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Summer of the Monkeys
By:Wilson Rawls
The book Summer of the Monkeys is about a family of four that had just moved to the Ozark Mountains, smack dab in the middle of the Cherokee Nation.The ladt thing a fourteen year old boy expects to find along an old Ozark river bottom is a tree full of monkeys. Jay Berry Lee's grandpa had an explanation of course, as he did for most things.The monkeys had escaped from a travling circus, and there was a handsome reward in store for anyone who coul

Tess of the D'Urbervilles Essay essay selection number two The Victorian period was generally known as a peaceful and intellectually static era. Thomas Hardy tries diligently to educate the reader on multiple facets of the Victorian era. Hardy uses many sources to illustrate a changing era throughout the novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Specifically, the changing society, urbanization, and Darwinism all illustrate his main focus on dialect in nature. One attribute to the time s

To kill A Mocking Bird Final 1. To Kill a Mocking Bird is based in about 1935, right in the middle of the depression. It is set in a small town in Alabama called Maycomb. Maycomb, like most small southern towns, has a problem with widespread racism toward Negroes. The novel focuses on one family, the Finches. In the family there are three people, Scout, Jem and Atticus. Atticus is a lawyer and is defending a Negro man in court (Tom Robinson), something that was not often done in the

Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, in 1820. She grew up in a Quaker community which treated everyone equally. One thins that Anthony was against was drunkeness. In those days men that constantly drank was aloud to do as they please with their wife and or chldren, that included beating them. Susan joined the "Daughter of temperance", a group that was against drunkeness. Anthony along with many other women faought for the right to file for a divorce if the causeof divorce was a

Book report by Sam Ruppo - Y1 02-6755133 Name of the book: Siddhartha Author: Hermann Hesse 1. Choose page 30/50/70, and describe what happens there, and how it is connected to the rest of the book. Page 30: This book takes place in India, 5th century. On this page, it is told how Siddhartha, the main character in the story, meets Buddha, and listens to his teachings. This is a very important day, and event, in Siddhartha's life. It is important to the plot for 2 main reasons. First

The book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck is a fictional book about the lives of two men that are trying to live their lives the way they've always dreamed about. The setting of this book is the early 1900's in the United States. The story takes place in a town a few miles South of Soledad, California. There are a few references to past towns that the two men have lived in, but the whole story basically takes place on a ranch where they both work. This book is about a man named G

Harper Lee's character Jem (Jeremy) Finch from her famous novel, To Kill A Mockingbird is very interesting because during the course of the novel, he undergoes a great maturation process, through which he comes to understand all the events which are occurring around him. There are many such events which affect this maturation process, and causes it to speed up. All these events can assembled into three groups; those which are directly related to his father's (Atticus) trial to defend a black m

Animal Farm By: George Orwell a report by: Eric Drewes Animal Farm by George Orwell is the story about the farm of Farmer Jones, and how the animals rebelled and took control. For years, the animals took Jones' tyranny. This created a resentment for him in the animals for him, and this built up until the animals, led by the pigs, formed an army and drove the farmer from his home. From this start, the animals decided that forever they would all be equal comrades. There was a hierarc

Through this report a discussion of the elements of The Lost World by Michael Crichton will be explored. A further explanation of how these elements combine to create a good or bad novel will be explored. The Lost World takes place six years after the incident on Isla Nublar, Costa Rica,(Jurassic Park)and only carries one of the characters over to the sequel, which is Ian Malcom. InGen, the company which had been breeding live dinosaurs had gone bankrupt immediately

Question 1) Write a different beginning or a different ending for the story. Answer 1) I chose to write a different ending for the story. In the ending of the story, I found out that the girl that called herself "Sherry North" was a policewoman in disguise, that since chapter 7 (that started in page 26) was lying to Harry, by telling him that she's Sherry North. That's why I think that the story should be like that the policewoman is really Sherry North,

Catch-22 Theme Essay The novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is a very interesting and very funny book. It is filled with crazy characters and strange events. All of these characters and events help the author to illustrate one very obvious theme. Theme of Catch-22 is that war and the military are full of lunacies, catches, and unfairness. One catch of the military expressed to the reader in Catch-22 is located on pages 46 and 47. A rule of the air force states that any man who is cra

Joseph Heller Both "Catch 22" and "Closing Time", by Joseph Heller, are off the wall, unbelievably outrageous and bitingly funny. But while they posses easy to understand humor on the surface, it is impossible not to acknowledge the underlying themes of social justice that Heller is trying to reveal, both though his characters and through his use of satire. A caparison of "Catch 22" and "Closing Time" lends an abundance of interesting ideas and fascinating insights into our own and soci

To Kill A Mockingbird The popular yet classic novel written by Harper Lee A single, widowed father, Atticus Finch strives to raise his two children with good morals in a southern town during the 1930's. Atticus, Mrs. Dubose, and the children are the main characters in the story. They all reside in a small town by the name of Maycomb, where this story takes place. Mrs. Dubose is a sick old lady and is often criticized Jem and Scout and other children who pass the porch where she was confi

Chapter 1-The first chapter describes how people remember the small details of every day life just as much as the larger happening. - In the first chapter the main character has a disturbing dream of Manderley. - In her dream she becomes upset at the way Manderley has become run-down and fallen apart. - She also remembers the little details of every day life at Manderley and how she seems to miss them. Chapter 2-Chapter describes how people seem to grasp on to familiar things when away fro

LL Cool J, born Todd James Smith, has made many great accomplishments in his life due to his upbringing. This autobiography explains about his choices, the good, the bad, the wrong and the right. Through all of his experiences he is able to say, "I Make My Own Rules." Experiences that would change Todd's life began before he was born. One night, after a party his parents had been attending, his mother and father got into an argument in their car driving on a highway in New York City. Todd's

A Childhood Lost in A War Tell No One Who You Are Walter Buchignani Copyright 1994 Tundra Books 185 pages 'But I'm Regine Miller.' 'I know that,' said Nicole. 'But from now no one else must know your real name. What I'm saying is: Tell no one who you are. Do you understand? This is very, very important.'(Nicole and Regine In Buchignani 76) In Tell No One Who You Are, Walter Buchignani explores the topic of the holocaust seen from the eyes of twelve year old Regine Mille

Randle McMurphy's role as a savior in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest Thesis Statement: Through his laughter and struggle with the Big Nurse, Randle McMurphy shows the other characters in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest that they can think and act for themselves. I. Introduction A. Preview main points B. Thesis statement II. Ward before McMurphy's actions A. Overbearing Nurse Ratched B. Submissive patients C. McMurphy's call to action III. Power

Analyze the Regional Aspects In regional novels, using the right tools of language to create a sense of environment is essential, and in The Rapture of Canaan, Sheri Reynolds does this extremely well. While she weaves the story of a young girl growing up in a secluded religious community somewhere in the rural south, Reynolds is forced to describe and create an extremely convincing and obvious surrounding for Ninah and her God-fearing family. With the right combination of language tool

The Adventures and Maturing of Huckleberry Finn "My new clothes was all greased up and clayey, and I was dog-tired." Mark Twain uses these words to help create the character of Huckleberry Finn. Twain uses dialogue and dialects to show the reader the adventures of a young, rambunctious boy. Huck paints pictures for his readers with his southern dialect. The people and places Huck comes in contact with along the Mississippi are seen through his eyes. Twain's style shows the many relatio

Manzanar Essay Way back when during World War II the United States grew conflicts with many other nations. One of those conflicts was with Japan. The Americans discriminated against the Japanese because of the fact that they bombed Pearl Harbor. When we discriminated against them we called them names and did not include them into our life. Many Japanese were treated so unfairly against that they were sent to work camps and many of those that were sent were American born. We, as Americans, we

Mexico Mexico is located to the south of the United States. It is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and Belize, and Guatemala to the south. Mexican jurisdiction extends over a number of islands offshore. The total area of the country is 761,604 square miles. Mexico is a Federal Republic, governed under a constitution drafted in 1917. National executive power is vested in a president, who must be Mexican born, and the child of a native Mexican. The president

The book the Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a story of an old Cuban fisherman who struggles to capture an enormous marlin. This is an incredible and moving story. The fisherman is down on his luck and when he hooks the enormous marlin it is everything he can do to just hold on. It was the strong will and perseverence displayed by the old man that made the reader fall in love with his character and feel the old man's pain, happiness, and sadness. Hemingway conveyed to everyone the ama

Many who seek to understand the book of Ecclesiastes often fail to understand the purpose of the writings of Koheleth [Hebrew for teacher or preacher, also designating the author of this book]. Some view him as a skeptic, disillusioned by that which lives "under the sun". Others describe him as a realist, seeing quite clearly the evils which befall men, both good and evil. Still others confuse his particular philosophy on life as a form of ni-hilism. Volumes of material have been written vigorou

"...heroic and sick." William Golding, in his book Lord of The Flies, views mankind as being, "at once heroic and sick." He suggests that mankind is indeed a barbaric savage race that masks itself through cooperation, balance and organization in society. I agree with Golding's statement that man is, "heroic," however, savagery lies within each one, "sick." William Golding was born in England in 1911. His lifetime took him through two world wars, the second of which he was an active

In his book, The Thurber Carnival, James Thurber uses the short stories "The Lady on 142," "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty," "The Catbird Seat," "The Breaking Up of the Winships," and "The Curb In The Sky" to focus on the conflicts between men and women. He shows the conflicts between the men who want to be adventurous and the women who hold them back. The conflicts about which Thurber writes typically start out small but expand into major problems. Many of the male characters in James

% This paper is in a file format called LaTeX. You can compile it into something that looks good, or you can just read through all the formatting info. \documentclass{article} \author{Ian Turner} \title{Differences of purpose between Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.} \begin{document} \maketitle Much literary criticism find similarities between two books, merely because they have similar settings or address superficially similar issues. Such is the

A Study of Structure in The Sound and the Fury In his novel, The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner employs a unique structural assembly to relay a compelling and complex plot to his readers. As he looked upon this work as a failure in its own right, Faulkner revealed, "...I wrote that same story four times. None of them were I printed it in four sections" (Millgate 89). His intention upon writing this novel was not for the sole purpose of creating such a peculiar organi

Tom Sawyer is a young boy who lives in a small town on the Mississippi River. He lives with his Aunt Polly, his half brother Sid, and his cousin Mary. He is a mischievous and adventurous boy. He has a friend named Huck Finn. Him and Tom have many adventures. Tom and Huck are always up to trouble. When Huck tells Tom to meet at the cemetery at midnight the climax of the story begins. They were there to try out a spell with a dead cat to cure a wart on Tom. Instead at midnight in the cemet

CRITICAL ANALYSIS on the SYMBOLISM In the GREAT GATSBY The novel THE GREAT GATSBY is rich with symbolism. Two of the most apparent of these are the green light and the names of the people who attended Mr. Gatsby's parties. These are just some the symbolism that occur in the book, but they are the ones that I will be talking about in this critical analysis. When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this novel he was able to make about every thing in this novel into some sort of symbol for something.

One-Sided Story By David G Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, is a brilliant story about truth and love. He wrote The Scarlet Letter during a time in the 19th century when romantic literature was popular in America. His tale dwells on the sin of adultery in a Puritan village. The first character that Hawthorne puts to life is Hester Prynne, a young bride awaiting her husband. Next, Hawthorne suspiciously sneaks Arthur Dimmesdale into the plot, an inspired Puritan ministe

There are many factors that contribute to strong relationships. Some of the key elements are communication, trust, and forgiveness. In Judith Guests novel, Ordinary People, there are several relationships where these elements are portrayed. They are illustrated either in a positive or negative manner, usually between several family members. One element that helps relationships become strong, and keeps people together is communication. Communication can hold a relationship tightly togethe

"The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gillman is a deeply symbolic story of the repression that women faced in the early twentieth century. During the late nineteenth century when Gillman wrote the story based on her own experiences with depression, she had difficulty finding an editor to print it. Once in distribution, the story then seemed to fade from print until nearly a century later when it emerged during the women's rights movement. Gillman's clearly feminist views in her writ

Silas Marner Silas Marner, a book by George Eliot show how Silas Marner, an unjustly exiled linen weaver is restored to life by the means of a little orphan girl named Eppie. This moral allegory of the redemption of the power of love affects three main characters in different ways. After being crookedly accused of stealing money, Silas Marner is forced into the life of a loner. During this time, someone steals his gold and he is so transfixed on getting the gold back that when he sees a y

By: Jean Craighead George My Side of The Mountain is about a young boy named Sam Gribley who is sick of living in an overpopulated New York City apartment, so he runs away to live in the wilderness. Sam knows it is going to be hard to go live out in the middle of the forest with no stores or people, and that he is going to have to live off the resources that the forest provides him with. Sam takes with him very few supplies: a penknife, a ball of cord, an ax, $40, and some flint and st

Night is a very good book. It is very descriptive of what times were like during World War 2. It shows the harsh treatment of the Jews. It makes you think about how many innocent people have died for absolutely no reason. Most of all, it makes you think of what hell the concentration camps must have been. I don't know if I could have made it through concentration camps. They sound very harsh. World War 2 was a very dark time for Jews all over Europe. There are several settings in Night. The book

Animal Farm By George Orwell The barn door slammed shut as the drunken farmer Mr. Jones left the barn after feeding the animals. As he walked to the back door, he kicked off his boots and entered the house with a staggered walk. He poured himself a cup of beer and drank himself to sleep. Soon after he had drifted off, the animals in the barn gathered and had a group meeting. At the meeting the head pig, they call the Major, talked to them about the possible future pla

The book I read was A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Have you ever wanted to read a novel that had violence, romance, suspense, and action all in one? If so this is the book for you. I felt that Dickens chose this title because the story takes place in both France and England. The two countries are mirror images of each other, and both have poverty and a corrupt government; England is slightly better than France though. Most of the story takes place in France rather than England.

Analysis of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a book written by Benjamin Franklin about Benjamin Franklin. When reading through this autobiography it is apparent that he shows a change throughout this book. I saw an aging of Franklin between parts. He also tells of some mistakes he has made but they are few and far between. Franklin will also portray life in the 18th century. I believe that this autobiography of Franklin is not very precise o

Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy is said to be the single greatest epic poem of all time. The opening story of the character of Dante the Pilgrim is told in the first of the three divisions: The Inferno. The Inferno is a description of Dante's journey down through Hell and of the several degrees of suffering and many mythical creatures that he encounters on the way. Throughout his travel Dante displays many different feelings and actions but the emotion that summarizes the entire poem is fear

Caught With Rye An optical illusion is something that appears to be one thing, but in reality is something different. Holden Caulfield is like an optical illusion; he appears to be one way but is nothing like what he appears to be. The reason for the false appearance that Holden portrays is that society has branded him with this image. He is caught in this image and he doesn?t know how to escape from it. By Holden being ostracized by society no one ever learns the truth behind Him and who he

Animal Farm Animal Farm, by George Orwell, depicts the behavior of human nature in a society of farm animals. When the animals on Manor Farm rebel against Mr. Jones, all seems dandy and pleasant. The animals make Seven Commandments of Animalism, the basis for their government, which are painted on the side of the barn. They stated that no animal was allowed to walk on two legs, drink alcohol, or sleep in human beds, because those were human luxuries and humans were considered evil.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair was written in 1905 in an attempt to expose the plight of the workers of Chicago's Packingtown and elsewhere. Sinclair was sent to Chicago to report the conditions. What he found and wrote about caused much disgust, followed by much reform. This novel has been deemed as one of the most influential books of the twentieth century. Upon reading The Jungle and learning how their meat was being produced, many Americans found meat repulsive and even temporarily d

The comment that has been purposed is that an author has really only a single theme and that all works are elaboration's on earlier themes produced by the writer. Now this can be made apparent if the works of the late William Shakesphere, or more presently John Griffin, Steven King, or locally Allison Monroe are looked at. All of which have written numerous pieces on single themes. Margaret Laurence is yet another author that conforms to this criteria. She has written a number of books

Joyce Carol Oates writes that Herman Melville's novels have artistic difficulty because he uses fiction writing as a preachy parable. Oates believes that Melville's writing is annoying for the modern reader to interpret because of contemporary expectations that writing be entertaining and less like a heavy sermon. Oates believes a contemporary reader must become educated in the fact that Melville's characters are depiction of ideas, not characters in a drama, in order to make sense of his w

The most dramatic scene in stage three of Great Expectations is when Pip goes back to Miss Havisham's to confront her about pretending to be, or at least leading Pip to believe that she was, his benefactor. At first, Miss Havisham doesn't understand why Pip has come. Pip is obviously very angry because his whole life he has lived thinking he was an honourable gentleman under the support of an eccentric but still aristocratic old lady. Also, he has been led to believe that he and Estella are t

The relationship between Jaggers and Wemmick seems strictly professional on the surface, but neither one of them is really being themselves. Sometimes they almost seem like an old married couple because they've been together so long. But their relationship is not nearly as important as their purpose in Great Expectations, that being as sort of parental figures to Pip in his London life. When Jaggers and Wemmick are together, they obviously know each other well and have been working with ea

There are many things about the Victorian Age that are different from our way of life today. Evidence of this can be found in such elements of the 1800's as courting manners, child- rearing, transportation, housing and careers. The novel and film Great Expectations give many examples of the contrast of the present and the past. Victorians were a very class-conscious society. These days, just about anyone can manage to have fairly nice clothes, a decent car, a place to live, and reasonable

The Importance Of Setting In \"Hills Like White Elephants\" The setting in Hemingway\'s \"Hills Like White Elephants,\" is quite significant to the theme of the short story. Hemingway\'s choice of setting was very thoughtfully selected. The story takes place at a train junction in the valley of Ebro, Spain. The fact that the couple are at a junction, a place where one must choose the right path to follow, alone represents that a crucial decision will be made. The decision that must be made is

In a letter to the reader, Michael Shaara states that his purpose is similar to Stephen Crane's in The Red Badge of Courage. He wishes to display history not as cold facts, but rather in such a way that the reader can live the history. This is to be accomplished through extensive detail of the emotions of the men, the atmosphere of the battle, and strategies of the commanding officers. Accepting this as Shaara's intent, it can be justifiably stated that he succeeds in his objective. The Kill

What Qualities of Gandhi make him a hero of faith? Ganghi was a great man, the quintessance of a hero of faith. In all religions nowadays Gandhi has attained an almost mythical status for being one of the most loving and good man that most can remember, but there are three certain qualities which allow him to be presented with this mythical "hero of faith" stature, these qualities of Gandhi, which make him a hero of faith are, his courage because he was willing to die in order to bring his