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The theme of Huxley's Brave New World is community, identity, and stability. Each of these three themes represents what a Brave New World society needs to have in order to survive. According to the new world controllers, community is a result of identity and stability, identity is a part of genetic engineering, and stability is what everyone desires to achieve. These themes are represented in the book by the symbolic meaning of the phrase "Children are from bottles" and the hypnotic phrase "E

The Chosen: REVIEW by Chang-Ming Just yesterday, a new book, The Chosen, written by Chaim Potok was published. The book details the life of two Jewish boys from different sects, Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders. The only way I can begin to describe this book is beautiful. I don't know what to discuss first. The characters are so amazingly unique. You know each person, and each of them is very individual and different. The character development is amazying. The plot is quite interes

Elizabeth, the main and favorite character of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, learns much about Mr. Darcy's character from her observations of his land and house and from her conversation with his housekeeper. She learns, contrary to her previous opinions of Mr. Darcy, that he is modest and good tempered, qualities that are very important to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is justified in loving Mr. Darcy, and her interests are not materialistic. When Elizabeth catches first glimpse of Pemberly, she

The Value of Human Life Erich Maria Remarque's classic war novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, deals with the many ways in which World War I affected people's lives, both the lives of soldiers on the front lines and the lives of people on the homefront. One of the most profound effects the war had was the way it made the soldiers see human life. Constant killing and death became a part of a soldier's daily life, and soldiers fighting on all sides of the war became accustomed to it. The a

ANIMAL FARM In the novel 1984, George Orwell shows us a culture and society in dire need of a revolution. In Animal Farm, he uses animals to personify a possible outcome of this revolution. His interpretation of the treatment of animals and their rebellion is not possible, but taken metaphorically is one of the most is insightful views of the possible corruption of the human mind during absolute power. The story begins with the Manor Farm, a small self sustaining cropland with all

Tragedy and the Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman revolves around a tragic and misunderstood hero who eventually takes his own life for the betterment of his family, especially his eldest son. Written by Arthur Miller, the play centers on Willy Loman who is a salesman, a father of two sons Biff and Happy, and husband to a wonderful wife, Linda. Throughout the story, Willy proves through his actions that he is indeed a tragic hero in Arthur Miller's eyes. To Arthur Miller, a tragic hero

Writing in satire and using the voices of female roles in her numerous works, Charlotte Perkins Gilman proudly proclaimed her feminism. Most of what she wrote, whether is was a poem, a short story, a non fiction novel, or a fictional novel, showed the pride she had in strong women leaders. Her stories found their way from her life experiences as supporting social motherhood, kitchen less homes, and women's economic independence. Gilman was born in 1860 in the tiny state of Rhode Island

Lennie & Finny Finny, from A Separate Peace, and Lennie, from Of Mice and Men, was basically the center of their novels. Everything that went on revolved around them. From the very beginning, each of their incidents was a major part of the novels. Everything that happened to them, including the death of Lennie's mouse, and Finny's announcement of his and Gene's friendship, then to each of their deaths, they had a large impact on the themes of the books. Finny and Lennie shared a few

Pat Conroy's The Great Santini creates a dramatic statement about how men cling to ideas and apply them to their everyday lives. The main character, Bull Meecham, was a fighter pilot who loved the Marines as much as he loved his wife and children. As a result, he ran his family like a military unit. His family misunderstood his devotion to the military, enigmatic demeanor, and forthright personality. When Bull returned from a year's service in Europe, he moved his family from their hometown roo

Evan Dumas Dr. Davis The Legacy of Malcolm X As far as influential black leaders go, Malcolm X would most definitely be in the topmost group of individuals. Right alongside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Gen. Colin Powell, and Homey the Clown. However, his methods differed greatly from the methods of those two, but he was greatly influential nevertheless. He increased racial tension, whereas Martin Luther King attempted to decrease it, and preach equality. This is probably the main

Literary Analysis Period 1 Literary Analysis: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck The Author and His Times. John Steinbeck, the author of Of Mice and Men, was born in Salinas, California, in 1902. Mr. Steinbeck grew up in an agricultural valley about twenty-five miles from the Pacific Coast. In 1919, he went to Stanford University where he intermittently enrolled in literature and writing courses until he left in 1925 without taking a degree. After college, Mr. Steinbeck supported

Sam Rosenberg 5/27/98 20-1 Adversity, Truth, and Memories from Vietnam The Things They Carried, written by Tim O'Brien and published in 1990, is the most recent book about the Vietnam War O'Brien has written. This book discusses the lives and deaths of a platoon of soldiers in Vietnam and also the narrator's life before and after the war. Every character in this book has to overcome some form of inhumanity or adversity caused mainly by the Vietnam War. Each character grows from, learns a

Honor. What is honor? Honor is the feeling or expression of admiration, respect, or esteem. This idea played a major role in Becket. To whom did Thomas Becket's honor belong? King Henry II? God? Well, this changed, not only in direction, but also in intensity, throughout the play. In the play, we see what caused Becket's intense feeling of honor to change from being in the King's favor to that of God's. It was very noticeable early on in the play that Becket and the King we

Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse is very effective in showing the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay, not with actual interaction with each other, but through their different approaches toward everyday life. Through the constraints of the Victorian society, Mrs. Ramsay must appear subservient and inferior. Anything radical would go against the principals of her husband. Yet, underneath, Mrs. Ramsay is much more superior mentally, which she tries to keep inconspicuous and undetecta

On this campus, a student has probably only communicated with approximately one-third of the population. The other two- thirds he or she learns about through heresay picked up in conversation. This gossip creates a stereotypical view of these unfamiliar faces in the individual's mind since there is no previous interaction to rely on. A returning student may tell me of a visual art major that has an offending hair color and body piercings, and I can gullibly infer that the artist will deve

In "The Last Chrysanthemum," Thomas Hardy asks, "Why should this flower delay so long / To show its tremulous plumes?" He might have well have been posing this question to himself. The British poet wrote most of his greatest verse after the age of sixty. Hardy proves, that through life's journey, a metamorphosis can take place in one's perspective. Through time and experience, innocence is lost, only realized after a death or startling event. Hardy takes three approaches at this theme in

Henry Louis Mencken stated, "Love: The delusion that one woman differs from another." This motto rings true for the travellers that Geoffrey Chaucer accompanied on the pilgrimage in The Canterbury Tales. Each of the author's characters fit in their own archetype, each with their own story. As the tales are told one by one, the pilgrims' opinions and feelings are exposed for the host and the reader to evaluate. This reveals important traits, including how the caravan perceives love. These

"It was belief and commitment that fostered not only heroes but hero worship; not only great leaders but devoted followers." Such a statement is one of wisdom, standing the test of time. The composition of a "hero" is universal, no matter how grand the scale. It all originated with belief and commitment--but it can also be applied to the devoted fans. These characteristics are shared to make the system work for thousands of years. The beliefs of a hero are the stepping stones fo

A Comparison Between Conrad's and Joyce's Imagery To children, night lights give a sense of security and leave the imagination to rest. The comfort of light is helpful for children who often conjure up monsters that lurk under the bed and ominous shadows from tree branches. Dark scenes are often depicted as the foreboding unknown and things one may not rather learn more about. However, when Jake comes to a divine revelation to reunite the band in the movie, "The Blues Brothers," he ho

There is nothing plane about the book Airframe by Michael Crichton. His nonfictional book uses technical information to explain a mid-flight problem that killed 3 people and injured 57. Casey Singleton is a woman that works for a company that tries to find out problems with their TransPacific airplanes. She is investigating the TransPacific flight 545 that killed 3 people and injured 57 people. This book is a well-written book. The author does a good job explaining and describing events, s

This is done in APA format. No title page is included.It is approx.10 pages, double spaced. SUMMARY In their book Reinventing Government, Osborne and Gaebler (1992) suggest that there has been a transformation in the confidence in the government and an overall decline in efficacy of government structures. The book outlines some effective trends and imperative changes that need to be put into place to restructure the floundering governmental system in the United States. Osborne and Gaeb

This paper came from an assignment in which I was supposed to write an account of the trial from each of the following people in parentheses. I received 100% for it. (A member of the black community sitting in the balcony) When I first heard about the accusations, I was instinctively prejudice against the Ewells because they were white. But I then realized that I was extremely wrong in doing so. So I went to the trial with an open mind. But as I walked home from the trial, I remember

This paper came from an assignment in which I was supposed to write an account of the trial from each of the following people in parentheses. I received 100% for it. (A member of the black community sitting in the balcony) When I first heard about the accusations, I was instinctively prejudice against the Ewells because they were white. But I then realized that I was extremely wrong in doing so. So I went to the trial with an open mind. But as I walked home from the trial, I remember

Like water for chocolate-writing assignment In my passage Tita and Pedro finally have the house to them selves, and finally they don't have to hide their love. They can make love without caring if someone knows or sees them. After 22 years that they waited they can finally come together, and share their love. (Page: 245) "There at its entrance was the luminous figure of Pedro waiting fir her. Tita did not hesitate. She let herself go to the encounter, and they rapped each other in a

Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, we see the effect the white missionaries had on an African tribe. We see their way of life before the change occurs and the way they live their life after. The main thing that happens after the arrival of the missionaries is that the tribe falls apart. The main reason for this is the coming of the missionaries, who bring with them new ways of life, and mostly better ways of life. Achebe tries to show us tha

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Victor Frankenstein is the main character in this story. Often people mistook the name Frankenstein and think that that is the monster's name. However Victor Frankenstein is the young and eager scientist that participates in the unholy act of the creation. Victor Frankenstein was very interested in natural philosophy and Chemistry. Victor once said:" I look to the past and build upon it, with my own research and experimentation. I am not interested in the usu

Hemanth Venkataraman Ahab Essay In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is a tragic hero. He is the commander in the story, and has many interrelated flaws which lead to his ultimate downfall. These tragic flaws include his pride and ego, obsession with revenge, and his determination to defy destiny. Counteracting these negative images of Ahab, are other demonstrations of his practical and sympathetic side, which induce pity for him by the reader, and by separating him from a classic antagonist, truly

Carson McCullers used color symbolism in "The Jockey" to show that power always triumphs over weakness. The colors all portray how powerful the three men are, and the colors show how weak the jockey is. The colors also show how the jockey longs to be like the three men, who are wealthy and strong, but he realizes that this can never be. The first example of color imagery in the story is "He was wearing a suit of green Chinese silk… …the shirt was yellow, the tie s

In Dubious Battle Most people's first impression when reading In Dubious Battle, by John Steinbeck, is that it is meant to act as communist propaganda. Some even believed that Steinbeck himself was an advocate of the resurgence of the communist party in the first half of the twentieth century. Whether he was or not is a moot point; the fact is that In Dubious Battle is not communist propaganda. Several themes are present that relate to the American people then and even today, but commu

Often the title of a piece of literature will have significant implications in terms of the theme of that book. In Arthur Millers The Crucible and Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird the title had significant implications on the books theme. By definition a crucible is a trying, or testing situation. When approaching the theme of The Crucible it is painfully obvious that Miller wanted the reader to see a parallel between the title and the theme. The theme being that when the screws are tightened i

Introduction In many of John Steinbeck's works there are themes and elements that parallel his other works. Steinbeck often tackles the result of people's ill fortune and the realization that their dreams have been destroyed. We can see that in his Pulitzer Prize winning The Grapes of Wrath and his critically acclaimed novella Of mice and Men Steinbeck shows us the results of people having their dreams destroyed. Steinbeck shows us that in his work he gives different characters simil

H.G. Wells and the Shape of Things to Come Heat rays destroying London, time machines sending people far ahead into the future, and men who can't even be seen: these are all things that H.G. Wells uses in his science-fiction novels. His imagination allows the reader to immerse themselves in the book and do, in their mind, what the characters are doing. Wells' books were, in part, based on real-life happenings. War of the Worlds was conjured up in his mind because of the close position of Ma

The Mountain and the Valley : The Symbolic Mountain of David's dreams and hopes. "The mountain slopes were less than a mile high at their top-most point but they shut the valley in completely." (Buckner , 7). Our first view of the Mountain in Buckner's classic The Mountain and the Valley prepares us for its importance throughout the novel. Its presence haunts David throughout his life ; it is symbolic of fulfilment and David's desire to leave the Annapolis Valley,

Johann David Wyss's The Swiss Family Robinson was first published in the year of 1812. This is a good story for anyone to read. It teaches many moral values and it is a good example of a family in distress that work together to keep alive. It just goes to show that anyone can survive anything when working together. When a family of four boys, a mother, and a father are shipwrecked on a desolate tropical island, they are forced to work together in a world of no civilization; they create an at

Lying on the ground in sub-freezing temperatures with only a cardboard box and a blanket to guard against the frozen ground and bitter cold temperatures, a family of four tries to survive through the night. Men, women, and children wait for the morning sun's polarizing rays to thaw them out. The doors of the food shelter will open soon, providing many with their only meal of the day. This is the setting for thousands of families and hundreds of thousands of single individuals across America

The Worn Path is a story written by Eudora Welty in 1942 about a poor, elderly, black woman named Phoenix Jackson and affectionately called Granny. This story's setting is mainly in the woods surrounding a small town in the southern United States. The main theme concerns Phoenix's journey through the woods using colorful imagery such as black symbolizing death and white symbolizing the old south's culture of white authority. Phoenix is a static character who confronts conflicts of man vs. man

In the begining, the Time Traveler is in his house showing his guest the unbelievable discovery and invention he had come upon. As expected his guests sceptical of his invention. The Time Traveler and the Medical Man discussed the fourth dimention, time, for quite a long time. Then the Time Traveler conducted an experiment to show his disbelievers that he is telling the truth. The Time Traveler showed his small, working model of the time machine. He pulled the lever to start the time machine and

A Farewell to Arms by: Ernest Hemingway The story begins in Gorizia, Italy, the headquarters of Frederick's troop, during World War I. The narrator is Frederick Henry, which is unclear at first. Frederick is an American volunteer in the Ambulance Corps, and a second lieutenant in the Italian Army. A young priest stays with the troop. Everyone but Frederick is Roman Catholic, but he is the only one who respects him. Frederick has a leave and is deciding where to go. The priest suggests g

The setting of the story was in two places: 1.) the Bronx in New York, and 2.) in Germany in a concentration camp. This story took place in the 1940s. I know this because Chaya** (Hannah*) asked in the story, and this is what was said : "Please, Shmuel, please. What year is it?" "They do not have the same calendar as in Lublin?" said Shmuel. "Silly child, it is 5701!" Fayge said. "5701?! But this can't be the future!". "I think the child means loytn kristlichen luach, according to the C

Before I start my paper on the French Revolution, I would like to give a little background information about it. The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted for about ten years. Before it ran its course, the political and social order of France had been dramatically altered. The rule of the absolute monarch had ended, and feudalism had been destroyed. The new middle class, or bourgeoisie, had gained political power at the expense of the aristocracy and the Church (Encyclopedia Encarta 1998).

This book was about a man named Cross Damon and his life. (His life that is over a span of two months where it changed dramatically.) He begins to feel that he is above life. He feels that his actions are "approved" and he may therefore act as he pleases. This reminded me personally of the last book we read. The whole book seemed to follow the basic pattern of a man feeling that his actions are uncontrollable and right. Both books also talked about the Communist party. Cross Damon begi

This is the story of a man named George F. Babbitt. Babbitt is, in my mind, the finest example of the materialistic person. Babbitt bases his life strictly on what he has and his social standing. Babbitt cares little for anyone but himself. He treats his wife with little respect and treats her badly. He only seems to like his daughter Tinka. His other children, Ted and Verna, seem to have little importance to him. Babbitt's family seems to serve as an annoyance to him through the whole st

This story opens with Tom Joad returning home after serving time in prison for murder. He "catches" a ride with a trucker who sneaks him on even though it is against the rules. Tom is dressed head to toe in new clothes. The trucker immediately realizes that Tom has just been released from prison and begins to question him. Tom has no problem speaking of what he has done and the driver enters into a lengthy conversation with him about life. He says that people have been moving away from this

Cat's Cradle How does fate play a role in the story? I. Introduction II. Biography A. Life/General Information 1. Family B. Cultural Background 1. Education 2. Past Employment 3. Experiences C. Life's Influence on Work 1. Places 2. Characters 3. Experiences III. Novel A. Plot Summary 1. Hoenikker Family 2. Ice-nine B. Theme - fate 1. Books of Bokonon 2. Karass 3. Wampeter C. Character D. Conclusion IV. Bi

George Orwell's 1984 George Orwell's novel 1984 is a frightening example of a totalitarian government. This government of unchallenged power controls not only the present and future of its people, but also the past. Many times the Party, the name of the government, alters the past to suit its needs. Orwell's vision is frightening because of the total lack of freedom given to the people by the government. In many ways George Orwell's vision of the future has come true, and the similarities bet

Holding Integrity at the Cost of Life Essay by *Your Name Here* derived from thoughts on Arthur Millers' The Crucible In some situations, where people know that they are right, they will compromise their beliefs in an effort to save their own life. Others will stand up for what they believe and stand rigid in their thoughts of how something should be taken care of. At times the rigid may feel compelled to sway from their beliefs but then stand strong and accept the judgment tha

A Society Without Knowledge Far too often in society people's lack of knowledge of a subject causes their opinions and actions to rely strictly on stereotypes created by the masses. This affliction is commonly known as ignorance. This is curable but people have to become open-minded and leave their reliance on society's viewpoints behind them. In the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the ignorance of society becomes extremely evident at many parts of the book. Soc

Semester Essay: Our Town The poet Virgil once wrote that "Love conquers all . . ." This can be used to describe several relationships in the play Our Town written by Thornton Wilder. This quote means that if you love someone all other differences, views, and shortcomings can be either agreed upon or discarded as unimportant. If everyone were to view each other with love, according to this quote, anyone could conquer anything that he or she wants. For the most part this is true.

Dr. Seuss I took an unconventional approach in the topic I chose for my reading assignment - whereas most groups selected single novels, my partner and I opted to read a collection of short stories by none other than the notorious Dr. Seuss. Were I writing this essay on a "normal" book, I would be able to pose a question about the book itself and answer it in an ordinary sort of way. However, given the subject matter I have chosen, an essay on an individual book, though possible, would be a

Dreams and Dreaming People use dreams to live through the crass mishaps of life. But, dreams need be attainable within boundaries of one's ego. In the play, Death Of A Salesman, and Raisin In The Sun, characters extend their egos into "super egos"; therefore, the dream becomes unattainable. People often use dreams as a basis for their lives. Dreams between Willy Loman, of the Salesman, and Walter Lee Younger, of The Raisin are very similar. Their dreams prove to be far from an average pe