lady with the Pet Dog ," are the two affairs that took place and the difference in the way that the affairs are portrayed. In Anton Chekov's version, which was written in 1899 and set in Russia, the main character is Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov, a married but lonely man who by chance meets a younger lady named Anna Sergeyevna who i

There has been heated debate about the act of exhibiting particular art works in art galleries. Arguments from the music critic Samuel Lipman and the House Representative Mayor Owens illustrate how ferocious one's ideals about the placement of art can get. Because of its subjective or highly personal nature, it has been difficult to decide the extent of an invisible line that separates "good" art from "bad" art. Lipman illustrated how going beyond this fictitious line would be seen as defiant

Why bebe-guns are dangerous This past summer, when I was "horsing" around with my friends, I came to realize how dangerous a bebe-gun can be. I learned that I had made a big mistake by not thinking before my actions, and that is what got me into trouble. My friends and I were fooling around with a bebe-gun, shooting at cans. One bebe ricocheted off one of the cans and hit a man on the golf course. I wanted to apologize, but was frightened to at the time. The park police came to my hous

Ralph Ralph, a tall, blond twelve year old, establishes himself as the leader of the boys when he blows the conch shell to call the first assembly. Throughout the story, he struggles to maintain order, forced to compete with Jack for respect. Ralph's name, derived from the Anglo-Saxon language, means "counsel." Jack

Eric Carlson Promoting America - an awesome challenge America, the country which I believe is still the land of opportunity , gives many benefits to its citizens, and sticks to all its own slogans. America has a democratic government "of the people for the people." I believe those words "of the people for the people" is the best words spoken from our forefathers. Those words mean we all as people no matter what, we are the pillars of America's constitution. America, has no official

Mandela was born July 19, 1918, in Umtata. He was imprisoned from 1964 until 1990; he is a symbol of black South Africans against segregation and the white minority rule in South Africa. In 1944 he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and became the co-founder of the ANC's Youth League. Mandela became a big time activist for blacks, when sixty- nine blacks were killed in a demonstration in 1961. That same year he became the head of a militant underground protest movement. In 1962, he was a

BY:ERIC CARLSON JULES VERNE [titled in Germany] was born in 1828 in the seaport town of Nantes, France. He was from a family whose father was a lawyer. As a boy , Jules sat at the docks listening to sailors' tales of faraway places and imaging himself exploring unknown worlds. At a 11 Verne ran-away from

Style is one of the most important aspects of any artist. B.B. King's playing, Poe's gloom, and Salvador Dali's abstractness are all part of their individual style. It helps the average person to identify the artist, whether it may be a musician, writer or painter. Although Bradbury and Wells may both been writing science fiction, they each had their own style. Bradbury and Wells have many of the same stylistic features, but they also have contrasting traits in their writing. Martian C

Evan Spiegel Research Project Seminar 2/7/98 Science, according to the Webster?s Universal Unabridged Dictionary, is a branch of knowledge or study, especially one concerned with establishing and systematizing facts, principles, and methods, as by experiments and hypotheses. To me, that is not what science is. I believe that science is something that can be interesting and entertaining. This is why I appreciate science a great deal. Although I have not had many ex

* What do you think are the main themes of the story? Identify and discuss them. In a publicity questionnaire, Golding described the theme of "Lord Of The Flies" as follows: "The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature... The whole book is symbolic in nature." In other words Golding sees the main theme of his book as the nature of man and the reflection of the human personality on society. The book explores the inner conflicts of man in which o

Legal Murdering I am here to discuss the topic of abortion. I. I have greatly accepted the invitation to come to this seminar and discuss abortion with you. A. I thank each and every one of you for attending this class. B. I thank you for listening to the previous speakers and me so intently. II. I light a match and burn a tissue. A. As I light this match, think about how the baby is feeling as a needle is pushed into its tiny body. B. (The tissue is done burning and is in

Andromeda Strain In the movie Andromeda Strain pH scale was included in the experiment trying to see what happens to blood when someone hyperventilates and proteins. On the first day the expertise were trying to solve the problem as to why the satellite retrieved from outer space was killing people and animals. Then the scientist had to design some experiments to find out more about the deadly organism. They knew that there were three things that they had to find out. First was to id

The Certainty of the Uncertainty Reduction Theory We, as humans, attain multiple relationships throughout our lifetime. Whether they are with our family, friends, co-workers, or a significant others. With these relationships, an important key to a successful relationship is that of trust. Trust is a difficult issue for most people, and could be spoken for by its own; but trust involves depending on another person for comfort, hope, encouragement, and most of all honesty. Yet, to sanction an

Solving Problems through Consilience Will consilience, the unity of all knowledge, really solve all of our worldly problems and mysteries? Edward O. Wilson believes it will. I disagree with him though, for numerous reasons. Wilson thinks that combining the two cultures, the sciences and the humanities, will answer all of our questions about the unknown. One of the reasons I disagree with Wilson is because if you combined the two cultures you would get a kind of gray area where diff

Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder According to the DSM IV, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity is defined as a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity- impulsity that is more frequent and severe than is typically observed in individuals at a comparable level of development. Some of there symptoms of inattentiveness and hyperactivity must have been present before age seven, however most people are not diagnosed until years later although the symptoms have been present. In

As a young child I was not linguistically intelligent. I had favorite books but I didn t have an easy time reading or memorizing things. In fact this is the subject that gave me the hardest time in school. I never had an easy time reading or writing but I have overcome my difficulties and I am still working on becoming a better writer.I had a little logical intelligence as a child. I enjoyed playing around with a chemistry set and other science materials as a child. I frequently asked my

What types of Indian behavior, rituals and customs did Europeans typically misunderstand or mis interpret? What myths of Indian society resulted? After being isolated from Europe for so long it was only a matter of time before the two wolrds collided, the simpler world of the indians with the more "advanced" world of the europeans. Not only was the European world different but the Indian world was multifacted within itself. Out of the collision of these two worlds there was bound to

INCAS The vast Inca empire, with its advanced culture and powerful armies, spanned most of the Andes along South America's western coast at the time of Spanish conquest in the early 16th century. The Incas had a very clear social structure. The ruler, Sapa Inca, and his wives, the Coyas, had supreme control over the empire. The High Priest and the Army Commander in Chief were next. Then came the Four Apus, the regional army commanders. Next came temple priests, architects, administr

Success Success is often defined as becoming rich and or famous ,but if this were true there wouldn’t be many successful people. I think that success is crucially tied along with accomplishing goals. Therefore, I can reach success when I achieve my goals. I can reach success more than one time for, anything can be a goal. Goals can either be short term or long term goals. Once I reach a goal I will be successful. For example, one short term goal that I have recently set for m

In Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman’s warped view of the American Dream caused tragedy in his family because he stressed the importance of popularity over hard work and risk-taking over perserverence. Willy grew up believing that being "well-liked" was important to becoming a success. He believed that being well-liked could help you charm teachers and open doors in business. He is proud that the neighborhood boys flock around Biff and respond to Biff’s athletic abilities,

 Human beings exist and interact in a reality which they define themselves. Inside of this reality they make use of social objects, that is, anything used between to actors in social situations that have meaning and function in that social environment (Charon 46). Many social objects are used to represent something else and are interpreted to convey more meaning. These social objects are known as symbols and it is the core of the symbolic interactionist perspective. Simply define

Land of Desire: Merchants, Power, and the Rise of a New American Culture William Leach Random House; 1993 428 Pages The transformations that America went through in order to become a capitalist country were very significant and are sometimes looked past. However, in the book Land of Desire, the author, William Leach extensively goes into many of those things. There were many things that went into this ranging from specific poeple and incidents to outside places and thin

American values are a tricky thing. It seems that the value set changes with each individual. "American pragmatism is actually rooted in deeply held anti-authoritarian, individualistic, egalitarian, activist ideals, which privilege personal choice, flexibility, and technical efficiency with the pursuit of success, however success is defined." (Hall, Lindholm, pg. 91) Basically, an individual's values are what that individual decides they are. The key to understanding this is realizing

Tonja, hey whtas up? your probably playing your game right now! i bet your doing good ! practice sucked, it was so hot!! i dunno!!! but anyways Sunday on icq i asked brad if you said anything about me, and he just said “no, she was like all over the guys though” it’s ok if you were i mean u don’t have to not be all over guys anymore, but i mean i just dont’ like when people like say that they like me and then do that, i’m not saying you did it i’m just saying.....

Bradley Jon Stromsodt Western Civilization since 1500 Crime March 19,2001 Richard van Dulman, Rituals of Execution in Early Modern Germany Keith Wrightson, Infanticide in European History Stephen P. Frank, Popular Justice, Community, and Culture Among the Russian Peasantry, 1870-1900 Dealing with crime and criminals is something that everyone has had and will have to deal with. Even if a person has not been the victim of a crime, they still have been affected in some way. The dif

1. Tittle: The Reports of Alexander Hamilton 2. Author: Jacob E., Cooke 3. What kind of childhood did this person have? Alexander Hamilton had a rough and tough childhood. Born on the West Indian Island of Nevis as the illegitimate son of James Hamilton (a Scottish trader) and Rachel Faucett Lavien. Hamilton underwent a lot as a child. He had to face his mother's death at the age of twelve and his dad's bankruptcy, which forced him to go live with some folks that accepted to take him in.

SLOVAKIA Name of Ministry/Office: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Department of International Economic Cooperation Date: 7 January, 1997 Economic Cooperation Dr. Jan Varso, Chargé d' Affaires Mailing address: Stromová 1, 833, 36 Bratislava, Slovakia Telephone: 42-7-3704 214 Telefax: 42-7-372 326 Note from the Secretariat: An effort has been made to present all country profiles within a common format, with an equal number of pages. However, wher

mayWashington Monthly Company For several years I've been complaining about the renewed glamorization of smoking by Hollywood. Having been one of the poor fools who started smoking to imitate the movie heroes of the forties, I had welcomed the near absence of smoking in films of the '60s, '70s, and '80s, at least in the case of characters who were supposed to be admirable, so I have worried that the return of the glamorization in this decade might lead to another generation of fools lik

Big Man on Campus Time sure does fly by awfully fast. I can remember when I was still in kindergarten; drinking orange juice and cookies, playing at recess, nap time, having your own little cubbie hole, bringing your toys in for show and tell, playing heads up seven up when its raining out site, making arts and crafts to take home to your parents, and more. Then I realized the moment I’ve been waiting for has arrived. All the pain, agony, struggling, and time I’ve wasted

Dear Journal: I had a great day with all aspects considered. Even school was very interesting. We studied the Solar System today, and played floor hockey in gym. We started a craft where we hang all the planets on coat hangers so they orbit as they do in space. Chris, the big bully in grade 6, stopped bugging the entire grade 4 class, including myself. I hope he stops for good, now that the principal threatened him. I heard that if he doesn't behave, he would be kicked out of schoo

In Michigan, the clich "the hustle and bustle of the city" should be rephrased "the hustle and bustle of the suburbs". No longer is our city of Detroit the hub of the state, or even a city that most Michiganders are proud of. Today, the city of Detroit, which was once a leading metropolis of the world, is taking a back seat to Michigan's suburbs in terms of residential, business and industrial growth. Forty years ago, " I live in Detroit" was a statement that was honored by all citizens of